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Shaker screens and well depth

Shaker screens usable life will be different according to various well drilling depth. What is details on shaker screen life and drilling depth? The oil well drilling is from 2000m to 7000m by now. We take 4000m well drilling depth as sample to explain some information.

4500m well drilling depth screen life

Usually drill a 15,000ft (4500m) oil well will take about 80 days or 3 months. The solids control treating capacity will require a GNZS83-3 Shale shaker, which holds 3 panels screen on one shaker. The whole well drilling process will cost about as many as 300 screens.

The international famous screen average cost of a shale shaker screen, including shipping is approximately $300-400. We can see how considerable cost the screen is.

Other well drilling depth screens situation

Furthermore, that is common 4500m depth well drilling holds standard drilling mud and usual drilling condition, if the condition is more worse or other situation is not good as this, it will cost more shaker screens definitely.  

The shale shaker screens always hold different performance according to  different drilling situation or actual drilling condition. So the screen investment displays importance during various of well drilling.

Shale shaker screen

Shale shaker screen


Appropriate screen solution on different well drilling

Then the screen investment should be treated as essential program. Or we do some effective maintenance. However, so many shale shaker screens, mud cleaner underflow screens. Quantities well drilling business and tight drilling schedule make contractors too busy to do enough maintenance.

Then we come to another solution. Choose qualified screens at economical price. The well drilling depth will affect much on shaker screen working life. To make sure the drilling successful, we must consider correct screen usable life. Estimate appropriate screens quantity based on working life, then the different well depth drilling will be finished pretty well at cost-effective investment.

Screen life and drilling conditions

Shortly, the screen usable life will be affected by well drilling depth. So we can not easily tell how long could the screen be used. We need to know the well depth you will drill, the common drilling conditions you have, also other general situation.


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