Jul 05

Only in the first half of year, GN Solids Control has delivered to India more than 5 sets of mud recycling systems for the trenchless projects, 2 month ago, GN delivered 3 sets of customized 600GPM Mud recycling systems, and this time, which GN Solids Control has provided was a complete set of 1000GPM Mud Recycling System, including:

gn mud system

1. GNZS703F-DZ shale shaker. This is the best seller shaker model among GN shale shakers especially for the non oil gas industry. In this shaker design, GN has 5 patents like the unique sealing design, the gear unit for changing the screens and etc. The G force of this shaker model is upto 7.5G, adjustable. And shaker deck angle could be adjusted from minus 2 degree to plus 5 degree for a good performance. The shaker deck is made of stainless steel, for a stronger structure. It has 3 pieces of composite material frame screens, which gives 2.63 square meter screen area.
For the same model, GN has also high-G drying shaker available, with G force up to 8.5G.
2. GNZJ703F series desander and desilters. In this system, because of enough space and enough budget, the end user chose the desander and desilter design alongside the shale shakers. The desander has 2 of 10 inch cones and an underflow shaker, while the desilter has 12 of 4 inch cones with underflow shaker. Both of the underflow shakers are same as GNZS703, with interchangeable shaker screens, of course, different API numbers.
3. Mixing unit is equipped for this mud system, too. Both the mud mixing hopper and mud mixing pump are fabricated by GN Solids Control.
4. GNSB series centrifugal pumps are also one of the core products GN produces and provides. All GN centrifugal pumps, including individual parts are fully interchangeable with Mission Magnum centrifugal pump. They are widely used for the desander or desilter cone feeding, for the mixing purpose, or serve as charging pumps and transfer pumps in trip tanks.
Welcome to visit GN website for more information.


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Mar 07

As a world-famous manufacture of solids control equipment and customized drilling mud system, GN provides different equipment and mud system to global customers.

In 2013, GN Solids America LLC was founded in the Houston City of USA, which has been the 1st and biggest USA-based solids control company from China. There are 30,000 square feet warehouse for stocking and working.

In GN Solids America LLC, there are always different kinds of solids control equipment and relevant spare parts in stock and could be delivered to customers at any time, such as the Decanter Centrifuge, Shale Shaker, shale Shaker Screens, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Centrifugal Pump, Shear Pump, , Mud Gun, Cones for Desilter, Cones for Desander and Mud Agitator, Impeller for Pump, Motors, etc. According to the stock status, regularly different equipment and spare parts will be delivered to Houston from China so as to guarantee any equipment or parts are in stock. When customer has relevant requirement, the equipment & parts could be provided and shorten the waiting time of customer.


In the past 3 years, GN America LLC has been providing the best service & support to customers from USA, Canada and Mexico. Meanwhile, it has been effectively expanding the company business on the whole North America. Based on the good quality and timely customer service, GN Brand becomes more and more familiar to the customers from North America and gets their approval.

Despite the oil price is low and all the world economy is suffering, there are still wide requirements and market in the North America. According to the development strategy of company, in the future many more manpower and material resources will be given to North America Market.

AS the company base in North America, GN Solids America LLC will definitely play much more important role in the future.

Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Centrifugal Pump, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.




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Mar 22

Mud cleaner is a combination of desander, desilter and shale shaker. GN Solids  Control optimized its mud cleaner to make it easily transformed to a shale shaker by remove the upper part of desander and desilter cones assembly.  And all the shakers can be easily become a mud cleaner by install on the upper cones assembly.

GN Solids Control’s new model GNZJ594 series mud cleaner uses GNZS594 shale shaker as the bottom shaker. This shale shaker uses same as MI Swaco Mongoose composite screens.  The shaker deck is adjusted electrically and mechanical adjustment is available for back up. GN Solids Control mud cleaner used 4″ cones for desilter and 10″ cones for desander.

Mud cleaner is used for second and third phase cleaning in a mud system. The 10″ desander cones can remove particles larger than 45 microns and the desilter cones can remove particles larger than 20 microns. The under shale shaker uses a fine mesh shaker screen for further speparation  to separate larger particles allowing only barite size particles to pass through the screen returning and recovering then the clean mud.

GN Solids America LLC. has mud cleaner stocked in Houston TX. It’s available for inspection and fast supply. Please contact our American office at +1-713-878-0880 for more info.


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Nov 02

Desander and Desilter are widely used solids control equipment in various drilling projects. In the business communication, many of our clients tell us their requirements, and then we could suggest equipments even complete system to them. Today, we would like to tell you how to choose the proper desanders and desilters for your projects. What’s the cones number would fit your project? Is it better with or without a under flow shale shaker?

We can not propose the desander or desilter without knowing the total treating capacity of the mud system. Here, we could give an example, for a 500 GPM mud system, we could choose 1 No 10″ desander cyclone and 8 Nos 4″ desilter cyclone. GN desander cyclone treating capacity is 528GPM per set while the desilter cyclone is max 75GPM per set.

GN design 2 types desander/desilter with under fluids shaker or without under fluids shaker. If the user need the drilling mud more dryer, we could install a underflow shaker below the cyclone with corresponding fine mesh shaker screen. But we should take the treating capacity into consideration when design the under fluids shaker. When the flow rate is over 500GPM, it will be better for us to choose a shaker with large area screen, even 2 or 3 screen panels.

There is a combination equipment called mud cleaner we often proposed to our clients. It is combined by desander cyclone, desilter cyclone and large area under fluids shaker. Compact structure and powerful function are the main fetures of mud cleaner. GN Solids Control has various treating capacity desander and desilter. Please contact us for more info.



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Sep 14

Mud clenaer is a very important equipment in mud cleaning system. It appears behind shale shake as the second and third stage solids control for drilling mud.

The GN Mini Linear Motion Mud Cleaner is innovative products for drilling fluids cleaning. The traditional desander desitler without Shale Shaker is only available for unweighted drilling mud.The traditional mud cleaner is oversized for some applications,and the mud cleaner is relatively more expensive. The innovative GN Mini cleaner is an ideal option for both weighted and unweighted drilling mud with the most cost effective solution for drilling. Further more, the GN Mini Cleaner is the best choices for small mud system for HDD,CBM, water well drilling, mining  exploration industry etc.

GN Solids Control also has normal mud cleaner with different treating capacity. Desilter and Desander without under flow shaker is also available. GN uses 4″ hydrocyclones for Desilter and 10″ hydrocyclones for desander. The desilter has a separation point of 15-25 microns and the desander has the separation point of 40-75 microns. GN Solids Control develops 2″ cone for dregding slurry separation. This hydrocyclone and separate solids larger than 10 microns.

GN Solids Control’s Mud Cleaners are used worldwide with stable performance. The hydrocyclone numbers can be customized in order to meet different requirements. Please contact us for more info.



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Jun 15

Decanter centrifuge is the 4th phase cleaning equipment in a complete solids control system to separate fine solids. It is the most high technology products among all solids control equipments.

Centrifuge Working Principle

A centrifuge works on the principle of accelerated settling. By imparting addition “G” forces to the content of a centrifuge, solids (in a solids laden fluid) will settle much quicker. To understand how a decanting centrifuge works after desilter , first look at a simple sedimentation vessel. Solids in this fluid will settle to the bottom of the vessel over a period of time. One way to speed the process of settling is to reduce the height of the vessel so the solids do not have as far to drop. If a specific volume is required, the vessels dimensions can be lengthened or widened . Depending on the rheological properties of the fluid and the size and density of the solids, settling time can still prove quite slow.

Centrifuge Functions

A decanting centrifuge consists of a conical, horizontal steel bowl that rotates at high speed using a double screw type conveyor. The conveyor rotates in the same direction as the outer bowl but at a slightly slower speed. Functions including:

1)       De-water hydrocyclone underflow;

2)       Remove drilled solids from the active mud system

3)       Control rheological properties by removing colloidal particles in weighted drilling fluids.

A decanting centrifuge is so named because it decants or removes free liquid from separated solids. It consists of a conveying screw inside a rotating bowl By exerting increased G-force on the drilling fluid, the particles are accelerated and settle on the outside of the bowl The free liquid pool is removed and the solids are pushed away and discharged from the bowl. Please contact GN Solids for inquiry freely


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