Dec 12

Recently, GN has produced for 2 different clients who worked for similar projects, with following equipment and solutions:
1. GN big bowl 22 inch diameter decanter centrifuges.
2. GN chemical dosing unit
3. GN standard containers.


GN has been providing this design for many years, and the technology is quite mature:
1. GNDU2000 Chemical dosing unit. GN has been providing the chemical dosing unit or so called the dewatering unit for many years, since some of GN clients are using GN centrifuges as dewatering centrifuges and prefer GN to make compact design for them. A chemical dosing unit is used to treat the material by some chemical methods, for example, to add some material to reduce the viscosity of material, or to flocculate the extra fine particles into larger ones, which are suitable for centrifuge use.
2. GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is a big bowl decanter centrifuge with a treating capacity up t to 90 cbm per hour, and the rotating speed could reach 3000 rpm. It is quite suitable for drilling liquid management, especially being used together with chemical dosing system. Normally, the centrifuge treating capacity for material after flocculation would be greatly reduced, that’s why a big bowl centrifuge with a large treating capacity is always used for this application.
3. 20 ft containers for housing the centrifuge and chemical dosing system, which is quite popular design. For one thing, it is more convenient and easy to transport the system when the main equipment are in standard containers. Secondly, the containers give a shield to the equipment, providing a suitable temperature and clean condition. Thirdly, the 2 sets of 20 ft containers could be put one under another, in this way, less room to be occupied.
In this design, GN engineers designed the round shaped ladders for the upper located container with the big bowl decanter centrifuge, when transporting, the ladder could be put into the container.


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Jun 27

GN Solids Control is not only the first API certified solids control company in China, but also, GN Solids Control is the first China solids control company who set up branch company and brand in Houston, USA, which is the center of solids control in the world.

GN shale shaker

GN shale shaker helps clients to win out

Now good news from GN Solids America, that GNZS Shale shaker in USA helps GN American clients to win out among his peers and they are giving good comments on GN equipment. You know, the most difficult thing for a Chinese brand to win is to be accepted by the clients at the very beginning. Whatever your equipment like shakers are good, at first, you have to be accepted by the client, then, could the client give a conclusion. This time, the end user is a local contractor in USA, and they provide solids control and dewatering solutions for many drilling companies. As the end user of solids control equipment at jobsite, they always know well about the importance of a good shale shaker and they have the first hand comments. They admit that at first when they chose GN Solids America was allured by the good price. When the price is competitive and performance is OK, they would win by half. But when they firstly tried GN Shale Shaker on their jobsite, the shakers’ performance was much better than they expected. So they continuously expended their need for GN shale shaker to 10 sets until now.

Shale shaker is the first phase of separation in a complete solids control line, and although in some incomplete solids control lines, end user many delete desander or desilter, but never a shale shaker, because the shale shaker is used to separate most of the drilling cuttings.

GN Solids Control’s shale shaker could give a good performance because:
1. Reasonable design of the equipment. For shale shaker, GN has 5 patents in design.
2. High and adjustable G force up to 7.5G to ensure a good separation result.
3. Stainless steel shaker deck to endure the High G force.
4. Durable longer service time shaker screens.
For best seller shale shakers, GN Solids Control, China and GN Solids America always have stock.


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Jun 02
Hebei GN Solids Control company was established in Year 2007, ever since it was established, GN has developed rapidly but stably. It soon became one of the most famous brands of solids control industry for oil and gas drilling. During the years of development and also in order to meet the new demands of this industry, GN has expended the product line, now GN core products cover the complete solids control system and the waste management systems.
GN 2nd factory

GN 2nd factory, for decanter centrifuges

Decanter centrifuge is the most important and most widely used equipment in the solids control system and waste management system, it could cover such following roles:
1. middle speed decanter centrifuge for solids control system, for recovering the barite from the drilling mud. Normally, for this application we need a big bowl centrifuge to work at 1800RMP and the ideal length-diameter ratio of the bowl is 2. So GNLW 452 with 18 inch bowl diameter is an ideal choice.
2. high speed decanter centrifuge for the fine particles with diameter ranging from 2 to 5 microns. In most cases GN clients use GNLW363 with 14 inch bowl diameter for this use. For solids control high speed decanter centrifuge, an economic configuration GNLW363 with fixed speed is OK.
3. drilling fluids waste management and drilling cuttings waste management systems, we suggest you to use GNLW363 high configurations for option, it uses the best material and serves as VFD controlled control panels, to achieve different speeds per jobsite condition.
Besides GNLW363 and GNLW452, which are most popular models, GN has different centrifuges with different sizes, like the GNLW223, with 9 inch diameter bowl as baby centrifuge, GNLW453 big bowl centrifuge, with 18 inch bowl diameter as GNLW452 but the length-diameter ratio as 3, and also GNLW553 with 22 inch diameter bowl as super big bowl decanter centrifuge.
Since the previous producing yard is not enough to meet the requests from clients, GN constructed the 2nd factory especially for decanter centrifuges.

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Feb 01

Chinese new year is coming in several days, it is the most important traditional festival to all the Chinese people in world, it is also called spring festival. Per Chinese calendar, it means the start of the new year, new spring, and on new year eve, all family members should be gathered together to celebrate and wait until the new year bell rings. And all flights leading for China are crowed with people, old and young, who are living all over the world and going home now.

In Chinese, there is an old saying that New Year, New Image. Before the ending of this year, GN has updated the home page image with new project pictures during the past year, and also new and more convenient functions for the visitors. It is much easier for you to find the needed equipment by searching the description or by identifying the equipment picture.

See GN, visit GN

GN Factory near Beijing Airport, China

It has been a fruitful year for GN Solids Control, the establishments including but not limited to following:

  1. GN Solids Control’s third factory has finished construction and would be put into use in the new year. This newly constructed factory is equipped with the rubber floor and high technology equipment for centrifuge manufacturing. Besides the decanter centrifuges, all GN’s rotating equipments or parts are manufactured in this new factory, including the vertical cuttings dryers and centrifugal pumps.
  2. GN Solids Control built new workshop in the old factory. Before, there was a yard surrounded by GN office building and 5 GN workshops in GN Solids Control’s factory. But in the past year, GN has constructed a new and big workshop which covers main part of the yard. It would be better for GN workers’ working condition and also GN’s products would be better protected from the bad weather.
  3. the third and most important landmark of GN Solids Control is that, GN has completed the product line, for zero discharged solutions including the solids control and waste management systems, for the drilling cuttings, GN has vertical cuttings dryer, high-G shaker, decanter centrifuge, solidification unit and TDU. For drilling fluids, GN has dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge.

To Know more, welcome to visit our website:


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Aug 04

For any drilling work in China or in many other countries especially in more advanced companies, there are strict laws for drilling waste treatment after the drilling work. The treatment or management of drilling cuttings covers two topics, one is the recycling of useful materials, the drilling mud, to be reused into next project. And the solids phase, the cuttings should be separated out to the most and to be discharged safely.

GN Solids Control

The first system used with the drilling rig is solids control system, it contains main equipments including shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, mud cleaner and solids control centrifuge. It is called 4 levels of separation. After those above mentioned equipment, the drilling mud is clean enough to return back to the mud system and to be used into drilling again. It is the first closed loop.

But since the liquid phase as cleaned drilling mud returns to system, the cuttings should be discharged after some treatment, because in most countries according to the law, drilling cuttings are forbidden to be discharged directly because of damage to environment.

Besides solids control system, GN also provide the complete system until both the cuttings and drilling liquid are separated and transported to the place they should be. The drilling cuttings are firstly treated by a waste management system, containing equipments like high-G drying shaker GNZS594HGE-LD or vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930D as the 1st step of separation, and second step is decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD.

Later, secondly, the discharges are divided into 2 parts, liquid, enter back into the drilling system’s clean mud, and the solids, to be treated to the next system, GN Solidification unit, to stabilize the drilling cuttings and to discharge them safely. End of the solids phase.

And the liquid part, after being used as clean mud for several times, there may be small and extra fine particles in it. Then, using GNDU dewatering unit, the liquid part could be further treated and cleaned.



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Jun 23

In a complete oil and gas drilling system, there are solids control system and drilling cuttings waste management system to combine a complete line for drilling mud recycling. Generally speaking, all the treating phases after the solids control system could be called as waste management system, because the solids control system is always together with the drilling rig and served as a closed loop during the drilling works. In traditional experiences, after drilling one well, the drilling cuttings would be transferred to a specific place to get further separation, for drilling waste management.

GNCD930C in waste management system

GN vertical cutting dryer

The drilling waste management system could be divided into 2 phases, the first phase is vertical cuttings dryer / high-G drying shaker plus decanter centrifuge combination, the second phase is dewatering system, with a dewatering unit, flocculation system and a high speed centrifuge combination.

1. First stage waste management system: vertical cuttings dryer + decanter centrifuge

2. Second stage waste management system: dewatering unit + decanter centrifuge

But recently, the boundary between solids control system and drilling waste management system is not as clear as before. In some countries, for every drilling rig, before start the drilling work, there must be a waste management system accompanying. That’s why, some companies are consider the vertical cuttings dryer/ high-G drying shaker plus decanter centrifuge combination as a part of solids control, while only the dewatering unit is as waste management system.

The separation process before dewatering unit is physical separation, and since the dewatering unit, it is kind of chemical separation. GN Solis Control, as the first API Certified solids control manufacturer in China, has provided to more than 60 countries and regions complete range of solids control and waste management systems and equipments including all above mentioned equipments including the dewatering unit.

May you have interest, welcome to contact us freely. We have a in-time pre-sale service, like recommending suitable equipments and give draft design for the systems and also reassuring after sale service of one week free of charge first commissioning. And GN always have in stock spare parts for quick delivery to clients.


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