Nov 24

The service companies or project contractors are always very strict on choosing equipment manufacturers, because a good manufacturer is not only about the image and reputation, the more important thing is, the good performance of the equipment. Like for the oil and gas drilling, working on the rig means continuously operating and any unexpected failure comes at big cost.
In many projects which are in need of separation works, the shale shakers play a very important role. For example, in oil and gas drilling solids control projects, the shale shaker take over more than half of separating work, and in HDD or TBM projects, a shaker is always the first or even only separation step, even in drilling cuttings waste management projects, a high-G shaker with a 8.0G force are head in the queue.


GNZJ series shale shakers have following features:
1. High G force to ensure a good performance and good separation results. With Italy brand Oli as professional vibrating motors, GN shale shakers could reach a G force up to 7.5, and according to the jobsite condition, this G force is adjustable.
2. A strong structure of shaker deck made of stainless steel, instead of normal steel. Only a strong structure could endure the high G force vibration. That’s why GN shale shakers have a longer service life.
3. API RP 13C shaker screens with composite material frame. GN now make all its frame screens with composite material frames, it has a longer service life than steel frame ones, and the conductance is much larger. With same screen area, the unblocked area is much larger than steel frame ones.
Those above mentioned are only several features and advantages of GN shale shaker and shaker screens, since space here is limited, if you need more information about GN company and products, welcome to visit our website or contact us by email, telephone or fax directly.
In most of countries in the world, environment protection is very important for all industries with very strict laws. For the drilling projects, the separation standard is evens more. That’s why, GN became one of the most well-known brands during past years and its adjacent countries for the ideal separation solutions in oil and gas drilling industries and other drilling projects like HDD, TBM and etc, and even for the construction works.


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Nov 11
GN bIg bowl centrifuge


Ever since the establishment of GN Solids Control seven years ago, Australia has been the market of GN Solids Control and most of their purchases have been mostly the solids control systems and mud recycling systems for the HDD or other drillings.

GN Recent News FYI: 

But now as the demand for environment protection all over the world is becoming more and more important, more and more drilling companies have paid an eye to the waste management solutions for further treating the drilling cuttings and the drilling liquid, in order to give the least damage to environment meanwhile reduce the drilling cost mostly, by deleting as much solids and well discharging them, and recycling as much as drilling liquid for future use.

Not long ago, an Australian company purchased 2 sets of GN Big bowl centrifuges, GNLW553-VFD, and now the centrifuges are well tested and ready for delivery.

What are the main specification of GNLW553-VFD Decanter Centrifuge?

1. bowl diameter of GNLW553-VFD decanter centrifuge is 22 inch, big bowl. By having this bowl diameter the max capacity designed for this centrifuge is 90 cbm/hour, equal to 400GPM.
2. a long ratio of length and diameter. This value is 3, so the length of the bowl is 71 inch. 3 is a perfect and practical length-diameter ratio, it gives an idea drying level of the solids discharge.
3. high speed up to 3000 RPM designed speed and typical speed up to 2500 RPM.
4. VFD control panal, GN uses positive pressurized control panel which could be used for high temperature condition and much safer than flame proof.
Besides above, the material and parts like bearings are of top brands and best quality, in order to ensure a reliable performance and a long service life.

In field of decanter centrifuge for oil and gas drilling, GN is always the leading brand.


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Sep 30

Last year, the international company Shell was sued in Nigeria because of some environmental issues of spilling crude oil by its facilities in Nigeria. Shell paid a great amount for this issue and had to adjust its strategy. It is not the only case about the environment problem affecting the behavior and standards of the oil and gas companies.

How to solve the pollution problem from drilling?

waste management system at jobsite

waste management system at jobsite

Just in last year, many countries has established laws and restrictions for preventing the oil and gas industry from polluting the environment. Reasons are quite clear:

Leakage or improper of treatment of crude oil or the drilling discharges, could incur:

  1. pollution of land, air, and water resources,
  2. it could barren the farm land for ever.
  3. it kills the fishes and crabs in nearby water.

In a word, the pollution could affect the biology surrounding and therefore greatly changes the life style and the economic basis of the residents’ health and even lives. That’s why although the oil brings to the country wealth, the oil companies are always not welcomed by the local residents.

Therefore, on one hand, the governments would like to solve the conflicts between the oil company and the local people, on the other hand, it is the government’s responsibility to protect the environment. That’s why it is a must for the oil and drilling companies to take careful treatment during working and also after work in order to get clear off the legal affairs caused by the pollution problems. And to choose efficient waste management solutions became a trend. GN Solids Control, as the second to none China solids control manufacturer, GN Solids Control designed and provided several solutions of waste management systems as different steps, including: 1. dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge for treating the waste liquid, 2. Vertical cuttings dryers system for treating the drilling cuttings from the solids control system. 3 and also, the further treatment as solidification unit and TDU unit.

Contact us for more information at




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Nov 26

In order to meet with today faster drilling requirement, we keep improving the drilling fluids design including bigger capacity of decanter centrifuge, high capacity shaker with unique shaker screen design and streamlined process. Under this situation, GN displays a series of solids control equipment including shale shaker and decanter centrifuge.


GN Vibration Screen Shaker

Solids Control System 7

GN drying Shaker was designed with a two-motor system that can operate the linear motion mode, allowing the operator to tune the G-force down and up depending on the drilling fluids conditions. It provides operator flexible way to make the adjustments based on the condition and volume of drilling fluids across the shaker surface. The shaker can be handled with high G-force for high flow rate but can be turned down to a less vibrating mode for cutting solids flow and volume.GN shakers were recently deployed to many drilling site.


GN Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge


GN offers different size decanter centrifuges including 14inch 18 inch and 22 inch. We have more than 30 sets 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge working in the Nigeria, more than 20 sets of 14 inch bowl centrifuge in the Argentina.GN decanter centrifuge provides the most reliable working performance for oil and gas drilling industry. Regarding to different requirement, we also have different model to deal with.

1. Barite Recovery.


We utilize either GNLW 452(18 inch) under the 1800RPM or GNLW 363(14inch) under the 2200 RPM to recovery the barite.


2. Generally Solids Control or High Gravity Solids


We use GNLW 452(18 inch)or GNLW 363(14inch) under the 2700 RPM to recovery high gravity solids. Typically, we also use GNLW 363(14inch) under the 2700 RPM matching with GN vertical cutting dryer for waste management


3. Low Gravity Solids


We normally utilize the GNLW 363(14inch) under the 3200 RPM which effectively remove solids


If you have any solids control issues, please feel free to contact with me.


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Apr 12

Cuttings Re-Injection

Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) is an in situ method for the disposal of drill cuttings and other drilling wastes into a sub-surface stratum. Drill cuttings are slurrifi ed with water (fresh or sea water) and ground down to a pre-determined particle size. The particle size is achieved by passing through a shaker screen. Slurry of the correct particle size and physical properties is injected via a pump, which is typically of a triplex design, into the well head at a given pressure and down into the predetermined sub-surface injection zone. Oversize particles from the shaker are re-circulated for further grinding.

Drill Cuttings Thermal Treatment

This thermal process is designed to treat NADF Drill Cuttings (base oil can be diesel, low toxicity, or synthetic), which reduces the oil on the solids exit the process to < 1% dry weight, and recovers the valuable base oil in a state suitable for reuse. This process has been successfully operated and therefore licensed in the UK and Holland. To date the operating plants have processed well in excess of 100,000 MT of drill cuttings after shale shaker. The process is not designed for processing water based waste or wastes with a very high liquid content. The process is not suitable for processing ester based drill cuttings, as the ester breaks down at the process temperatures.

Chemically Enhanced Centrifugation For Cuttings

Cuttings Chemically Enhanced Centrifugation, CEC, otherwise known as fl occulation, is a method to enhance the remove of fi ne solids in WBM through a centrifuge. Small quantities of additives are mixed with the used WBM, which coagulate and fl occulate fi ne colloidal solids into a larger clumps, which are then easily removed using a centrifuge. CEC reduces the volume of waste mud generated as it allows the clarifi ed fl uid to be reused to build new drilling fl uids. Overall the total volume of waste, the size of the pits, and the quantity of water required per well are all reduced.

Drill Cuttings Soidification and Stabilisation

Oily drill cuttings from the shale shakers may not be suitable for direct disposal to land without further treatment. Regulations in some countries require the “waste” to meet certain criteria such as the leachability of specifi ed contaminants. Solidifi cation and stabilisation of the drilling waste is a method whereby the raw cuttings from the shaker / centrifuge are mixed with additives in order that the treated wastes will meet the criteria for land disposal. Solidifi cation typically refers to encapsulating the waste such that the leachability of contaminants is reduced by minimising the surface area of the waste exposed to leaching, or by totally encapsulating the waste with an impervious layer.

Please contact GN Solids Control for inquiry of drilling cuttings treatment equipment


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Dec 21

Directional drilling (or slant drilling) is the practice for drilling non-vertical wells. It can be broken down into three main groups: Oilfield Directional Drilling, Utility Installation Directional Drilling (or H.D.D. or Horizontal Directional Drilling) Directional boring, and SIS (surface In Seam), which horizontally intersects a vertical well target to extract coal bed methane

Prime Drilling Rig in Germany

Prime drilling is a leading manufacturers of drilling rigs and it’s focus on horizontal directional drilling technology. Prime drilling is focus on some bigger drilling rig like 500MT rig. For Prime drilling rigs, GN500GPM mud system is the suitable model for mud recycling. Please see following mud system part.

Tracto-Technik (TT) Drilling Rig

TRACTO-TECHNIK (TT Group) is a modern and innovative family-owned company and special on horizontal directional drilling technology. TT drilling rig normally smaller than Prime drilling rig like 100MT. GN 100GPM mud system is the suitable model to match TT drilling rig, Please see following mud system part

GN Solids Control mud recycling system for directional drilling rig

GN Solids Control is a international brand mud system and has exported to more than 50 countries in the world like Australia, New Zealand, PNG, USA, UK, Brazil, Venezuela, India, Thailand,etc. To match directional drilling rig, GN designed 100GPM mud system, 500GPM mud system, 1000GPM mud system skid mounted or trailer mounted. Please find more info on GN web.


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