Mar 16

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has been more and more popular since environment protection and it’s convenience . For the HDD drilling mud  we will need mud cleaning unit to recycling and reuse the mud by save cost and less environmental problems . Depending on different of HDD drilling rigs and mud requirement , the mud cleaning unit can be choose from 100GPM to 2000GPM for treating capacity .

Mud Cleaning Unit to Korea for 200GPM capacity

Korea is one of a important market and 200GPM mud cleaning unit is popular there . GN200GPM mud cleaning unit is a typical one for HDD drilling mud with one set GNZS83-2 shale shaker ,GNTJ60 mud cleaner and a small SLH100 jet mud mixer . Recycling fuction and mixing funtion is installed on one tank with compact construction.

Mud Cleaning Unit of 500GPM capacity to Australia

Australia is also one of our important market in the world . GN500GPM mud cleaning unit to Australia has received their full agreed of top quality and good performance . One set of GNZS83-3 shale shaker , one GNZJ83-3 mud cleaner and one SLH150-35 jet mud mixer are the main equipments for this unit and also recycling fuction and mixing funtion is installed in one tank .

GN other mud cleaning unit world wide

Also GN150GPM mud cleaning unit  to Philippines , GN 400GPM unit to Indonesia,France,China CNPC,GN500GPM unit to Australia ,GN1400GPM to Australia . Also GN is a special manufacture for mud cleaning unit for oil drilling like ZJ20,ZJ30,ZJ40,ZJ50,ZJ70 solids control system for clients all over the world .


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