Jul 01

Shale shaker is really a familiar unit for drilling business and solids handle market. It’s the first step to separate the particle and permit the fluid penetrating to the tank. High function spring and international brand vibration motor assure the shaker extended lifespan. Bottom deck is made of stainless steel which assures the trusted service.GN patent tighten rubber sealing between the shale shaker and screen assure the sealing condition and be certain the fluid fully running on the screen.

shale shaker is usually a important element as the spare equipment for shale shaker. GN define shake screen in US API normal which is from API 20(amongst 780 and 925 microns) to API 400 (35microns and 41 microns). GN applies major material wire for shaker screen to assure the longer service. two or three layer in the end keeps the solids from fluid and permit the fluid totally down to the tank. Apart from our brand shaker screen, we also fabricate the Derrick, Swaco and Brandt shaker screen.

For extra information about shake screen and shale shaker, or you want to get Different Screen Panels For Shale Shakers,pls make contact with GN.


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