Feb 13

OTC Oil Show held in Houston, TX, USA is yearly event for all oil and gas industry. It is one of the 3 largest oil shows all over the world, while the other two are CIPPE held in Beijing, Capital of China, and ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In OTC, you can always see the most advanced technology in oil and gas industry, including drilling and exploring for oil and gas, refinery of crude oil, the environment protection solutions for oil and gas industry and etc.

Before, most of the manufacturers as exhibitors are from USA, the oil and gas technology center, but now, more and more good Chinese companies are coming and attending this oil exhibition to compete with USA suppliers at USA local. GN Solids Control is one of them. Comparing with some other solids control companies in China, GN Solids Control is not a company with long history. Ever since its establishment in year 2007, GN has been setting the international quality standard as its standard for production. GN always believes in Quality First, Price Second. When choosing the material for manufacturing, GN always take into consideration the best material for performance.



In this coming OTC 2016, GN has 2 booths, as below:

GN Solids Control (from China headquarter): booth number Reliant Center 1652-A

GN Solids America (from Houston, USA): Reliant Arena 9732

Time of Exhibition: From 2nd to 5th, May, 2016

Location: Houston, Texas, USA.

What will GN show for this exhibition?

  1. high speed decanter centrifuge, it could be used as: a. solids control decanter centrifuge, b. decanter centrifuge after V-G dryer or high-G shaker for treating the drilling cuttings. c. dewatering centrifuge to be used together with dewatering unit, for treating the drilling mud.
  2. high speed V-G dryer to treat the drilling cuttings from the solids control system, for OBM and SBM.
  3. high-G drying shaker, with 4 pcs of screens and play a role as first step of treatment for drilling cuttings of WBM. This similar shaker could also be changed into shale shaker for solids control systems.

If you have plan for OTC 2016 and would like to talk with GN, welcome to send email to Sales@gnsolidscontrol.com for appointment.


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Jun 23

In a complete oil and gas drilling system, there are solids control system and drilling cuttings waste management system to combine a complete line for drilling mud recycling. Generally speaking, all the treating phases after the solids control system could be called as waste management system, because the solids control system is always together with the drilling rig and served as a closed loop during the drilling works. In traditional experiences, after drilling one well, the drilling cuttings would be transferred to a specific place to get further separation, for drilling waste management.

GNCD930C in waste management system

GN vertical cutting dryer

The drilling waste management system could be divided into 2 phases, the first phase is vertical cuttings dryer / high-G drying shaker plus decanter centrifuge combination, the second phase is dewatering system, with a dewatering unit, flocculation system and a high speed centrifuge combination.

1. First stage waste management system: vertical cuttings dryer + decanter centrifuge

2. Second stage waste management system: dewatering unit + decanter centrifuge

But recently, the boundary between solids control system and drilling waste management system is not as clear as before. In some countries, for every drilling rig, before start the drilling work, there must be a waste management system accompanying. That’s why, some companies are consider the vertical cuttings dryer/ high-G drying shaker plus decanter centrifuge combination as a part of solids control, while only the dewatering unit is as waste management system.

The separation process before dewatering unit is physical separation, and since the dewatering unit, it is kind of chemical separation. GN Solis Control, as the first API Certified solids control manufacturer in China, has provided to more than 60 countries and regions complete range of solids control and waste management systems and equipments including all above mentioned equipments including the dewatering unit.

May you have interest, welcome to contact us freely. We have a in-time pre-sale service, like recommending suitable equipments and give draft design for the systems and also reassuring after sale service of one week free of charge first commissioning. And GN always have in stock spare parts for quick delivery to clients.


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Jul 16

Ever since GN started the production of GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuges, this high speeded good quality centrifuge has been the best seller among all GN products, especially the high configuration GNLW363BG, which is of highest international standard. Right now, GN has 2 sets of high standard GNLW363BG in stock, FOR SALE, with a big discount of 20%.


high speed GNLW363BG FOR SALE

high speed GNLW363BG FOR SALE

Why So Big Discount?

Since this year, GN has changed design of GNLW363 series decanter centrifuges, by changing the position of motors. Before, main motor and back motor are separated on 2 sides of centrifuge. But now, the 2 motors are on one side. These 2 sets GNLW363BG Centrifuges are TOTALLY BRAND NEW, just FOR SALE to release stock.

What Features They Have?

Besides the location of motors, they share same features like new GNLW363BG. Including:
1. Bowl material: SS2205 Stainless steel
2. Impeller protection: replaceable tungsten carbon tiles for impeller, up to 4mm.
3. Solids discharge ports protected by tungsten carbide tiles.
4. Original SKF bearings for reliable performance and longer service life.

Other For Sale Decanter Centrifuges Available?

May you have interest, welcome to contact me freely at Renee@gnsolidcontrol.com

Or call me directly at 0086-18511893912


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Jun 15

Decanter centrifuge is the 4th phase cleaning equipment in a complete solids control system to separate fine solids. It is the most high technology products among all solids control equipments.

Centrifuge Working Principle

A centrifuge works on the principle of accelerated settling. By imparting addition “G” forces to the content of a centrifuge, solids (in a solids laden fluid) will settle much quicker. To understand how a decanting centrifuge works after desilter , first look at a simple sedimentation vessel. Solids in this fluid will settle to the bottom of the vessel over a period of time. One way to speed the process of settling is to reduce the height of the vessel so the solids do not have as far to drop. If a specific volume is required, the vessels dimensions can be lengthened or widened . Depending on the rheological properties of the fluid and the size and density of the solids, settling time can still prove quite slow.

Centrifuge Functions

A decanting centrifuge consists of a conical, horizontal steel bowl that rotates at high speed using a double screw type conveyor. The conveyor rotates in the same direction as the outer bowl but at a slightly slower speed. Functions including:

1)       De-water hydrocyclone underflow;

2)       Remove drilled solids from the active mud system

3)       Control rheological properties by removing colloidal particles in weighted drilling fluids.

A decanting centrifuge is so named because it decants or removes free liquid from separated solids. It consists of a conveying screw inside a rotating bowl By exerting increased G-force on the drilling fluid, the particles are accelerated and settle on the outside of the bowl The free liquid pool is removed and the solids are pushed away and discharged from the bowl. Please contact GN Solids for inquiry freely


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Jan 26

New Zealand ( NZ ) drilling jobsite always rent a DFE decanter centrifuge and drilling company offer solids control system without centrifuge. PNG is an country that have a lot of gas drilling with solids control system like shale shaker and decanter centrifuge.

Oil Field Decanter Centrifuge Application

A decanter centrifuge is a fourth phase cleaning equipment after shale shaker, desander and desilter. GN decanter centrifuge mainly used for drilling fluids processing, barite recovery, drilling waste treatment, mud weighted, etc projects. We also produce related equipments fitted for the centrifuge, to be assembly as a complete drilling mud processing system, including mud tank, mud agitator, mud mixer, shale shaker, etc.

Centrifuge Types

There are mini bowl centrifuge(220mm Dia), medium size bowl centrifuge (360mm/450mm Dia) and Big bow centrifuge (550mm dia). Depending on drilling application , difference size of centrifuge will be needed

Other than bowl size, there is middle speed centrifuge , high speed centrifuge and VFD speed centrifuge. Depending on drilling application and user work habit will choose a centrifuge for job site

GN Solids Control is a professional supplier for decanter centrifuge and famous all over of the world with many centrifuge working many countries. Please contact us for inquiry freely.


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