Jan 10

Here we ‘d like to show you one set of solids control system for zj30 oil drilling rig .

The struchure of ZJ30 solids control system

The solids control  system consists of 3 mud tanks and equipments (1# shaker tank, 2# intermediate tank, 3#suction tank). The main beam of tank skid is welded by 250 H beam steel, and combined as integral skid-mounted together with the tank body. The thickness for tank wall is 6mm in all the solids control system and for base plate is 10mm. 30mm thickness grating is covered on top of tank and 168x168x×6mm round tubes (one side is to be used as clean water pipeline, the other side is to be used as pump discharge line) are furnished around tank top. The design of whole tank in the total solids control system can meet the requirements of hoisting assembly and dismantlement.  Clean water pipe lines (WP 0.5mpa), 3” mud gun pipelines (working pressure 6MPa). One 1” clean water valve is installed on the pipelines of each tank surface, backup used for diluting the mud and cleaning the equipments. Hose connection between intermediate-pressure mud gun pipelines and clean water pipelines in this solids control system.

The Flowline of solids control system

1) For the Solids control system ,The mud returned from wellhead can be treated gradually through mud return pipeline, distributor, shell shaker, degasser (when the mud contains air) and desander. In order to meet the special requirements of “pouring the mud”for solids control system, the mud returned from wellhead can flow into 1# – 2#, 3# tanks directly via mud ditch in the tank when necessary.

2) 2 sets of aggravated pump can suck mud from 3# tank. The aggravated mud can be discharged to 2#, 3# tank in the totally solids control system.

3) The shear pump can suck mud from 2# , 3#tank.

4) one 4” steel pipe is to be put onto the 2#, 3# tanks, the connection will be connected by customer.

Solids Control System is the mailly products in GN Solids Control , offcause with proffessional design and manufacture . We have exported to more than 30 contries for solids control system and equipmetns . Please feel free to contact us and we won’t let you down.


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Nov 11

Main configuration

Proposal for 400GPM Drilling fluids processing

1)400GPM Mud recycling + Mixing System

2)Mud storage Tank Package.

 GN500GPM Complete drilling mud system Proposal

1) 500GPM Mud Recycling System (8000Lx2300Wx1800H mud tank)

2) Mud Mixing System (Mud Tank +Mixing hopper and pump)(8000Lx2300Wx1800H).

Detailed information on the system    

About the paint on equipments and mud tanks

We always use Japan Kansai & COSCO coating and painting. The Zink-Rich Epoxy painting. For mud tank internal, there will be 2 layers, while for outside will be 3 Layers.

The client required the mud system powered by generator, so there should be information on the connection.

Mud Processing System

Mud Processing System

How does the generator connect – they prefer plugged since there is no electrician required on site. How does the slurry pump connect to the unit? (again preference is for plugged) and what length of cable is supplied? How are the shale shakers connected? (preference again is plugged). For Above 3 questions, they are all connected by Aviation plug as we always do. It’s easy for operation. And for cable supplied for submersible slurry pump we can provide free cable less than 30m.

Moreover, about all controls of the drilling fluids process. All of the labels are described by clear English for easy operation just as we’ve done from beginning. We’ve exported our products to over 30 countries, we must make all of equipments globalized design

A rather important issue is the capacity of the dirty and clean mud capacity in tanks. According to our design and client’s actual drilling situation the dirty Mud will be 1400Gallons, while clean mud is 2300Gallons. We recommend them to have an extra storage tank to increase total clean mud capacity.

Option of 500GPM drilling mud processing system

What are the options to increase the units treatment capacity to 500GPM?

We just need to change the mud mixing pump position and mount way. We kindly suggest them take mud mixing pump on a separated skid not on the tank. Or it is mounted on the storage mud tank.

Mud Tank in Mud Processing System

Mud Tank in Mud Processing System

And there should be both recycling mud tank and storage mud tank. For the 2 tanks they hold same outsize dimension for convenient transportation   The storage tank only for clean mud insure the maxim capacity.

The other design is the storage mud tank hold mud agitators and mud mixing pump. All the equipments including mud tank, it should be suitable for 40’ container cater to water shipment and their local transportation regulations. So the mud tanks length will not be over8m. All of necessary pipelines and fittings will be prepared well for whole system

Flexible installation for convenient transportaion

Considering the convenience on assemble and disassemble the whole mud recycling control system for transportation and removal. There will be also quick connectors made of Stainless steel.

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