Apr 26

Last week GN Solids Control received an inquiry from an US customer on fully hydraulic drive mini centrifuge. This decanter centrifuge will be used for oil and water separation industry. In the fluid there are solids need to be removed before going to the next step treatment. The centrifuge will be used in Indonesia.

This customer asked for a small treating capacity decanter centrifuge with fully hydraulic drive.  GN Solids Control recommended their Mini decanter centrifuge GNLW223FHD to the customer. This GN mini decanter centrifuge has a treating capacity of 26 GPM.  The bowl length is 26 inch and the bowl diameter is 9 inch.  The max speed can reach to 4900 rpm with a typical G force of 1770G. The separation point is 2-5 microns. This mini centrifuge is formerly tested successfully in Canada.


Features of GNLW223FHD decanter centrifuge:

1. Reliable full hydraulic drive. The rotodiff is Sweden Made VISCOTHERM AG System

2. Variable speed. Typical bowl speed can be adjusted between 0-3800rpm

3. Bowl , Conveyor, Main body made from Stainless Steel:SS316L

4.Tungsten carbide tiles protection screw.

GN Solids Control has different capacity centrifuges available. 14 inch bowl and 22 inch big bowl are our most popular model. We have these models stocked in our Houston office and will be showed at OTC from May 5-8. Welcome to visit us and check them out.


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Jul 14

Diamond Drilling mud recycling system always saml mud flow and users can’t find the right equipment because main mud recycling equipment is for oil & gas drilling.Decanter Centrifuge is a very important equipment to separate fine solids in drilling mud

Characteristic for Diamond Drilling Decanter Centrifuge Requirement:

1) Much lower mud flow capacity compared with oil and gas drilling. Like 50GPM capacity is good for diamond drilling but 1000GPM-2000GPM for oil and gas drilling mud flow capacity

2) Diamond drilling equipment including decanter centrifuge should be very compact for easy handling

3) Normally  people choose hyralic drive equipment

Suppliers of Diamond Drilling Mud Cleaning Decanter Centrifuge

The majority mud cleaning equipment supplier is focus on oil and gas drilling equipment and diamond drilling equipment manufacture don’t have so many proffessional. GN Solids Control is one of the few that focus on small drilling mud cleaning equipment including a Mini decanter centrifuge for diamond drilling. GN mini decanter centrifuge with 500GPM capacity and very compact design.

GN is setting up offices in Australia and improving market in New Zealand and Pupua New Guinea on Diamond Drilling Mini Decanter centrifuge. Pls contact us freely


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