Oct 27

Dual motion shale shaker

Dual motioni shale shaker combined linear motion shaker and balanced elliptical one.  Majority clients prefer the dual motion type since they think the dual motion will be more convenient or advanced for operation. In fact, some time the dual motion type may solve problems at certain situation.

However, the dual motion shale shaker fixed with 3 motors. Each of them are much heavy and they can’t be uninstalled either one. As we know, the shaker performance is rather important for whole system since it is the first stage solids control equipment. And the shale shaker will be affected by its own weight, the mud conditions, the actual drilling situation, etc.

GNPS Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker

GNPS Balanced elliptical motion shale shaker

Balanced elliptical shale shaker

The balanced elliptical shaker shaker is considered as another advanced equipment among drilling mud equipments.  It holds balanced elliptical motion track. It decreases the screen jam, block, also the horse foot effect. So that increases the treating capacity or efficiency.

Before the balanced elliptical shale shaker there was linear motion shaker. Based on 3rd generation shaker the balanced elliptical one is more popular with clients. And the 4th generation one usually hold 3 or 4 panels screens. Since the 2 vibration motors are different with former type it makes the motion much better for drilling mud processing. The balanced elliptical shaker also have the strength on adjustable vibration strength and the deck angle.


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