Jan 11

GNZS703E is really a 3-panel single deck shale shaker with linear motions. The shaker model is made and made by GN primary solids control manufacturer – GN Solids Control. GNZS703E is the newest design of GN 3 panel single deck shaker.
Applying GNZS703E shale shaker
1) The shaker can be used to get oil and gas drilling, used because the first step solids control products.
2) The shaker design can be used in compact mud recycling system for horizontal online drilling (short name: HDD), water well drilling, fossil fuel bead methane (also known as CBM drilling).

GN Linear motion shale shaker
It can also be employed in other underground construction system as pre-separation, to remove the particular solids.
Extended models of GNZS703E shale shaker per diverse feeding type
Option just one is top feeder; family member shaker model is GNZS703E-DZ.
It is designed for oil and gas drilling field. As in oil and gas drilling field, the dirty mud from well head is drilling to be transferred by pumps by means of pipelines. They do not use mud pit for storage. And also mud pumped from properly head will flow for the shale shaker feeding package through the pipelines and cave in directly to shale shaker under the gravitational pressure.
In this case, the back feeding kind can reduce the height for nourishing.
Option 2 is rear feeder. It is specially intended for HDD and water very well drilling.
As in HDD, CBM or water welling drilling, the system is sleek and stylish and mud tank will not be big aspect. Top type feeding shaker is with a smaller footprint. Far east for layout.
In this type of drilling, there is commonly some sort of mud pit around the drilling rig. The dirty mud from well head will likely be pumped to mud ditch first, and then transferred to mud system shale shaker by the slurry pump.
Other applying GNZS703E shale shaker
Typically the shale shaker can be put together with desander cone assembly or desilter cone assembly to be able to used as desander separator, desilter separator or mud cleaner.


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Jan 05

This is the second coming back GN Solids bring gear to Oil & Natural gas Indonesia with one set of thready motion shale shaker to signify. It is 3 shows infact with Oil &Gas, mining or prospecting and constructions but presented together to gather more individuals there. We received many consumers in the drilling industry that all interest in GN Solids about solids control equipment or drilling waste management gear.
GN Solids Linear Motions Shale Shaker On Essential oil & Gas Indonesia

indonesia oil show- shale shker
GNZS594E -HB model of linear motions shale shaker is a several decks shale shaker along with screen area 2 . several square meters and composit material of screen might be installed to improve screen performing life. The 2 sets regarding vibrator motor help to source a linear motion coup and max 7. 5G G force for improved work output. The 4 pc regarding frame type shaker screen installed on shale shaker by means of 8 pc wedge regarding fast replace. The several decks length will help going cuttings can be process dryer for longer drying long distance and performance. There are 3 choices for buffer box of shale shaker depending on what going they do. HB buffer package for oil & gas  drilling shaker, DZ lager box for Coal Natural gas Methan or HDD drilling shaker, hopper buffer pack for drilling waste management treatment shaker.
Other than shale shaker, GN Solids provide a full line of solids control devices and drilling waste management including desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, screw pump, auger, vertical cuttings dryer, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc . GN Solids offer a complete design for an entire solution for client, make sure you contact GN website to learn more or call us directly.


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Nov 09

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer for solids control  & drilling waste management . The customized compact mud system can work for much industry application. The most popular is GN500GPM mud system working for Horizontal Directional Drilling. We have both domestic clients and overseas clients who give good reputation of GN mud system after using it many years at jobsite.

GN Standard mud recycling system, including:

GNMS-200G mud system, 200gpm mud system which can be put into 20ft container for shipment

GNMS-350G mud system, 350gpm mud system which can be put into 40ft container for shipment

GNMS-500G mud system, 350gpm mud system which can be put into 40ft container for shipment

We can also offer GNMS-500GL, GNMS-1000G, GNMS-1000GL mud system.


In domestic market, CPP is GN VIP buyer for 500gpm mud system & 1000gpm mud system. CPP is the largest HDD contractor and with over 20 years experience. CPP also have many overseas contract and they transport our mud system and their HDD drilling rig to overseas market for use. Like CPP teamwork is also working in Thailand, Mongolia, Philipines, Sigapore, Iraq etc.

Marketing case 1:  GN 1000gpm Mud Recycling System working at CPP HDD jobsite

Marketing case 2:  GNMS-500GL mud recycling system working at HDD jobsite


In overseas market, our mud compact mud system is mainly used in Australia & South East Asia, Middle East & Africa. We have big sales amount in the past years for these markets.

Marketing case 1: GN 500gpm mud system for Thailand

Marketing case 2: GN 500gpm mud system for Israel clients

Marketing case 3: 2 Sets 500GPM Mud Recycling System with Hydraulic Jack up to Australia Brisbane

Marketing case 4:  GN 500GPM Mud System Sent to India Customer in Trenchless Industry


Exccept for compact mud system, GN can also offer economic configuration GN desanding plant for TBM drilling / piling / Tunneling etc.

GNMS-200D  Capacity: 200GPM,50m³/h

GNMS-500D  Capacity: 500GPM,120m³/h

GNMS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h


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Oct 31

We have heard a lot of news that more and more oil gas drilling projects are equiping the drilling waste management systems. While not very often heard drilling waste management system for HDD/ No Dig projects. Since people just realized the environmental protection issue, then use mud Cleaning system. If the government push hard / harshly on the environmental protections, hten we also face the same problem in HDD/ No Dig projects.
Now more and more HDD/ No Dig projects are requiring waste mangement equipment / system to handle the drilling waste from Shale shaker, or Mud Cleaner, then it is much more easier to dump the waste, or transport the waste, or sometimes even resue the waste.
For HDD / No Dig projects, normally there are some problems like: Limit space, power supply is also limited, and should be economic choice, since we have already paid a lot to the euqipment, to the mud recycling system. Then reuse the fluids as much as possible.
As we all know in oil gas drilling projects, if we use water based mud, we normally recommend Hi G shaker, here for HDD it is quite samilar.
GN High G Force Drying shaker is design for primary solids control and drying the cuttings from the primary solids control equipments, recover silts and ultra-fine sands, provide solids in a consistently stackable and conveyable form and requires no expensive chemicals or polymers. GN high G drying Shaker with Adjustable G force Up to 8.0 G.
While for specific projects, the final design will have a lot of differences, since the space limitation will also be so different, freely to contact GN for a customized solution.


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Feb 06

Not only for oil and gas drillings, which must need a well performance solids control system of mud separation system, but also, for other drillings, like HDD, water well drilling, they also need mud cleaning systems to enhance the efficiency and to cut the cost for drilling. Even for piling and TBMs, which projects are nearer to the earth surface, a slurry separation plant or system is very necessary.

Unlike the oil and gas solids control systems and HDD mud cleaning systems which are always divided per treating capacity by GPMs, the TBM and piling slurry separation systems are divided into cubic meters per hour. Among them, the most popular and common capacities are 240 cubic meters per hour and 120 cubic meters per hour. Recently, GN Solids Control has sold to Asia market and Australia market such slurry separation systems.

This 240 cubic meter slurry separation system is combined with following equipments and components:

GNZY705E-Y2S desander mud cleaner. The lower deck is as the shale shaker, with comparably coarse screens, as recommended mesh number 25. The upper deck is the under shaker for the desander cones, with mesh number 60. On the lower deck, there are 3 pieces of screens, while on the upper deck there are 2 pieces of screens. The 2 desander cones are made of high quality PU for a longer service life.

Feeding pump for the desander cones, decided by the capacity, there is always equipped a 55kw centrifugal pump, in some cases, in order to cut the power consumption, we could also use a submersible slurry pump for alternative, with 45KW power consumption.

A tank under the equipment, with very compact design. After removing the desander cones, this slurry separation system could be shipped in a 20ft container.


This above mentioned system is economic configuration of this capacity. For same capacity systems, GN also has higher configuration with mixing system, mud agitators and mud guns. Customers could choose suitable configurations per jobsite condition.

Related Arciels:

800gpm mud recycling system


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Nov 19

GN Solids Control, who is better known as a solids control and waste management manufacturer in Oil and Gas field, in fact also professional in HDD systems. Just this 150-200GPM HDD systems, GN has sold 3 sets in past half year.

This 150-200GPM system could be used for HDD projects, CBM projects and water wells, too.

In last week, during ADIPEC held in Abu Dhabi, one HDD contractor visited GN booth and discussed such system with GN sales team.  This customer has been working in HDD field for years, but before this year, their projects were not so big, and no need for mud recycling systems. Now they have got orders for larger HDD projects and environmental requirements are higher, accordingly, they start to consider several mud recycling systems. They choose GN via some other HDD companies’ recommendation.

Below are some questions they raised with GN answer:

  1. What’s the capacity of this system?

Capacity is normally 150-200GPM, could fully suitable for your need. With finer screens, means larger API number screens, separation result will be better, but capacity comparably smaller.

  1. How much electric power of the complete system? Which equipments in this system use electric power to drive?

In this system, there are separation equipment like double deck mud cleaner with shale shaker and desilter cones, mud mixing hopper, and mud agitator. Some need electric for vibration and some need feeding by pumps. Total power needed is 29KW.

Pumps needed are 2 centrifugal pumps and 1 submersible slurry pump.

  1. If we have more than 10 projects, but not far away from each other, no need for continuous operation. Is it possible for us to move the mud recycling system from here to there?

Yes, it is possible. In fact, we have provided the exactly same system for a Kuwait company, designed on a trailer and the whole system and trailer can be transported in container. In order to save sea freight cost, you could source the trailer in locally and we provide necessary information.

see easy movable HDD mud recycling systems by GN

see easy movable HDD mud recycling systems by GN

Until now, not only this company, but also other companies like HDD contractor CPP in China, HDD rig supplier Vermeer, and etc are all GN’s valuable clients. They trust GN and GN’s high quality products, while GN will never let them down.


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