Jan 07

Slurry Separation Principle and Functions

Slurry separation principle is complex here .  Firstly , the shale shaker with vibrating strenth could separate the large size of solids particales , Then desander to go on the separte some smaller particales and the processed mud will go into desilter for separation . Since environment becomes more and more important , to meet a function of protect envoironment , slurry separation may goes further important for us .

Sllurry Separation System in China

Totally speacking , slurry separation mud system insist on large treating capacity like 500M3/h, 1000M3/h,2000M3/h or more .  Take a 1000M3/H slurry separation system for example , it contains 5 GNZS83-3 shale shaker , 3 set GNZJ83-3 desander with 3 desander cone , 3 set GNZJ83-3 desilter with 18 desilter cone , 6 sets of centrifugal pump for desander cone & desilter cone .

China GN slurry separation equipments advantages

1.  Top quality with good design of slurry separation equipments.

2. Reasonable price for the equipment

3. Reliable service . Before sales , during sales and after sales service for slurry separation equipments.


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