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Shale shaker is a core equipment for drilling mud cleaning in HDD and Coal Bed Methan(CBM) application . GN holds GNZS852 and GNZS703 shale shaker as linear motion , GNPS852 and GNPS703 as balanced elliptical motion(BEM) for both HDD and CBM . Also for diamond drilling , rotary drilling, mining slurry separation , GN shale shaker also used there .

GN linear motion shale shaker for sale

GN holds 2 standard linear motion shale shaker for sale with GNZS852 and GNZS703 . They both install the frame type of screen for fast replacement of shaker screen but with different of shaker screen size . GNZS852 is a 2 screen deck shaker for capacity 300GPM and GNZS703 is a 3 screen deck shaker for treating capacity . GN choose Itally Oli Vibration motor for both linear motion and BEM shaker for better working performance which is double price of the China local brand of vibration motor .

GN BEM shaker for HDD and CBM

GN BEM shale shaker is the fourth generation shaker in the world which holds the most advanced technology . GNPS852 and GNPS703 are the 2 standard model of GN bem shaker here with 2 deck and 3 deck . The GNPS852 shaker treating capacity reaches to 400GPM and GNPS703 shaker capacity reaches to 600GPM which is about 20-30% larger than linear motion shaker . Many of the Australian clients choose GN BEM shaker for HDD or CBM application .

Australia is a contry full of resoused . Horizontal dirrectional drilling(HDD) , Coal bed methan(CBM) , Mining are popular in Australia .That ‘s a basis of mud system with shale shaker and other drilling mud cleaning equipments .


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    Does the shale shaker have some difference from HDD application to CBM application?

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