Jun 15

Yesterday GN Solids Control has just send another batch of shale shaker and mud cleaner to our Houston warehouse for stocking sale. The first batch of such equipment has sold out after the 2014 OTC show. Together with these products GN Solids Control also send some maintenance tools and material to our Houston office.


GN Solids America LLC was established early last year. This time the shale shaker sent there is GN Solids Controls most famous model GNZS594E-HB. This shale shaker has a total treating capacity of 616GPM. It has 4 panel shaker screens. These screens are totally same with MI Swaco Mongoose screen. They are totally interchangeable with each other. The mud cleaner under flow shale shaker is with this model shale shaker. The upper cones consists 2x 10 inch desander cones and 12×4 inch desilter cones.

GN Solids America keep stocking good quality products for fast supply to the America market. Besides shale shaker and mud cleaner, we have decanter centrifuge and shaker screens stocked there. In the near future we will stock all series of solids control equipment there.


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