May 03

At the CIPPE drilling show in March , GN show a total solids control system there . A turkey clients signed contact after the show on the spot for a ZJ40 solids control system and choose all GN shown equipments to combination a total solids control system in Turkey.

Here is the details of solids control equipments which was ordered by this Turkey clients:

1) 2 sets Shale Shaker GNPS703 for 660GPM capacity each
2) 1 set Mud Cleaner GNZJ703 for 1200GPM capacity
3) 1 set Vacuum Degasser ZCQ270 for 1200GPM capacity
4) 6 sets centrifugal pump SB8x6-13 for feeding cones and mixing
5) 2 sets mud hopper 750×750 for mixing and weighting drilling mud.
6) 6 sets mud gun NJQ50-3
7) Shaker screens and other spare parts

The tank was sold to a China clients and also they choose 2 units of same solids control system as the CIPPE drilling show. Each unit including :

1) 2 GNZS63-3 shale shaker for 518GPM capacity each
2) 1 GNZJ63-3 mud cleaner for 1000GPM capacity each
3) 2 sets of 45kw centrifugal pump to feed cones
4) 1 set of 7.5kw mud agitator for avoild silting
5) 1 set of GN jet mud mixer for mixing and weighting
6) 1 tank same size with CIPPE show 14mx2.6mx1.8m

At the same time , we received orders from other market like 2 unit of GN500GPM solids control system from Australia , 6 unit of solids control system equipments from China,3 sets of decanter centrifuge from Brazil, 1 sets of decanter centrifuge from Dubai and so on .
GN is becoming one of the leading manufacturer for solids control system in China. Wish they grown stronger and stronger to give solutions to all of their clients.


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  1. 1. Shale Shaker Screen Says:

    For Solids control system manufacture, , do you got API certificate?

  2. 2. solids Control Says:

    Have you sold any solids control system to Australia?

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