Jul 25

After being developed from a solids control manufacturer and focusing on only high quality product manufacturing, GN Solids Control has become more like a separation professional and their salesroom is more and more occupied by some more widely used separation equipment which are suitable for more industries covering the oil and gas solids control, waste management, oily sludge separation, mining, TBM, HDD, food industry and also waste water separation.
Decanter centrifuge is quite an important equipment for the separation work. For example, a middle speed centrifuge could separate out particles from 5 to 8 microns like the expensive barite in the drilling mud, while a high speed decanter centrifuge could separate out the cuttings from 2 to 5 microns. With help of a chemical dosing system, the even smaller particles could be separated out together with a flocculation unit.

GN Hydraulic centrifuge

GN Hydraulic centrifuge

Comparing with other separation equipment, a centrifuge has many advantages like continuous operation, easy for maintenance and requesting less chemical components to be invited. GN has a full range of decanter centrifuges with different sizes, including 9 inch diameter bowl, with length-diameter ratio of 3 and 4 ( long or longer), 14 inch diameter bowl, 18 inch diameter bowl and 22 inch ones, they all have models of 3 or 4 as length-diameter ratios. And GN also has 30 inch diameter bowl decanter centrifuge, with a bowl length- diameter up to 4.
Among all those models, the 14 inch bowl models are most popular and economic, which are suitable for many applications. And for this model, GN has also hydraulic control model for option. Recently, one set of hydraulic decanter centrifuge will be shipped to an oversea customer, and it will be used for a big oil drilling company. Meanwhile, some more decanter centrifuges are being built for a safe stock and delivery to clients.


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Jan 07
GN bIg bowl centrifuge


Among all the solids control equipment, the shale shaker and the desander or desilter cones are of less technology. The quality for the shale shakers always depends on the designed structure, the material choosing and the welding standards, like if there are bubbles in the welding seam. In fact, in the first year of operation, a well made shale shaker and a poorly made one are nearly the same with each other. But when they are used longer than one year, the problems start to show. In a word, the shale shakers’ technology is not so complicated.

Comparing with the shale shaker and mud cleaner (which could be divided to desander cones and desilter cones), the decanter centrifuge shows a manufacturer’s producing capability to the most. Because:

  1. there are many rotating parts in the decanter centrifuge, the producing accuracy is very important to the rotating part. And the producing accuracy comes from the advanced producing machines and professional operators and workers. GN Solids Control, as the number 1 solids control and waste management centrifuge manufacturer, is also the first one in this field to invite the five face producing machine for the centrifuge parts manufacturing in order to ensure the accuracy.
  2. the decanter centrifuge is of highly speed and the most welcome speed for waste management centrifuge is 3200RPM. Although many manufacturers claim that their centrifuges could reach high speed up to 3200RPM, but seldom could ensure the noise and vibration during high speed. GN Solids Control’s centrifuges are under precise test and producing and each one was strictly inspected before delivery. So GN’s high speed centrifuge is really high speed performance one.
  3. a suitable length and diameter ratio. Normally it is 3, and 3 is the most suitable ratio for the waste management centrifuges. For the solids control ones for treating the HGS, the middle speed and 2 of length diameter ratio is enough. And also how long is the cone part affect the treating performance.

Pls consult GN for more information.


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