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Weir height is usually a very important information for the shale shaker for oil and gas drilling mud program. Explanation is the fact that the drilling fluids fall directly to shake shaker from the higher pipeline with no any enable from pump or a thing likely, so at least the total height of tank and shale shaker weir ought to no higher than the outlet of fluids in the drilling rig.
In case the total height of weir height and tank height exceed the height of rig outlet, that is the case we don’t would like to see, since in that case, the drilling fluid from the rig is not going to attain the shale shaker. So GN Solids Control supplies customers from distinctive fields for Oil&Gas drilling, HDD, Piling more optional feeding types of GNZS Series shale shakers:
1. Weir feeder, like GNZS594E-HB shale shaker: traditional feeding type of oil&gas drilling solids handle shale shaker. Drilling fluids firstly enters into the box behind the shale shaker, when the fluids level is higher than the weir, it flows over weir and falls onto the shaker deck with screens. The function of weir feeding is to reduce the pressure and protect the shaker screens.
2. Box feeder, like GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker: in HDD or TBM projects, drilling fluid is not from the rigs, instead, it was conveyed by a pump from mud pit or probably places. So box feeder is possible here, it requires less space during transportation.
3. Hopper feeder, like GNZS594HGE-LD: hopper feeding type is GN designed especially for waste management high-G shakers. In this stage of treatment, the treated material is from augers, so hopper feeder is more practical at jobsite.
4. Besides the above most commonly options, GN also has low weir feeding shaker available, GNZS703E-LW, with weir height 500mm.
May you have any request or question, welcome to contact us freely for consultancy, GN Solids Handle has a professional engineer team to support you.

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