Jul 11

Per experiences and calculated data, the drilling liquid occupies in any well drilling is between 4 percentage to 10 percentages, no matter in onshore drillings or offshore drillings. Considering its effects on the drilling operation performance, which occupies nearly 50 percentages, the drilling fluid is quite vital to the drilling.

GN Waste Management Equipment

That’s why, a professional drilling manager has to have a professional team for the drilling mud services, or find a qualified drilling fluid service company. In practice, drilling companies or drilling contractors always focus on drilling work, and employing a subcontractor for the solids control system. Each drilling rig has eight systems connected to each other, among which, the solids control system is comparably independent. An expertized drilling fluid company has the right personnel and suitable equipment, and more important, they know how to treat the fluid well.

A professional oil service companies provide following services:
1. Solids control equipment and services. The solids control systems help to treat the drilling fluid directly from the well mouth. It contains three or four phases for separation, including the shale shaker as the first phase, the desander cones as the second phase, the desilter cones as the third. Some include the decanter centrifuge as the forth one. In most solids control systems, there are mixing unit for adding more chemicals into the fluid when necessary.
2. Drilling cuttings waste management systems, in some countries, this part is also regarded as a part of solids control, because this is also for treating the solids from the drilling fluid. Those systems always contains the vertical cuttings dryer, the high G drying shaker and the decanter centrifuge.
3. Drilling fluid waste management, it is the further treatment for the drilling fluid. As the fluid has been used for a long time, this system uses some chemicals to flocculate the extra fine particles into larger ones before being separated out by a decanter centrifuge.
As one of the leading manufacturers of solids control and waste management, GN Solids Control has been providing lots of oil service companies in the world for all above mentioned systems and equipment. For more information or a formal quotation, welcome to contact GN directly.


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Mar 17

Shaker screen will be blinding when a lot of solids lodged in the hole of screen by block. This will always happen when drilling in fine sands, for example in the Gulf of Mexico. There are some conditions for shaker screen blinding happens.


  1. When you installed a new screen on shale shaker, the circulation drilling fluid will falls through the shaker screen in a very short distance.
  2. After working a time, the drilling fluid will endpoint travels to the end of the shaker.
  3. Once this happens, the shaker screens will be changed to eliminate the rapid discharge of drilling mud off shale shaker screen from end.
  4. When the shaker screens had been washed, the fine sand will be easily to lodge in the surface of screen that you can observed. The surface of the shaker screen will resemble fine sand paper because of the sand particles lodged in the openings.


One standard solution for screen blinding is to install a finer or coarser shaker screen one the shale shaker that screen blinded. This will be successful when the sand in drilling mud has a narrow size distribution. Or you can change a rectangular shaker screen on the shale shaker.


Blinding – the “plastering” of a soft t material over and in the mesh, rendering it blocked.

Remedy = wash with high pressure fluid using the base fluid of the drilling fluid. If this fails, fit coarser screens temporarily.

Plugging – the blocking of the mesh by a particle (usually sand) fitting into the pore throat of the mesh.

Remedy = wash with high pressure fluid using the base fluid of the drilling fluid. This is best done from beneath the screen (after removal). It is often successful to place a finer screen on to reduce the “near size” plugging.

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Sep 05

Given that its establishment years ago, GN Solids America has occupied a certain market for HDD projects and HDD companies. Like other drillings, HDD have to have cuttings dryer also. And technical specifications for HDD mud systems are higher than these of piling or TBM.

oil drilling solids control system 4
Lately, a wellknown Russian organization who majors in HDD projects has purchased a 350GPM HDD system from GN Solids America. Now this method is under pre-assembling and can be prepared for delivery close to quickly.
What equipments in this method?
1. Mud tank. This mud tank is made by GN, compact in style and efficient for storage drilling mud. Tank are divided into many compartment for various steps for treating. Tank dimension 6000*2100*1300mm
2. GNZY705-Y8S Double deck desilter mud cleaner with five panel screens along with a eight cones desilter. Because HDD includes a greater common for drilling waste management, drilling mud with cuttings very first enter reduce deck of shaker then treated mud sucked by centrifugal pump to desilter cones. Solids particles discharged from desilter fall on upper deck shaker for next step remedy.
three. GNSB6*5-9.5J Centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding desilters and jet hoppers for mixing.
4. GNJBQ Mud agitator 1 set for mud agitating.
five. GNNJQ Mud gun for helping mixing.
6. Lighting system and electric control method for full technique.
This program has a compact structure which may be transported in containers, this saves a great deal revenue for customer. Vermeer and CPP each have bought this related method from GN Solids Control.
Now GN Solids America has an additional program with capacity of 240m/hour in stock. If you have interest, pls make contact with us.


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Aug 22

Mud cleaning process specially made for CBM drilling was delivered towards the drilling net website. As per the contactor’s drilling rig requirement, we’ve developed him a two-mud-tank remedy, a mud processing/cleaning tank technique moreover to a mud mixing tank system.

Shale Shaker

Mud Processing/Cleaning Tank Program

As a result of the low height of mud return line of a trailer mounted drilling rig, it demands the mud cleaner height is minimize than the standard ones, therefore, the drilling mud in the bole can be transferred towards the shale shaker effectively by its gravity. The solids handle gear mounted on this tank is as follows:

1. two ea x GNZS703 shale shaker

2. 1 ea x GNZJ752-1S Desander with bottom shaker

3. 1 ea x GNZJ752-8N Desilter with bottom shaker

Mud Mixing Tank Strategy

Determined by the unique drilling formations, one particular unit of GNLW452 decanter centrifuge is equipped to separate the fine solids inside the drilling mud by GN Solids America.

The mud mixing unit will probably be installed at a side of your mud mixing tank.

Whenever you have to have to have mud cleaning approach tailored to your exceptional drilling circumstances, CBM, HDD, Oil and Gas or whatever industries, please really feel free of charge to let us know, or you can visit here to contact us.


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Aug 15

GN has made a variety of Mud Tank to all over the world which includes oil & gas drilling industry, CBM and HDD project. There is a 500GPM Mud Tank program for Middle East.
1. There are three compartments in the mud tank, which is Shaker compartment, mud-cleaner compartment, mixing compartment.
2. GNYZ series submersible slurry pump provide the slurry from mud pit to GN shale shaker
3. Under the 40 mesh shaker screen, three panels and large screen area GNZS703 is able to handle with 528GPM fluid with excellent working performance
4.1# centrifugal pump transport the fluid from shaker compartment to de sander unit.2# centrifugal pump will transport the fluids from de sander compartment to de silter unit for the final process
5. Second and third cleaning steps make up mud cleaner which is GNZJ703E shale shaker, one unit 10?? de sander cone and 8 unit 4?? cones
6. Integral mixing program GNSLS35A-300 Jet Mud mixer which efficiency in blending chemical such as bentonite, polymers and other powder additives with drilling fluid.
GN 500 GPM Mud Tank system is a compact and user friendly solids control design. For your project, please contact with GN Solids control.
GN Cooperation with COSL


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Jul 23

Weir height is usually a very important information for the shale shaker for oil and gas drilling mud program. Explanation is the fact that the drilling fluids fall directly to shake shaker from the higher pipeline with no any enable from pump or a thing likely, so at least the total height of tank and shale shaker weir ought to no higher than the outlet of fluids in the drilling rig.
In case the total height of weir height and tank height exceed the height of rig outlet, that is the case we don’t would like to see, since in that case, the drilling fluid from the rig is not going to attain the shale shaker. So GN Solids Control supplies customers from distinctive fields for Oil&Gas drilling, HDD, Piling more optional feeding types of GNZS Series shale shakers:
1. Weir feeder, like GNZS594E-HB shale shaker: traditional feeding type of oil&gas drilling solids handle shale shaker. Drilling fluids firstly enters into the box behind the shale shaker, when the fluids level is higher than the weir, it flows over weir and falls onto the shaker deck with screens. The function of weir feeding is to reduce the pressure and protect the shaker screens.
2. Box feeder, like GNZS703E-DZ shale shaker: in HDD or TBM projects, drilling fluid is not from the rigs, instead, it was conveyed by a pump from mud pit or probably places. So box feeder is possible here, it requires less space during transportation.
3. Hopper feeder, like GNZS594HGE-LD: hopper feeding type is GN designed especially for waste management high-G shakers. In this stage of treatment, the treated material is from augers, so hopper feeder is more practical at jobsite.
4. Besides the above most commonly options, GN also has low weir feeding shaker available, GNZS703E-LW, with weir height 500mm.
May you have any request or question, welcome to contact us freely for consultancy, GN Solids Handle has a professional engineer team to support you.

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