Jan 13

A complete separation system is not only about the equipment used for separation, but also includes the equipment used for transferring material into the separation machines. A suitable and stable transferring pump ensures the efficiency of the equipment it feeds for and even greatly affects the whole system’s running.

GN Solids Control is professional in providing separation solutions, and all necessary pumps, too.
Like for the shale shakers, if the material to be treated is from the pit or pond, GN has submersible slurry pump or vacuum pumps, for the desander or desilter, GN has full series of centrifugal pumps and etc:

1. Centrifugal pumps: centrifugal pumps are the most frequently used mud transfer pumps in a solids control system, it is used for desander and desilter feeding, jet mud mixing, and trip tank filling. GNSB series sand pumps are totally interchangeable with Mission pumps even for small parts, and the raw material used for GN centrifugal pumps are most suitable for drilling mud transferring.

2. Vacuum Pump: it is also called the sludge pump or solids transfer pump, cause it can handling a material with high solids content and large particle size. It is fully mechanical driven by compressed air, and movable. It is widely used in waste management, oily sludge separation and construction.

3. Submersible slurry pump: it is used for pumping sludge from mud pit to a desander unit or other equipment, it is also an economic solution as centrifuge feeding.

4. Screw pump: GN cooperate with international famous pump brands for centrifuge feeding. Normally, in VFD control panels for decanter centrifuge, the 3rd VFD is used for the screw pump speed adjusting, and also for fixed peed screw pumps, GN also provide customized solutions by adding mechanical adjusting device.

5. For deep drilling works and some big capacity solids control system, GN has shearing pump for cutting the material with high viscosity.

If you need more information or some pumps in your project, welcome to contact GN freely.


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Oct 08

For the past eight days, from October 1st to October 8th, whole China is in a happy and excited mood. It is the longest national holiday of year 2017, except for the Spring Festival which is always scheduled in late January or early February, during when, the national holiday is also around eight days.

GN company is celebrating National Day and Mid Autumn Day

2017 National Day

GN celebrates National Holiday

October 1st is the National Day of China, cause the new China was established on October 1st, 1949, in the famous Tiananmen Square in Beijing, which has been China’s capital for several empires. And the whole China get three days holiday for this date plus two weekends, normally the holiday lasts for seven days. And this year, the National Day overlapped with the Mid-Autumn Day, which also a one day holiday in China. Mid-Autumn Day is also called Mooncake Day, on 15th of the eighth month according to Chinese traditional calendar. It is a reunion day for family. Traditional Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar, and each 15th day of months is when the moon is in round shape, among those, the one in eighth month is when the moon is largest. Autumn is also the harvest season. In many places in China, this day is also celebration for harvest.
On Mid-Autumn Day, all family members get together and share the mooncake. Moon cakes are round, baked stuffed cakes with different flavors. In South China, like Guangdong Province, the mooncakes are stuffed with yolks, and in East China, the mooncakes are more oily and sweeter. In Shanghai, the meat stuffed mooncakes are very popular. While in North China, mooncakes are drier and stuffed with sweet nuts and dates. No matter what kind of mooncakes they have, every Chinese is enjoying the festivals and holidays.
GN Solids Control always encourages its employees to enjoy life with family. For this special holiday, the company gave staff fruits, soft drinks and mooncake package as gifts for their families. In fact, in GN Solids Control, employees are enjoying life like being in family. Although they are on different positions, they are sharing the benefit from hardworking and the development of the company.


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Mar 31

GN Solids Control is known as a manufacturer and supplier of drilling mud system, not only the individual equipment. Some customers do have mud tanks; they only need order the equipment like shale shaker and centrifuge units. While some other customers will require the complete mud system including the mud tanks and necessary tank attachments. Then, how to order mud System from GN?

When customers come to GN for a quote on complete mud mixing system, GN’s sales will ask few questions as below:

What type drilling the mud system used for?

What are the Rig type, power and model?

How deep you will drill?

What is the required flow rate or treating capacity of the mud system?

Where is the rig location?

Some customer may feel boring to see so many questions. Please be patient, all GN’s sales representative are trained to get as much as information from customer via different questions. The purpose is to give the best proposal to customers. If you are a mud engineer, you know well on the mud system, you may understand easily that all the questions asked by GN are critical on making the proposal. And if unfortunately, you are a new one to buy a mud system, you will feel it is complicated to buy a mud system. Fortunately, so long as you answered all the questions, then GN could provide a suitable solution for you.


On the other hand, GN does have standard configuration of mud system for customers to choose.

In regards to oil gas drilling rig, GN has mud systems for rig from 350HP to 2000HP. Here the HP means the power of the rig winch. And for the mud systems used in HDD projects, GN design ranges from 200GPM to 1500GPM, compact structure and self-contained. GN also has economic mud recycling unit for water well drilling, piling and TBM projects. All these mud system could be designed standard and customized.

If you have the request on a mud system but you don’t know how to order a suitable one, just contact with GN Solids Control as every sales guy in GN are good at guiding customer to find what they are looking for.


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Dec 18

In order to help preventing the drilling cuttings from polluting the land and water, and also to match the clients’ requests to minimum the cost, GN has successfully designed and manufactured several solutions of waste management systems for safely and economically discharge the drilling cuttings, and those designs have won the acceptances and good feedbacks from the clients.


Per different conditions, GN has designed 2 optional standard solutions:

  1. GNDC40A. it combines the vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930 and high speed decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG, or GNLW363CG-VFD, it fits for both OBM and WBM drilling cuttings. It has a compact structure but there is no storage tank for receiving the clean drilling fluids from the centrifuge. Because this design is suitable for being used alongside the drilling rig, the liquid goes directly from the high positioned centrifuge to the solids control’s storage tank.
  2. GNCD40B is another standard solution for the complete drilling cuttings waste management systems. If the equipment is disassembled from the tanks, the whole system could be transported in a container and easily shipped by sea. Comparing with GNDC40A, this 40B system has a larger storage tank and always used for treating the drilling cuttings separately from the drilling rig jobsite.


If per your jobsite layout or requested functions, they are not so satisfying for you, you could choose GN waste management modules, including GNZS594HGE-LD drying shaker, GNCD930 vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge, and several equipments for optional for transporting the drilling cuttings including the screw conveyor, the submersible slurry pump, the vacuum pump or the diagram pump. In this way, you can choose your own equipments and position them at any place for your project. During the procedure, you can easily choose to stop or start any of them.

More information, pls contact us or visit our website.


waste management system at jobsite

waste management system at jobsite


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Oct 22

In early this year, GN has delivered a slurry unit to a well know middle east company which has business and projects covering many sections of oil and gas industry, including the construction and pipeline laying projects, and also the refinery of oil.
In most persons’ mind, the best equipments and most advanced equipments are from USA or European companies. But GN Solids Control has changed their mind with good quality equipments and reliable service. This is the first time this company chooses a Chinese supplier, before that, they purchase only from USA, like the Vermeer rigs and Derrick shakers.
The first deal with GN is like a trial deal. The operation manager say, it is their first time to use a desanding plant, and it is also the first time they buy from China. If this mud system works well, the second order will come soon.
GN Solids Control didn’t fail in satisfying the clients, within the first 10 days of working on jobsite, the middle east client sent the second order, of the same desanding plant from GN. And this mud system for the second order, was delivered to the loading port last week and soon, within 30 days, it will arrive to the new owner.
mud system
More information about this slurry system:
1. treating capacity: 1000GPM
2. equipments contained in the slurry unit: double deck shale shaker with 2 sets of 10 inch diameter desander cones, the lower deck shaker is first separation procedure and the desander cones are the second procedure, while the upper deck shaker plays as a drying shaker for the ones, with finer screens than the lower deck. Slurry pump or centrifugal pump for feeding the desander cones.
3. compact design, with a dimension suitable for transportation in a 40ft container.
Besides the economic solutions with only separating equipments, GN also have high configuration solutions more suitable for big capacity HDD projects.


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Apr 25

For oil and gas drilling work in many jobsites, especially for deep oil and gas wells, there are many different material and chemicals or other additions used during work. Some cheap ones could be discharged or re-treated if they are harm for environment. While some expensive materials should be recovered for future re-use. Barite is one of them. So the barite recovery centrifuge is an important equipment.

GNLW452 Decanter centrifuge is an ideal choice for this application, in all the solids control systems GN made, most of them use this model GNLW452 for the barite recovery and it was proved efficient.

Main Specifications of GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge:

Bowl diameter: 18 inch or 450mm

Bowl length: 43 inch or 1105mm

Effective capacity: 176 GPM

Max capacity: 250GPM

Max bowl speed: 1800RPM.

G Force: 815

Gear box torch: 57:1


GNLW452 Decanter Centriufge, big bowl large capacity

GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge is designed to be a middle speed centrifuge, in order to separate the low gravity material like the barite recovery, in some jobsites, per customer feedback, GNLW452 is even having better performance than the US made and European brands.

What features does GNLW452 have?

  1. For this model, GN has improved it to the 3rd generation, with a lot of improvements, with better solids discharge and effectively avoids the blocking of material.
  2. Instead of spray welding on the impeller, GN use special ceramic tiles to ensure a easier future maintenance without re-adjusting the dynamic balancing and enables a longer service life.
  3. World famous brand bearings to get a stable performance and a longer service life.
  4. Patent solution for bearing protection during transportation which greatly helps to prevent damage to bearings.
  5. Big bowl, 18 inch bowl diameter to have a large capacity.

Other options for the GNLW452C decanter centrifuge.

The standard GNLW452C decanter centrifuge is a fixed speeded one, but for the same model, we also have VFD available. In some high standard HDD mud recycling units, end users prefer this centrifuge in VFD control panel after the hydrocyclones for further treatment.

Besides this model, GN Solids Control also have other sizes decanter centrifuges for you to choose, at least one will be suitable for your jobsite.


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