Sep 05

Given that its establishment years ago, GN Solids America has occupied a certain market for HDD projects and HDD companies. Like other drillings, HDD have to have cuttings dryer also. And technical specifications for HDD mud systems are higher than these of piling or TBM.

oil drilling solids control system 4
Lately, a wellknown Russian organization who majors in HDD projects has purchased a 350GPM HDD system from GN Solids America. Now this method is under pre-assembling and can be prepared for delivery close to quickly.
What equipments in this method?
1. Mud tank. This mud tank is made by GN, compact in style and efficient for storage drilling mud. Tank are divided into many compartment for various steps for treating. Tank dimension 6000*2100*1300mm
2. GNZY705-Y8S Double deck desilter mud cleaner with five panel screens along with a eight cones desilter. Because HDD includes a greater common for drilling waste management, drilling mud with cuttings very first enter reduce deck of shaker then treated mud sucked by centrifugal pump to desilter cones. Solids particles discharged from desilter fall on upper deck shaker for next step remedy.
three. GNSB6*5-9.5J Centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding desilters and jet hoppers for mixing.
4. GNJBQ Mud agitator 1 set for mud agitating.
five. GNNJQ Mud gun for helping mixing.
6. Lighting system and electric control method for full technique.
This program has a compact structure which may be transported in containers, this saves a great deal revenue for customer. Vermeer and CPP each have bought this related method from GN Solids Control.
Now GN Solids America has an additional program with capacity of 240m/hour in stock. If you have interest, pls make contact with us.


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Aug 15

GN has made a variety of Mud Tank to all over the world which includes oil & gas drilling industry, CBM and HDD project. There is a 500GPM Mud Tank program for Middle East.
1. There are three compartments in the mud tank, which is Shaker compartment, mud-cleaner compartment, mixing compartment.
2. GNYZ series submersible slurry pump provide the slurry from mud pit to GN shale shaker
3. Under the 40 mesh shaker screen, three panels and large screen area GNZS703 is able to handle with 528GPM fluid with excellent working performance
4.1# centrifugal pump transport the fluid from shaker compartment to de sander unit.2# centrifugal pump will transport the fluids from de sander compartment to de silter unit for the final process
5. Second and third cleaning steps make up mud cleaner which is GNZJ703E shale shaker, one unit 10?? de sander cone and 8 unit 4?? cones
6. Integral mixing program GNSLS35A-300 Jet Mud mixer which efficiency in blending chemical such as bentonite, polymers and other powder additives with drilling fluid.
GN 500 GPM Mud Tank system is a compact and user friendly solids control design. For your project, please contact with GN Solids control.
GN Cooperation with COSL


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Dec 21

Directional drilling (or slant drilling) is the practice for drilling non-vertical wells. It can be broken down into three main groups: Oilfield Directional Drilling, Utility Installation Directional Drilling (or H.D.D. or Horizontal Directional Drilling) Directional boring, and SIS (surface In Seam), which horizontally intersects a vertical well target to extract coal bed methane

Prime Drilling Rig in Germany

Prime drilling is a leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and it’s focus on horizontal directional drilling technology. Prime drilling is focus on some bigger drilling rig like 500MT rig. For Prime drilling rigs, GN500GPM mud system is the suitable model for mud recycling. Please see following mud system part.

Tracto-Technik (TT) Drilling Rig

TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT Group) is a modern and innovative family-owned company and special on horizontal directional drilling technology. TT drilling rig normally smaller than Prime drilling rig like 100MT. GN 100GPM mud system is the suitable model to match TT drilling rig, Please see following mud system part

GN Solids Control mud recycling system for directional drilling rig

GN Solids Control is a international brand mud system and has exported to more than 50 countries in the world like Australia, New Zealand, PNG, USA, UK, Brazil, Venezuela, India, Thailand,etc. To match directional drilling rig, GN designed 100GPM mud system, 500GPM mud system, 1000GPM mud system skid mounted or trailer mounted. Please find more info on GN web.


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Nov 23

Solids Control System Configaration

A complete package solids control system including shale shaker , vacuum degasser, desander , desilter , decanter centrifuge , mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, mud tank, etc. GN Solids Control is a China supplier for complete package of mud solids control system

Solids Control System Deliveried to New Zealand for work over rig

A sets of ZJ30 solids control system built for New Zealand this year including 3 mud tanks and 1 mixing skid with storage with 1000GPM mud flow.  2 sets shale shaker, 1 set mud cleaner, 2 sets feeding pump, 3 mud tanks and 1 mixing skid,etc.

Work over rig normally much lower and need a much lower inlet to shale shaker. Many supplier may ignore this and bring troubles on drilling mud drop to shale shaker. Please contact GN Solids Control for inquiry freely


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Aug 21

New Zealand has a lot of Oil&Gas drilling contractors and the majority used to buy from US. Time is changing and China supplier are moving to New Zealand gradualy because of top quality and cheaper labour cost.GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacture for drilling mud recycling mud system and sold a 1000GPM mud system to New Zealand this month for work over drilling rig.

Work Over Drilling Rig

The term workover is used to refer to any kind of oil well intervention involving invasive techniques, such as wireline, coiled tubing or snubbing. More specifically though, it will refer to the expensive process of pulling and replacing a completion. There are many China supplier for work over drillling rig and some of them are very famous all over the world.

1000GPM mud recycling system specification

1000GPM means 1000 gallons per mimute treating capacity. There are different configaration with different tank size,tank quality, equipment model, equipment layout,etc. You can’t say which is better because these design are just to suilt the right working conditions. GN sold a 1000GPM mud system with 2 tanks and a decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge is a equipment to cleaning drilling mud through 2-7 microns which is the most expensive equipment amount drilling mud cleaning equipments.

GN Solids Control has offices in Australia to assistant and offer service to Australia and New Zealand. Pls contact us for inqury


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