Apr 19

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The latest design shale shaker  have the motors placed above the basket and produce a ‘lazy’ elliptical motion. Recommended Applications :General solids removal. Equally good in water based and oil based drilling fluids

Unbalanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The difference between circular motion and unbalanced elliptical notion is a matter of vibrator placement. To achieve unbalanced elliptical motion, the vibrator motors are typically located above the shaker basket. Because the vibrator counterweights no longer rotate about the shaker’s centre of gravity, torque is applied on the shaker basket. This causes a rocking motion which generates different vibration patterns to occur along the length of the basket, hence the item “unbalanced”.

Linear Motion Shaker

Linear motion shaker is the most popular shaker in the world till now and  is achieved by using two counter rotating vibrators which, because of their positioning and vibration dynamics, will naturally operated in phase. They are located so that a line drawn from the shaker’s centre of gravity bisects at 90˚ a line drawn between the two axis of rotation.

Because the counterweights rotate in opposite directions, the net force on the shaker basket is zero except along a line passing through the shaker’s centre of gravity. The resultant shaker motion is therefore “linear”. The angle of this line of motion is usually at 45-50˚ relative to the shaker deck to achieve maximum solids conveyance. Because acceleration is applied through the shaker CG, the basket is dynamically balanced; the same pattern of motion will exist at all points along the shaker.

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