Jul 05

GN solids control can be a specialized manufacturer for drilling rig solids control system and mud mixing system , we provide the solids control accessories and spare parts. We can source spare parts not only for our unique equipments, but also for US company solids control equipments in oil along with gas drilling industry, HDD and construction industry.
The actual replacement spare parts GN can certainly supply including:
Mission 300 series or Magnum pump spare pump
Replacement shaker screens for Derrick, Brandt, Swaco shale shaker and mud cleaners
Replacement hydrocyclones with regard to mud cleaner

GN new factory for centrifuge
Other parts needed by the customers.
Especially for Assignment pump spare parts, since we all has introduced production line to provide centrifugal pump by our very own factory, the price could be really competitive compared with the INDUSTRY spare parts.
For shale shaker, we can provide all types of shaker screens, including steel structure screens, composite material projection screens, hook strip shaker monitors, with stainless steel wire fine mesh. We provide option for the clients with 2 layers cable mesh, 3 layers in addition to 4 layers wire fine mesh.
GN shaker screens continues to be tested and approved by a great deal of professional and big clients in this particular industry with their good responses for the working life and gratification, our screens are permitted as high cost-performance rate replacement shaker screens.
Aside from the spare parts, we mainly provide the complete line of mud tank system with solids control equipments, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, shear pump, desilter, decanter centrifuge , vacuum degasser, poor son degasser, Mud Gas Separator, mud gun, mud hopper, jet shearing device, and so on
We also paied the attention on the drilling squander management industry, which is the new development for oil drilling industry, to be a responsible company to the environment has become the necessary purchase.
If you need drilling rig replacement components or solids control spare parts, drilling cuttings treatment gadgets, pls contact with GN.


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Jan 05

This is the second coming back GN Solids bring gear to Oil & Natural gas Indonesia with one set of thready motion shale shaker to signify. It is 3 shows infact with Oil &Gas, mining or prospecting and constructions but presented together to gather more individuals there. We received many consumers in the drilling industry that all interest in GN Solids about solids control equipment or drilling waste management gear.
GN Solids Linear Motions Shale Shaker On Essential oil & Gas Indonesia

indonesia oil show- shale shker
GNZS594E -HB model of linear motions shale shaker is a several decks shale shaker along with screen area 2 . several square meters and composit material of screen might be installed to improve screen performing life. The 2 sets regarding vibrator motor help to source a linear motion coup and max 7. 5G G force for improved work output. The 4 pc regarding frame type shaker screen installed on shale shaker by means of 8 pc wedge regarding fast replace. The several decks length will help going cuttings can be process dryer for longer drying long distance and performance. There are 3 choices for buffer box of shale shaker depending on what going they do. HB buffer package for oil & gas  drilling shaker, DZ lager box for Coal Natural gas Methan or HDD drilling shaker, hopper buffer pack for drilling waste management treatment shaker.
Other than shale shaker, GN Solids provide a full line of solids control devices and drilling waste management including desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, screw pump, auger, vertical cuttings dryer, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc . GN Solids offer a complete design for an entire solution for client, make sure you contact GN website to learn more or call us directly.


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May 12

What dual tendem shale shaker for mud solids control is

Dual tendem shale shaker for mud solids control is compared with single shale shaker.

It is with 2 sets single shale shaker mounted on the same skid for easy mounting and easy movement. Dual tendem shale shaker can be used in pol and gas drilling and other HDD, CBM drilling mud cleaning systems.

There is also conditions that 3 sets of single shale shaker mounted on one skid to use as three tendem shale shaker.

shale shaker 2

Difference of Dual tendem shale shaker with normal solids control shale shaker

There is big difference between Dual tendem shale shaker with normal solids control shale shaker. In solids control mud system with 2 sets shale shaker, customer can choose to mount the 2 shale shaker in different deck, mount and remove separately. Another condition is that, customer can request to mount the 2 separate shaker deck on a big skid. In this case, jobsite people can mount and remove the 2 shakers together.


Connection type of Dual tendem shale shaker

There are 2 types for the connection of the Dual tendem shale shaker.

Type 1: Pipe types distribution box. The advantages of this design is small footprint and compact design. But it is not suitable for big capacity oil and gas drilling. The 2 sets shale shaker can be connected with pipes and controlled by valves.

Type 2: Distribution box for the 2 sets shale shaker, and connected with pipes, control the flow by valves. It is suits for big capacity, like deep oil and gas drilling. And the mud can be distributed more equally. But it takes a bigger footprint, request more space at jobsite.


Shale shakers for dual tendam shale shaker

Type 1: Solids control linear motion shale shaker can be used for dual tendam shale shaker

Type 2: Solids control double deck shale shaker can be used for dual tendam shale shaker

Type 3: Solids control BEM shale shaker can be used for for dual tendam shale shaker

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Sep 23

Urban tunneling is one kind of TBM projects. When we mention the TBM, Tunnel Boring Machine, one must think of some in-city constructions like the subway, cross-mountain tunnel and etc. Exactly correct! In history of TBM, the tunnel diameter can range from as small as I meter by micro-TBM, to as large as 19.25 meters.

In TBM projects, there is special requirement that the surface of the working ground is better not disturbed or damaged. In this condition, the operator must pay enough attention to keep the soil pressures during and after construction of the tunnels. And also, pre-planning is vital to these projects, existing pipelines, and existing infrastructures must be taken into consideration.

GN has various optional capacity of mud systems

GN mud system

Just as all the drilling related to, no matter it is hard rock TBM or soft ground TBM, there must be a drilling mud cleaning system related to. Depends on the various capacity requirements, TBM mud recycling systems varies.

GN Solids Control is top manufacturer in China and also wellknown manufacturer in the world for mud systems for oil and gas drilling, TBM, HDD, PILING and etc. Lots of HDD companies, like CPP in China, HDD Rig manufacturers like Vermeer, TBM contractors and Piling contractors stably order their mud systems from GN Solids Control. CPP, for instance, purchases from GN around 10 sets for systems each year.

In order to provide with customers more suitable and quick mud recycling solutions, GN has standard configuration designs for different typical capacities at hand. In this way, a customer can easily choose what is needed, save time for customers. Sometimes, GN even has in-stock systems for customers’ convenience.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, and also an ISO certified company. It got HSE certificates last year and its solids control systems has got CE Mark by DNV. It has exported systems and equipments to Russia and has got TP &TC certificate to Russian market.


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May 11

GN Solids Control deliveried a customized mud cleaning system to New Zealand for oil & gas drilling. Normally GN offer standard equipment to clients but some clients may have special requirement on a complete mud cleaning system. This clients come and visit our equipment before placing an order and finally happy with GN equipment but they’d like to design by themself.

Customzed Design on Tanks for New Zealand

1) Compact design with 40ft container size tank for fast moving
2) Equipments(3 shale shakers) stay on a skid for fast moving
4) Mixing lines goes through inside of tank
5) High position valve control pipelines
6) Dual fuction on desander & detsilter feeding pumps
7) Layout of pumps and pipeline arrangement

Standard Equipment for Mud Cleaning System

Customized mud cleaning system is one of the strong point for GN Solids Control. We’d like to offer a solution instead of equipment. But GN insisit on standard equipment only. Every standard equipment model has been did a lot of inspections and test to prove it’s good on constructions. If we change a details design may make the equipment out of gurrentee on quality and this result will be the one that none of us like to happen

New Zealand clients always require top quality and top service for everything. GN is one of the most proffessional mud cleaning equipment supplier that did business with Australia and New Zealand and knows their regulations very much. Please contact us freely.


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Apr 21

The IEC (International Electrical Commission) has long been involved in developing international (IEC) standards. It also has in place international conformity assessment programs designed to ensure compliance with these standards. To this end, the IEC established IECEx – the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment used in Explosive Atmospheres. The main purpose of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in Ex products, systems and services, while maintaining acceptable levels of safety.

Most manufacturing and process industries generate potentially explosive atmospheres using substances from solvents to flour. Under the CE mark regime, the onus is on the manufacturer, authorised representative or importer to ensure products meet the requirements of ATEX, and keeping up-to-date documentation to demonstrate compliance is essential – before and after the CE mark declaration of conformity has been signed.

IECEX/ATEX certified manufacturer for mud cleaning system

Many big players in explossion proof industry need all electricals to be IECEX or ATEX certified. Very few of China mud cleaning system manufacture that familier with international market and the top requirements. GN Solids Control is one of the most proffessional muanfacturer that knows international requirement and techinicals to meet top clients request. All equipment will be suilt IECEX/ATEX including shale shaker, desander, desitler, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator and all related electrical control panels for a complete mud cleaning system.

Other certificate for mud cleaning system

There are still some other certificate that may be require like UL certificate in America, GOST for Russia, etc. GN have sales to over 60 countries and has been familier with the majority clients requirement. Please contact us freely for more information.


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