Nov 04

Just last week, GN Solids Control has finished a compact mud recycling unit, with full steps for separation for one of the largest oil giants in China. This system is to be transported to the jobsite by end of this year.

This system has 4 steps of separation, including:

1. GNZS703F. Shale shakers are always the first step for separation, because of GN shakers’ high G force and accurate API complied shaker screens, this shale shaker can efficiently separate out all particles larger than 100 microns, there in hence to help with prolonging the service life of the centrifugal pump after the shaker.

2. GNZJ703F-1S8N Mud Cleaner. Mud cleaner is a combined machine of desander and desilter, at a smaller foot print. It uses interchangeable shaker screens as GNZS703F, 2 centrifugal pumps are used to feed the desander and desilter respectively.

3. GNSP series Centrifugal pumps are also GN’s own products. For material choosing, GN used the high quality anti-weary material as pump body material by hard ductile iron alloy, and the main pump body is thicker than other manufacturers’. All GNSB series centrifugal pumps are using stainless steel mechanical seals.

4. Tank and skid for above mentioned equipment. Above mentioned equipment are located as 2 blocks. One block is a skid with lifting and anchoring corners just as a 20ft container, and the shale shaker and mud cleaner are located in the skid during transportation and operation. That design facilitates the operator for transportation or lifting the whole skid onto a tank, no to adjust each equipment or pipeline’s position.

5. A tank with compartments are designed to storage the mud from the shaker and from the desander/desilter. On below the tank, there are some slots for installing the centrifugal pumps. The whole outsize of the tank is also same as a 20ft container with container corners for lifting.

GN mud recycling system

GN mud recycling system




Besides the shale shaker and mud cleaner, there is another block for the dewatering centrifuge, please contact GN Solids Control for more information or wait for next week’s blog.


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Sep 25

Although in recent years, a large percentage of GN Solids Control’s products are sold to different industries besides the solids control projects, solids control systems and equipment are still GN’s traditional business of which GN’s brand is still quite well known and widely accepted. And GN customers in oil and gas solids control industry are introducing some of GN new products into their traditional works.

gn powerful vacuum pumps

vacuum pumps

Vacuum pump is one of the most popular products of recent 2 years ever since GN firstly showed one of such pump with a capacity of 40 cbm/hr in CIPPE Oil Show in Beijing for year 2017. In the following year, also in CIPPE oil show, GN showed another model alongside with GNSP-40A, which had half capacity and need half air consumption, with a compact and movable design, the GNSP-20A.

The vacuum pumps are quite powerful small machine. It could handle a material with quite large particles size, as long as the particle could pass the hose’s diameter, and with some liquidate. Such like the sands and small stones. Talking about transportation power, take the GNSP-40A for instance, it can suck the material from 50 meters away and deliver it to more than 100 meters away. Now it is widely used in oily sludge separation systems in refineries, in chemical industries, for tank bottom cleaning works, and for drilling cuttings transfer in oil and gas drilling.

Comparing with other pump types, like the GNSB series centrifugal pumps GN provides for the desander/desilter feeding, for the jet mud mixing, or with the submersible slurry pumps for feeding the centrifuge and sucking mud from mud pit, the vacuum pump, although powerful, it has some shortcoming like non continuous operating. But GN engineers are working on it, in order to find some solution. Let’s see.


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Aug 19

GN Solids Control is a world famous company and brand in the solids control and drilling waste management industry. Now its business range spanning from shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer, vacuum degasser and so on. GN could be your one stop shop in the solids control and drilling  waste management area. Its product application covers from oil and gas drilling, HDD and CBM drilling, bored pile and TBM drilling.

Today I will introduce two naming rules to you, the vertical cutting dryer and the centrifugal pump. As these two products are widely used in the industry and they are the core products of GN’s products line, there are more and more customers showing their interest in this two products. So understanding the naming rules could help you identify the products effectively and efficiently. Let’s start with the cutting dryer: GNCD930C-VFD, GN means the company name in short. CD means the product name cutting dryer in short. 930 means the maximum diameter of the screen basket is 930 mm. C means this product is the third generation with more improvement than the previous two generations. VFD means variable frequency drive. This feature can make the operator change the speed of the screen basket and rotor according to the volume of the slurry.

GN products

Next let’s go to the centrifugal pump: GNSB8*6A-13J,  GN mean the company name in short, SB means the product name centrifugal pump, 8*6 means the inlet size is 8 and the outlet size is 6, A means it is the first generation of centrifugal pump. 13 means the impeller size. J means the pump is mechanically sealed. And there is another way for sealing, packing. There will be no indication if it’s that way sealed.

That’s the basic introduction of the naming rules for vertical cutting dryer and centrifugal pump. Hopefully it will be useful to you.We will try our best to assist your business to be successful. Welcome to visit and please send your inquiries to



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Mar 23

Decanter centrifuge is one of the most important equipment in a complete solids control system and a waste management system not only for the drilling cuttings waste management but also the further treatment for the drilling mud. In some projects, the shale shakers with different API number shaker screens and the decanter centrifuges with different rotating speed, they can totally replace the desander and desilter cones. That’s why a professional decanter centrifuge and a efficient centrifuge feeding pump are very important to the drilling mud system.

centrifuge feeding pump

mono pump

According to the control panel, the decanter centrifuge could be divided into 2 kinds, the fixed speed one and the VFD controlled one. And the centrifuge feeding pumps are of different types also, some are suitable for both the fixed speed and VFD controlled panel.

  1. the centrifugal pumps are most widely used in oil and gas solids control systems, and in theory, it could be the centrifuge feeding pump also, just like it roles for feeding the desander cones and desilter cones and also like the mixing pump. But in fact, it is not so common as centrifuge feeding pump.
  2. the submersible slurry pump. In the solids control system, submersible slurry pump is the most common choice for feeding the centrifuge. Because it is vertically installed, it occupies small foot print on the limited tank surface. And comparing with mono pumps, the submersible slurry pump is less expensive and easy to maintain.
  3. screw pump, which is also called the mono pump is the most popular pump used for feeding the centrifuge especially in the waste management systems. GN recommend this screw pump for feeding the decanter centrifuge, and GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge, the 3 VFD controls include the VFD control for the screw pump.

If you need more information, welcome to contact GN sales or visit GN office.


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Nov 20

GN solids Control is China along with USA based leading provider for solids control equipment  & drilling waste management equipment. Our own equipment includes solids manage equipment, mud system, drilling waste management equipment etc .
Recently, most of us ship one set drilling cuttings solidification unit to help Africa client. The client will be local professional oil Agency with many years experience within solids control & drilling waste management. Formerly, the client wants to obtain US brand fixation model. However , the client checks the style of our fixation unit, and after that compare the price with US brand name fixation unit. Finally, the customer choose GN Solids Management brand for the fixation system.

2015.11.13 cuttings solidification unit
GN drilling cuttings fixation unit composed of below products.
1) One hopper to gather drilling waste from shaker discharge / mud solution discharge / centrifuge produce
2) One screw conveyor connected with waste hopper, exchange the screw conveyor for you to mixing blender.
3) A pair of sets stainless steel chemical container with screw conveyor attached to both side of food blender, to add curing agent or even cement
4) One combining blender to mix the healing agent / cement using drilling waste.
Except for often the drilling cuttings fixation device, the client also bought one conical bottom mud tank for you to storage liquid drilling mud. A pair of mud agitator installed on major of mud tank with regard to mixing function.
The client found our factory to do the check up before delivery. We conduct some adjustment as per the client’s necessity and add more support components.
After client visit our company, he is very interested in the solids control equipment, particularly interested indecanter centrifuges as well as vertical cuttings dryer. Right now, all solids control devices working in his country will be USA brand, like Derrick solids control equipment, SWACO centrifuges. The cost is very excessive and cost callback is rather slow. After he discovered our solids control performing video at many work site, the client want to buy 2 units centrifuge for test buy.
GN Solids Control centrifuge & other solids manage equipment, working performance nearly same as USA brand hues control equipment. Price is significantly better, and client can callback cost very soon.


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Nov 06

On the bottom of mixing tank in a complete drilling mud solids control system, there are always 2 sets of centrifugal pumps installed there. These 2 centrifugal pumps are parallel connected, by means of complicated valves and pipes, these so called mixing pumps could serve for various functions more than mixing when connected with other equipments.

Here, we cited the 3 main functions of mixing pumps.

  1. Traditional function as mixing pumps when connected with mixing hoppers.

As the 2 centrifugal pumps are called mixing pumps, they are connected to 2 mixing hoppers installed on tank top. The inlets of centrifugal pumps are connected with pipelines leading to mixing tank, and next storage tank. Such pipelines are controlled by valves, and therefore, either centrifugal pump can be fed from either tank, and also could feed either hopper.

  1. As mud pump feeding pumps.

There is a bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps, when the valves to mud tank is shut down and valve to mud pump is open, the pumps could feed mud from mixing tank or storage tank to the mud pumps, via which, the well treated drilling mud could return to drilling system.

  1. As mud gun feeding pumps.20141101_102604

Another bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps are directed to mud gun pipeline on the cubic pipe by side of mud tanks. This pipe is used for feeding the mud guns. Mud guns are installed all over the tanks, except for the shaker tank. Besides stirring the mud from settling, mud gun and their pipes are also used to transfer drilling mud from tank to tank.

In a word, mixing centrifugal pumps and mixing systems are vital to a complete and efficient drilling mud solids control system, and GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control system designer and manufacturer in China, is professional in such field, and always provides with customers the most suitable solutions and high quality products.

This weekend, GN team will attend to Abu Dhabi Oil Show held in UAE. You’re welcome to visit our booth in HALL 10, 10320D.



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