Dec 22

GN Solids Control gives many supports to oil drilling, HDD drilling contractors, both domestic and overseas. With reliable working performance, less maintenance, GN product is occupying more and more percentage of solids control product in jobsite. Even compared with US brand, GN equipment can show very super functions and now failure phenomenon.

Recently, we transport one set of mud tank system to domestic market for drilling works. The mud tank system including:

One sets of mud tank, same size as 40ft long vehicle;

Four sets of mud agitator, to mixing and suspending the drilling fluids during operation;

Four mud guns for cleaning the mud tank.

One centrifugal pump for pump in / pump out the drilling mud with T tube

This is simple mud tank system without shale shaker, without mud cleaner, without decanter centrifuge. The client buys these kinds of mud mainly used for mud storage / mud mixing functions, complement of existing mud cleaning systems.

mud tank system

mud recycling system

For domestic market, mud tank system is a good choice for client. The clients just plug on power and can use it when they receive it. For overseas market client, some of them prefer to fabricate the mud tank locally to save high freight cost and only buy the key equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump etc. For these clients, we will offer product dimension drawing and help on the mud tank size fabrication.

In the solids control equipment, what equipment can represent GN high quality? Traditional solids control equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, agitator, centrifugal pump is no big difference, but key equipment like decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer is big difference compared with other China solids control suppliers. The design, production material and operation of GN centrifuge is almost same as US brand, because we target on high end product. Other China supplier centrifuge production material and design is surely different.


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Dec 04

GN Solids Control given many shakers, mud cleansing agents, decanter centrifuges, cuttings electric drying machine to worldwide clients. Several spare parts are also welcomed by simply our clients due to the good quality as well as satisfied working performance.
As being the oil price is going down, a lot of large oil and gas drilling online businesses are trying to cut cost by simply finding the most cost effective manufacturers. Although one thousand suppliers could have one thousand prices, we all be aware of lowest price products are not always the best option for oil and gas companies. We now have the belief that the oil cost will go up higher ultimately, but before we have a rewarding oil and gas business, how to choose a fantastic supplier for a long time win-win cohesiveness?
In China, there is an older provoke: Seeing is thinking. We strongly recommend our clients to see our Chinese factory or maybe GN Houston warehouse just before they place the final purchase, especially when they are decided to invest in many sets of solids control or drilling waste management systems.

GN Solids Control is a world famous top manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. Although many solids control makers are suffering the low necessary oil price, GN Solids Control is still selling many value packs of large mud recycling system including shakers, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. GN spare parts such as shaker displays, hydrocyclones are also hotly made welcome by many drilling organizations.
GN hydrocyclones (also named cyclone separators sometimes) are constructed of polyurethane. With the characteristics excellent for efficiency, large treating ability and longer wear existence, GN hydrocyclones are successfully used to separate finer solids or particles.
GN hydrocyclones have two models:
– 10 inch desander cyclones, separate solids larger than forty microns.
2 . 4 in . desilter cyclones, separate solids larger than 20 microns.
GN Solids America LLC has its own solids control equipments in addition to drilling waste management programs storaged in Houston. To get clients in North America and South America, they are able to get these spare parts genuinely fast. GN shaker projection screens are also effectively used to substitution Mongoose, Derrick shaker displays.


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Nov 16

Although only established for 7 years, GN Solids Control soon has become the second to none solids control manufacturer in China and now is enjoying good fame in this industry among both domestic and oversea clients.

GN Solids Control China

Why GN Solids Control succeed? What’s the secret?

Behind the well manufactured products, there are efforts from many departments and from every single detail. Including but not limited as below:

Professional GN Engineers:

GN Solids Control has a group of professional engineers in oil and gas solids control and drilling waste management fields. GN’s chef engineer has more than 25 years working experience in one of the largest drilling company in China, as the solids control chef engineer. GN young engineer team also contains engineers with more than 5 years working experiences. They have been to many jobsites. Besides this, GN also has a professional R&D team for developing new applications and improving the designs. Each year, GN has been executing some new improvements on core equipments if necessary, and such improvements are mainly from the ideas of customer feedback and jobsite data.

Strict Procedures for QC:

GN Solids Control always stick to the belief that Quality first, Price second. GN has an independent QC department which reports directly to the general manager. And GN has a standard strict procedure for QC. From material step, as soon as the raw material and parts arrive to the factory, QC department is requested to inspect the quality and give report. During the producing, for each product and semi-product, after every working process, QC engineers would inspect them carefully. For welding, painting and factory testing before delivery, GN has standard for all of them and give record.

For example, for decanter centrifuges before delivery, each centrifuge is inspected carefully for the vibration, noise level and other main factors.


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Nov 05

Shale shakers are always regarded as the most efficient application in the industry of oil and gas drilling, not only in the solids control system, but also in waste management system for the drilling cuttings, and also, the mud cleaner is combined with a under flow shale shaker. Even in HDD or CBM systems, the shale shaker plays an important role in the mud recycling work. In some project, the operator uses only one shale shaker to roughly treat the water based drilling mud.

double deck shale shaker linear motion
The benefit of the shale shaker comparing with other treating equipments:
1. comparing with desander, desilter and the centrifuge, the shale shaker is used for separating out the largest amount of solids particles.
2. normally, for the solids control use, the shale shakers don’t need a feeding pump with large energy consumption, like the desander or desilter which need high powered sand pump as feeding pump respectively.
3. easy to change shaker screens to different diameter of solids particle sizes.

linear motion high G shale shaker

How to choose a suitable shale shaker?
1. per jobsite requested capacity, you could choose a suitable capacity shale shaker. GN Solids Control has 2 main models of shale shakers, GNZS594E shale shaker with 4 nos screens and a longer treating capacity and treating route and GNZS703E shale shaker with 3 nos screens and a comparably smaller treating capacity.
2. since the vibrating force determines the treating performance of the shale shaker, a good performance motor is important too. GN use Italy Oli vibrating motors and sometimes use Martin brand for option.
3. a high G force vibration motor request a strong shaker deck. GN use stainless steel as material for shaker deck and complete heat treatment to insure the strong structure and a longer service life of the shale shaker.
4. a good sealing also important to shale shakers. GN has patent in the sealing of shaker deck and the shaker screens to ensure a good sealing and successfully avoids the leaking of mud.

May you have interest for more information, welcome to contact us freely.


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Oct 22

In early this year, GN has delivered a slurry unit to a well know middle east company which has business and projects covering many sections of oil and gas industry, including the construction and pipeline laying projects, and also the refinery of oil.
In most persons’ mind, the best equipments and most advanced equipments are from USA or European companies. But GN Solids Control has changed their mind with good quality equipments and reliable service. This is the first time this company chooses a Chinese supplier, before that, they purchase only from USA, like the Vermeer rigs and Derrick shakers.
The first deal with GN is like a trial deal. The operation manager say, it is their first time to use a desanding plant, and it is also the first time they buy from China. If this mud system works well, the second order will come soon.
GN Solids Control didn’t fail in satisfying the clients, within the first 10 days of working on jobsite, the middle east client sent the second order, of the same desanding plant from GN. And this mud system for the second order, was delivered to the loading port last week and soon, within 30 days, it will arrive to the new owner.
mud system
More information about this slurry system:
1. treating capacity: 1000GPM
2. equipments contained in the slurry unit: double deck shale shaker with 2 sets of 10 inch diameter desander cones, the lower deck shaker is first separation procedure and the desander cones are the second procedure, while the upper deck shaker plays as a drying shaker for the ones, with finer screens than the lower deck. Slurry pump or centrifugal pump for feeding the desander cones.
3. compact design, with a dimension suitable for transportation in a 40ft container.
Besides the economic solutions with only separating equipments, GN also have high configuration solutions more suitable for big capacity HDD projects.


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Oct 14

With more mature technology and more stable performance, now GN drilling waste management becomes more popular both in the foreign market and domestic market. In April,there are three sets of drilling waste management system have been finished for Sinopec in Shandong to dry the drilling waste discharged from the drilling rig site, and now they are ready for delivery to fulfill their this responsibility in the working site. Earlier this month, another three sets of high G shale shaker and vertical cutting dryer were transported to Sichuan. Also, we are now negotiating with a Georgia customer on a vertical cutting dryer, who is very satisfied with GN vertical cutting dryer,but just considering the transport charges and time. Now we have give him the biggest supporting. Right now, GN vertical cutting dryer and drilling waste management system have been serving in Russian, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

GNCD930C in waste management system

GN vertical cutting dryer

Why GN vertical cutting dryer worthy your choice?
GN is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, and now have already certified by Europe DNV CE, Russia TR TC; electrical control panels are certified by IEC EX and ATEX. All these certificates show GN product is worthy for faith because of its high quality and stable performance.
GN has always been keeping updating its product for higher quality and better performance. Early this year, GN updated it star product decanter centrifuge by adding solids discharge cover to prevent solids sacking in the box cover.
GN provides professional before-sales service including drawing for confirmation and professional answers for all question from customers to ensure that GN product and system can meet customer’s requirements and solve customer’s problem; and considerate after-sales service by resolving any problem occurs when using timely and responsibly.


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