Nov 16

Shale Shaker is widely used in solids control area.  There are four basic vibration patterns, circular, balanced elliptical motion, unbalance elliptical motion and linear motion. GN Solids Control‘s shale shakers adopt linear motion vibrating mode for most of his shale shakers.

Linear motion is achieved by using two counter rotating vibrators which, because of their positioning and vibration dynamics, will naturally operated in phase. They are located so that a line drawn from the shaker’s centre of gravity bisects at 90˚ a line drawn between the two axis of rotation.

Because the counterweights rotate in opposite directions, the net force on the shaker basket is zero except along a line passing through the shaker’s centre of gravity. The resultant shaker motion is therefore “linear”. The angle of this line of motion is usually at 45-50˚ relative to the shaker deck to achieve maximum solids conveyance. Because acceleration is applied through the shaker CG, the basket is dynamically balanced; the same pattern of motion will exist at all points along the shaker.

GN Solids Control manufacture over 250 units shale shakers every year. Products exported to over 60 regions and countries.  GN Solids Control has its own shaker screen factory to supply screens not only for its own brand shakers but also for other  famous shakers around the world such as Derrick, Mi Swaco, Brandt etc.


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