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Replacement Screens for Derrick Shale Shaker Model 503


Derrick Equipment Manufactured replacement screens for Derrick 503 model shale shakers combine proven mesh combinations with an innovative, diamond-patterned perforated plate to improve the separation efficiency of the shale shaker, while extending screen life.

Brief information on Rplacement of Derrick 503 Shale Shaker Screen

Screens for Derrick Shale Shaker Model 503 belongs to Derrick’s 500 Series screens. Derrick 500 series model screens are available in Pyramid, Pyramid Plus and PWP panels are used on all FLC 500 series shale shakers.

In other words, replacement screens for Derrick shale shaker model 503 will also suit Derrick 504 shale shaker, Derrick 513/514 Mud cleaner. The FLC 500’s innovative single-side tensioning system reduces screen panel replacement time to less than one minute per panel. This faster, easier and more reliable screen panel tensioning is provided by tensioning fingers and two Quick-Lok 1/2-turn tensioning bolts on each screen panel.

Screens for Derrick Shale Shaker Model 503 PMD

PMD Screens for Derrick Shale Shaker Model 503

GN Manufactures Replacement of Derrick 503 shale shaker screens

GN also provides screen for Derrick shale shaker Model503 and other type in 500 series screens. GN screens will provide convenient replacement, and easy installation. Various of screens suit for Derrick model, Brandt, Swaco, etc.

Derrick provides replacement screens are engineered to meet the exact design specifications of Derrick® Equipment Company shale shakers also other famous brand equipments and can be installed directly on the units using the stock installation mechanisms.

Derrick manufactured screens for Derrick shale shakers (including Shale shaker model 503) and mud cleaners are available in a variety of mesh combinations and are all compliant with API RP 13C.

GN solids control set Derrick as example and aim

GN always sets Derrick as example to provide customers more better solutions on well drilling fluids and civil construction separation, etc. Beginning from Screens. Finally from flowline to disposal, GN will have the solutions to your drilling fluids processing and solids control needs.


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4 Responses to “Replacement Screens for Derrick Shale Shaker Model 503”

  1. 1. Nand Kishor Agarwal Says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please confirm that Shale Shaker Screen for FLC-500 Shale Shaker Wii be same for FLC-514 Shale Shaker.
    for Emcon Industries

  2. 2. GN Shale Shaker Says:

    ye, FLC 500 series shaker screens are all same. including shale shaker and mud cleaner.

  3. 3. shale shaker Says:

    yes, all shaker manufacturer do the same thing, so does Derrick, it belongs to FLC 500 series

  4. 4. trent fuhr Says:

    Will The FLC 503 screen fit on a FLC 500 shaker?

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