Nov 23

Solids Control System Configaration

A complete package solids control system including shale shaker , vacuum degasser, desander , desilter , decanter centrifuge , mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, mud tank, etc. GN Solids Control is a China supplier for complete package of mud solids control system

Solids Control System Deliveried to New Zealand for work over rig

A sets of ZJ30 solids control system built for New Zealand this year including 3 mud tanks and 1 mixing skid with storage with 1000GPM mud flow.  2 sets shale shaker, 1 set mud cleaner, 2 sets feeding pump, 3 mud tanks and 1 mixing skid,etc.

Work over rig normally much lower and need a much lower inlet to shale shaker. Many supplier may ignore this and bring troubles on drilling mud drop to shale shaker. Please contact GN Solids Control for inquiry freely


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