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In a complete waste management system in Oil and Gas drilling, no matter it is WBM or OBM or SBM, there are 2 steps of waste management systems, one is standard one, more popular and widely used, and the other is advanced system, for further separation, in case the end user is not satisfied with the separation result, this system comes into use.

1st step separation: Standard Waste Management System:

This is the widely recognized waste management system, always consist of following equipments:

  1. Vertical cuttings dryer for OBM and SBM, or High G Shale shaker for WBM.
  2. High speed decanter centrifuge.
  3. Screw conveyors, or named augers for transporting drilling cuttings.
  4. Necessary tanks for storage.

The standard waste management system is one of GN Solids Control’s best seller systems, because GN is very professional in such solids control systems. Just in this year, in past 10 months, GN has sold out 10 sets of  such waste management systems.

dewatering unit

a complete system with advanced waste management system

2nd step separation: Advanced Waste Management System.

This system is more called as Dewatering system or Dewatering unit. If the 1st step’s principle is physically separation, the 2nd separation system is combination of both physical and chemical separations.  This system includes such devices:

  1. Flocculation Unit, by adding some chemicals into the mud to be treated just before it enters into centrifuge, we need such a unit. It contains of chemical feeding and mixing devices, and corresponding space like tanks.
  2. Another decanter centrifuge, with high speed, for separation the solids out, such solids are comparably larger particles combined by small particles via chemical treatments.
  3. Such dewatering unit could be located in a 20ft container, including centrifuge or not, depending on customers’ request.

Now because of customers’ requests, GN also has  such systems available. If you need more information about that, we have designs for previous projects for your reference.


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