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Shield drilling mud systemis for cleaning the shield drilling mud and reuse the mud for shield drillling . Depending on treating capacity and drilling conditions , we offer proposal from our clients .

SD250 Shield Drilling Mud System General Introduction

This shield drilling mud system is composed of 3 classes solids control stages: a. shale shaker separation ; b. desander cone separation; c. desilter cone separation . All mud particales above 1.0mm in mud can be separated in this shield drilling mud system .

Main Equipments in this sheild mud system

To complete this sheild mud system , there is 2 set GNZS83-3 shale shakerk , one ZQJ300x2/100×12 mud cleaner on the processing tank , here we named it as tank 1, 2 set of SB6x8-13 sand pump is working for feeding mud to desander and desilter cone  . The tank 2 is a mixing tank with 2 set JBQ7.5 on tank top . The third part is a jet mud mixer SHL150-50 for mixing together with tank 2 . Electric control components and ladders, walkways, guardrails, linking pipes etc… It adapts for compact structure, reasonable layout, installation and removal easy.

GN Brand Sheild Mud System

GN as a few top manufacture in China for sheild mud system , can design and manufacture sheild mud system as per clients request in stead of offering fixed models . This will help clients to choose mud system as per their request and depending on defferent of sheild drilling conditions to choose better model . That is one of the advantages for GN to win more orders all over the world .


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