Jul 02

Drilling Mud Tank Unit GN sold a 400GPM complete drilling mud tank unit to Korea for HDD and have finished commissioning and training to the buyyer.

Advantages of GN 400 GPM HDD Complete Drilling Mud Tank Unit Brief Specifications:

Output: Up to 400 USgpm (1500 litres/min)

Cut point: 16 microns (Final processing result)

Mud tank dimensions: 8000L x 2200W x 1800H(Including skid)

Mud tank capacity: 4500 US gallons

Sand pumps: Two 5x 4″ centrifugal pumps with 22kW motors

Mud mixing hopper:SLH150-35 with 30KW motor and hold mixing capacity 60m3/min

Mud agitator:JBQ7.5 Mud agitator provides more better performance mud

Drillling Mud Tank Unit power: Integral control panel for all electrical functions.

GN 400GPM drilling mud tank unit benefit:

1) Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling mud.
2) Reducing cost of supplying fresh mud.
3) Cut point of 16 micron removes particles which damage centrifugal pumps, whilst leaving the useful bentonite particles in suspension for re-use.
4) Reliable and durable design, based on engineers’ over 10 years of field experience worldwide. 
5)  Avoiding cost of disposing of liquid waste. 
6)  The discharge from mud cleaner is dramatically reducing disposal drilling costs.

GN have had some other models of drilling mud tank unit like 200GPM, 500GPM,800GPM and 1000GPM mud tank unit for HDD , CBM ,Diamond Drilling or core drilling . As GN has been one of the leading manufacture for small drilling mud tank unit in China , GN have had a very proffessional working team for international market .Please contact GN freely and we will surely give you the best solutions!


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Jun 25

 HDD(Horizontal Dirrectional Drilling) and CBM(Coal Bed Methan) has become popular in the world and the mud tank recycling unit are similar for HDD and CBM.GN just received 2 sets 500GPM mud tank recycling unit orders for CBM from Australia and will be ready for delivery soon.

 GN500GPM mud tank recycling unit construction

The GN500GPM mud tank recycling unit including 1 set BEM(balanced elliptical motion) shale shaker, 1 set BEM mud cleaner,1 set mud agitator,1 set mud gun,1 set jet mud mixer with mixing pump,2 set feeding pump and 1 tank .This design for mud tank recycling unit is for fast moving with handrails folded and all equipment stay on tank to meet Australia regulation . Only cone frame to be disassembled and lay on tank top. After this orders , more and more clients turns to GN and we just received 2 sets 500GPM mud tank recycling unit this month and 2 sets 800GPM mud tank recycling unit too and not mention to other orders like separate equipments.

Small mud tank recycling unit for HDD&CBM

Except larger mud tank recycling unit like 500GPM/800GPM&1000GPM , there also some small models like 150GPM &300GPM mud tank recycling unit ready for sale. In korea , there are only six HDD contractor and most of them require for small HDD mud tank recycling unit like 200GPM . If so 1 set shale shaker with desiter cones, 1 feeding pump, 1 jet mud mixer with feeding pump and 1 tank will be good for compact construction.

GN offer the oil&gas drilling mud tank recycling unit&mud storage tank unit&mud mixing tank unit. Please contact GN Solids Control freely


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