Dec 08

Decanter Centrifuge on Diamond Drilling

Decanter centrifuge is the last phase to clean diamond drilling mud. For diamond drilling ,every equipment should be small footprint and compact for a whole system. GNLW220x660 decanter centrifuge is designed with a small footprint too meet diamond drilling space limit. Main Spec:


Differential gear type: Mechanical Differential

Treating capacity:150l /min;

Drum diameter: 220mm

Rotary speed: 3500rpm

Extruder rate L/D: 3

Separation factor: 1500G

Main motor:11kw;Assistant motor: 5.5kw

Dimension :1530×1080×755mm (as the drawing below)

Weight :750kg;

Operation period:Continuously 24hours

Centrifuge System configuration

GN build centrifuge system will including a GNZS752 shale shaker before a centrifuge. GNZS752 shale shaker is designed for small HDD mud system and diamond drilling with spec:

Model: GNZS752

Motor: 2×0.45KW

Screen Area: 1.35 M2

G forth: 7.0G

A centrifuge system including one set GNZS752 shale shaker, 1 set GNLW220x660 centrifuge, 1 mud tank and pump.

GN Solids Control is a supplier for all kinds of drilling fluids cleaning system, including oil drilling, coal bed methan, HDD, Diamond Drilling, etc. Please contact us for inquiry freely


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Sep 20

Drill 2012 was held on Sep. 19-21 in Adelaide by Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA). There, driling equipments supplier, drilling contractor and scholar in this field came to the show for exchanging their mind. As a equipments supplier, GN Solids Control shown their 200 GPM drilling mud recycling system at the exhibition.

GN 200GPM Mud System Shown in Adelaide

Conpact design for HDD Mud system

Actally, the unit we shown at the expo. is a HDD mud system. In Australia, there are many drilling contractors for HDD and CBM. So, there is large requirement for the compact strcture system. The standard configuration for GN 200GPM mud system contains 1 unit mini shale shaker, 1 unit mimi cleanr with 4 no. 4″ desilter cone, 1 unit feed pump and mixing hooper package.
For HDD, the low requirements for the drilling mud makes the centrifuge not a necessary equuipments in the process for drilling mud recycling. That is why for some mud system used in HDD always simple and portable.

 Requirement for Diamond drilling mud system

During the exhibition, we met many contractor for diamond drilling. Their requirements always come for the small treating capacity mud system.
In this type system, the equipments would be needed are very small size shale shaker and centrifuge, mostly, the treating capacity for diamond drilling is less than 40 GPM.
At this moment, GN do not offer the whole package for this system. However, we would offer a Mini model centrifuge GNLW223M for customer, the parameter below:
Treating capacity: 150l per minute
Drum diameter: 220mm
Rotary speed: 4000rpm
G force: 1930 G
Separation point: 2~5 Microns
Motor power: 11 kw

Drill 2012 was the first time for GN to show herself in Adelaide which is a so beautiful city, in October, GN would attend another exhition No-dig in Melbourne.
More information about the show in Melbourne, please keep your attention on this blog or GN Solids Control website for updated information.


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Jul 14

Diamond Drilling mud recycling system always saml mud flow and users can’t find the right equipment because main mud recycling equipment is for oil & gas drilling.Decanter Centrifuge is a very important equipment to separate fine solids in drilling mud

Characteristic for Diamond Drilling Decanter Centrifuge Requirement:

1) Much lower mud flow capacity compared with oil and gas drilling. Like 50GPM capacity is good for diamond drilling but 1000GPM-2000GPM for oil and gas drilling mud flow capacity

2) Diamond drilling equipment including decanter centrifuge should be very compact for easy handling

3) Normally  people choose hyralic drive equipment

Suppliers of Diamond Drilling Mud Cleaning Decanter Centrifuge

The majority mud cleaning equipment supplier is focus on oil and gas drilling equipment and diamond drilling equipment manufacture don’t have so many proffessional. GN Solids Control is one of the few that focus on small drilling mud cleaning equipment including a Mini decanter centrifuge for diamond drilling. GN mini decanter centrifuge with 500GPM capacity and very compact design.

GN is setting up offices in Australia and improving market in New Zealand and Pupua New Guinea on Diamond Drilling Mini Decanter centrifuge. Pls contact us freely


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