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GN Solids America LLC is Chinese solids control manufacture not only produce full line of solids control machinery but also customize the whole mud cleaning system to meet various of drilling project.  The HDD system is second in demand after oil rig mud system and we can fully customize as well.

The drilling mud feed from the HDD drilling project is from the  mud pit to the shale shaker for the first phase cleaning to remove solids above 100 microns and  the centrifugal pump GNSB6x5 will feed to the second phase of cleaning by using desander for cleaning solids above 40 microns, and the another centrifugal pump GNSB6x5 will feed mud from the second compartment of the mud tank and using the desilter for removal of solids above 20 microns. The clean drilling fluids will overflow to the third compartment of the tank for reuse in the HDD drilling rigs. Above description of full cycle of the HDD system but it depends on the need of project, not all system are the same.

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge

HDD mud system is often more simpler compare with oil rig mud system due to demand of filtered mud quality is not as high as oil rig. The basic set up include  shale shaker, desande,r desilter, centrifugal pumps  and the mud tank.  A decanter centrifuge can be add in if need by drilling operation.

  1. Use the slurry pump pumping drilling mud to mud tank
  2. The mud pump the fluid to shale shaker , shale shaker treating large solid particles by filter t through shaker screens and shaking then the processed mud flow into the under the shale shaker.
  3. The mud pumping to the desander to treating particles above 44um.
  4. The mud from desander pumping to the desilter to treat particles above 15 um.
  5. Mud were pumped to decanter centrifuge (if need it) to remove the particles above 0.5 um.

The waste solid will be ruled out in one side of mud tank . The circulating drilling fluid from decanter centrifuge warehouse pumping back to the HDD drilling rig .


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