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Shale shaker tank definition

Generally speaking, drilling mud systems including tanks as Shale shaker tank, mixing tank, storage tank, etc names. The shale shaker tank means the processing tank or recycling tank called in different mud systems. Also since there is shale shaker on the first tank for first stage solids control processing

Shaker tank details

Furthermore, the shaker tank will be designed according to mud system treating capacity and clients’ requirement on dimension. The shaker tank will commonly hold 3 compartments, which may be called “tanks” also. There are 2 plates hold different height to separate tank in 3 compartments.

Since we must make sure the mud level will be on a safety standard to avoid Desander pump, Desilter pump, Mud pump, etc. any equipments run dry. As we all know, in mud system, the drilling mud will be processed by shale shaker, then the relative clean mud will drop down into Shaker compartment.

Shale Shaker Tank

Shale Shaker Tank

Then the mud will be pumped by 1# centrifugal pump to Desander then the particles sized 47-76microns will be separated out. The second cleaner mud drop down into Desander compartment. Finally, the 2# centrigual pump transfer the mud to Desilter, after cyclones and go cross shaker processing the largest particles will be 15microns.

Flexibility on shaker tank

Shale shaker tank can be designed flexibly. Different customers hold different demand on tank capacity. If the client need more clean mud stored by clean mud compartment. We kindly suggest make diagonal compartment. It will make last compartment larger capacity.

Just last week. One of our Australian customer—HDD Contracter came to our factory and discussed whole mud system for their Vertical coal gas drilling rig. That system is similar with HDD mud system. They requested mud tank as 8L x2.3W x 1.8H. There are also 3 compartments including Shaker compartment, Desander compartment and Clean mud compartment. They wish get more clean mud in the shaker tank then we both agreed to make a dagonal compartment for 8.7CBM clean mud storage.

We can customize the shale shaker tank according to various clients. The shaker tank is just one sample. We also design customized drilling mud equipments and system. Since different drillers hold different circumstance and drilling mud conditions. There will be related mud system configurations and design matching well drillings or drilling rigs.


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