Dec 22

During the past decades, China has developed quite rapidly and soon becomes one of the biggest resources consumers in the world. Meanwhile, with the largest population in the world, the long-sight China government put an eye on environment protection quite strictly. According to laws and regulations, all oily sludge must to be treated well before dumping.


As a well known brand, GN Solids Control always comes up with professional solutions. Recently, GN just provide to a domestic client in Tianjin a combination of equipment including a decanter centrifuge GNLW454ET and GNSD90 disc stack separator.

1. GNLW454ET is a centrifuge model with 18 inch bowl diameter, and a length diameter ratio of 4. It is a high speed centrifuge with bowl rotation speed up to 3000RPM. Comparing with GNLW452 with 2 as bowl length-diameter ratio and GNLW453 with a ratio at 3, the GNLW454 with a longer bowl could give clearer separation result, especially for the material with higher viscosity, for example, after chemical dosing procedure.

2. GNSD90 disc stack is a 3 phase separator which can separate the oil, water and solids. But it has some limit for solids size input, that’s why before the disc stack there should be a decanter centrifuge for separating out the particles from 2 to 5 microns. After the disc stack, the oil can be recovered to sell for money, the water can be reused in the same separation unit for dilution and the solids particles are easier for future treatment or discharge.

GN has different models of decanter centrifuges and disc stacks for meeting the different capacity requirements. And if necessary, GN could also help to provide the equipment before the decanter centrifuges according to the material condition and requested treating results. Like the shale shaker, chemical dosing unit and preheating mixers.

GN Solids Control is an API Certified manufacturer, and also certified by ISO and HSE. GN Solids Control has its products sold to more than 70 countries in the world. If you need more information or similar project, welcome to contact GN Sales directly for consultance.


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Jun 26

Centrifuges are quite popular in separation industries, in oil and gas solids control, in drilling cuttings waste management, and in oily sludge separation projects. It is perfect solution for separating out particles from 2 microns to 5 microns. The centrifuges are playing more and more important role. But still, it is more difficult to operate the centrifuge well and let the centrifuge to work more efficiently.



There are some suggestions to help improving the centrifuges’ performance:
1. Before using the decanter centrifuge, make sure the material which enters the centrifuge are not so big for the centrifuges, in order to avoid blocking of centrifuges. For instance, a high speed centrifuge is capable to separate out particles from 2 microns to 5 microns. In practice, particles no larger than 2mm could enter the centrifuges. So it is suggested to use a shaker unit before the centrifuge.
2. How about when the particles are too small? When there are so many extra fine particles, it would be difficult for the centrifuge to separate the particles out. In this case, a chemical dosing unit is invited before the centrifuge. By adding flocculant into the material, the extra particles flocculate into bigger ones in order to be separated by centrifuge.
3. If the material is of too high viscosity, some polymers fed by the chemical dosing unit into the material, to lower down the viscosity. Then the separation result would be much enhanced.
4. Confirm the material content before choosing a suitable bowl rotating speed and a suitable differential speed. The material content information includes: solids content percentage, the distribution of each particle size, and etc. Such information helps the operator to adjust the centrifuge parameters.
GN Solids Control is quite professional in centrifuge design and manufacturing, GN centrifuge sizes range from 9 inch bowl to 30 inch bowl. Pls contact GN for consultancy.


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