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Over one hundred years of centrifugal pump building experience along with a continuing quality assurance program combine to produce a pump which will stand up to the toughest pumping projects.

This manual will provide helpful information concerning installation, maintenance, and proper service guidelines.


Upon receiving the centrifugal pump, it should be inspected for damage or shortages.  If the manual is removed from the crating, do not lose or misplace.


Short Term – Crown pumps are manufactured for efficient performance following long inoperative periods in storage. For best results, pumps can be retained in storage, as factory assembled, in a dry atmosphere with constant temperatures for up to six (6) months.

Long Term – Any length of time exceeding six months, but not more than twenty-four months. The units should be stored in a temperature controlled area, a roofed over walled enclosure that provides protection from the elements (rain, snow, wind blown dust, etc.) If  the centrifugal pump extended high humidity is expected to be a problem, all exposed parts should be inspected before storage and all surfaces that have the paint scratched, damaged, or worn should be recoated with a water base, air dry enamel paint. All surfaces should then be sprayed with a rust-inhibiting oil.


B-1) Clearances:

B-2) Centrifugal Pump Suction

B-3) Base Mounted Units

B-4) Centrifugal Pump Discharge

B-5) Influent Pipe

B-6) Sump Liquid Level Controls


Such as pumps water, oil, mud, slurry, etc. Used in well drilling mud solids control. For whole drilling fluids processing system it is usually used as transit pump. Hold following centrifugal pump, vertical pump, horizontal pump, submersible pump, etc. According to usage will be shale shaker pump, desilter pump, desander pump, mud mixing pump, shearing pump.

Different centrifugal pump usage and different installation will hold different name and operations manner.


1. Before starting the Centrifugal pump:

A.) Check the pedestal for the proper amountof non-detergent oil.

Centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pump

B.) Place the self feeding grease lubricator in operation by turning the wing nut on the threaded plunger shaft counter clockwise as far as it will go. Do not force the plunger into the grease cup as this can cause a seal failure.

C.) For priming purposes, fi ll the pump case with water.

2. The centrifugal pump case will not freeze during cold weather operation as long as the pump is running. To avoid freezing during idle periods: Continue reading »


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