Jun 11

Tunnelling project has turned to be more and more popular . We just did 2 separation plant with 250 M3 per hour and 400 M3 per hour treating capacity to HK in last Dec. which have turned out to be very good working performance there .

Separation plant breif introduction

A separation plant will be including shale shaker , mud cleaner or desander & desilter, mud agitator , mud tank and mixing system with jet mud mixer . The solids content is always very high and the large particals and fine solids always changes depending on different earth conditions . Based on it’s rough and wide range of mud conditions , the separation plant need to meet a wide application to suit the rig different of drilling conditions.

GN separation plant in HK

GN sold 2 unit of separation plant to HK last year with 250 M3/h and 400M3/h treating capacity. For the 250 M3/h separation plant , it including 2 sets shale shaker , 1 mud cleaner , 1 recycling tank & 1 mixing tank with a separated jet mud mixer . GN welcome you visit our web for more info.


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