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Shale shaker screen panel is a very expensive spare parts for drilling mud shale shaker.GN design and manufacture replacement shaker screen panels for Derrick all series shale shaker,NOV Brandt Cobra Shale shaker screen,MI-Swaco Mongoose shale shakers.We have supplied our shale shaker screen panels to over 20 countries worldwidely.

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Shaker Screen Panel Type

For present shale shaker in the world,ususually,there are 4 different shale shaker screen panels as below.

Shale Shaker Screen Panel

Shale Shaker Screen Panel

1)Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen Panels.
NOV Brandt King Cobra shale shaker,Mini Cobra shale shaker,King Cobra Venom,all Cobra series NOV Brandt shale shaker use Steel Frame Shale Shaker Screen Panels.The  NOV? Brandt? Cobra shaker utilizes three pretension screens and linear motion to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. This allows the Cobra to minimize mud losses while enhancing cuttings dryness. Maintenance on the Cobra is minimal and only a small inventory of replacement parts is necessary to sustain optimal operation. Additionally the shaker’s rugged design offers years of reliable operation.

2)Pyramid Shale Shaker Screen Panel
Pyramid shale shaker screen Panel is the Most classicly  for Derrick series shale shaker.Derrick FLC500,FLC2000,DP600(Dual Pool 600 Shaker),here is no need to modify or replace existing equipment. Pyramid screens fit all Derrick shakers, allowing the most efficient use of existing equipment.
Just by switching to Pyramid and Pyramid Plus screens, large cost savings and improvements in shaker performance can be achieved. Derrick screens are designed to maximize solids removal capabilities while significantly reducing costs associated with drilling fluid and disposal. Utilizing Derrick screens will lower the percentage of drilled solids in the mud system. Less dilution will be required, decreasing both total drilling fluid requirements and disposal costs. In addition, cleaner drilling fluid will decrease down hole problems which can adversely affect drilling time. All the benefits of clean drilling fluid lead to one end result: Lower Drilling Cost.

3)Hook Strip Flat Shale Shaker Screen Panel
Hookstrip flat screens are the series applied most widely at present. These products can be fit for all kinds of shale shakers that use the hookstrip flat screen. This screen panel is constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. Accessary rubber plugs may be inserted to the rips or tears of the screen. By doing this, we can cut down time and the production cost. We can supply hookstrip flat screens with mesh sizes ranging from 12 to 275.
Repairable Plate (PWP) Screen Panel,The Derrick PWP screens are constructed of,three screen layers bonded to a perforated metal plate for added support and facilitation ofrepair. Bonding squares help maintain cut point integrity by stabilizing the sandwich screen,increasing durability by reducing screen flutter,
and isolating any screen failures. The screen,may be repaired using the stainless steel plugs,supplied with the panel or by application of,silicone rubber.

4)Hook strip soft shale shaker screen
Hookstrip soft Shale shaker screens are used in the early shale shakers. The screen panel is stuck with two stainless steel layers together. These products have low prices and are used conveniently.

Screens may be constructed with one or more LAYERS. NON-LAYERED screens have a single screen cloth mounted in a screen panel. These screens will have openings that are regular in size and shape. LAYERED screens have two or more screen cloths, usually of different mesh, mounted in a screen panel. These screens will have openings that vary greatly in size & shape.

Screen Panel Designation,API Standard Screen Identification
The American Petroleum Institute (API) Screen Designation is the customary identification for screen panels. This includes:
* API Number: the sieve equivalent as per API RP 13C
* Conductance: the ease with which a liquid can flow through the screen, with larger values representing higher volume handling
* Microns: a unit of length equal to one-thousandth of a millimeter
* Non-blanked area: an evaluation of the surface area available for liquid transmission through the screen

GN Supply all kinds of shale sahker screens worldwidely.


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