Mar 10

In next week, since March 14th to 16th, from Wednesday to Friday, AOG 2018 will be held in Perth, WA, Australia. AOG is short for Australia Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, and it has been held for many years in Perth, one of the oil center of Australia. GN Solids Control has been exported mud recycling systems and equipment to Australia for many years. This time GN Solids Control is not attending AOG directly, GN Screen sample will be shown at TENSA’s booth and GN brochures also available there.

GN light weight mud system

Light weight mud tank system

TENSA Equipment is an oil service company located in Australia, who provides different services, oil and gas drilling related equipment and turn-key solutions to clients in domestic Australia and also from adjacent countries like New Zealand, New Papua Guinea and etc. Last year, TENSA Equipment worked on a light weight mud system which was requested to be transported by helicopters, and that was also a start of cooperation between TENSA Equipment and GN Solids Control. Both parties were happy with this cooperation and in this coming Exhibition, although GN is not coming directly, TENSA would like to help with some introductions.

Following are some information about the AOG 2018 and TENSA’s Booth:
Links about TENSA’s booth:
Time of Exhibition: (AOG) 2018 from Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 March
Location of Exhibition: at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre (PECC). Perth City, WA, Australia
TENSA’s Booth Number: J1

At TENSA’s booth, GN will show a composite material frame screen. It is a composite material frame screen produced with new technology. For employing new technology into screen production, GN established a separate screen workshop and invested on cutting and welding robots, which enabled the automatic producing line for screens. Comparing with manual production, the robots are more easily and precisely controlled. Therefore, screen quality is much better.


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Aug 03

GN ZJ20 solids control system:
1, assessment
ZJ20 drill drilling mud system is a set of physical and electrical control connected with sludge treatment system (sees attached figure a, ZJ20 solids control system configuration drawing), the system is especially including (1) mud is purified tank, (3), (2) the particular transition of mud movement platforms such as mixing tank through the manifold connection just about all tanks and forming the entire drilling mud solids control equipment system. The main equipment are: substance tank, ZS83 x 108-2 linear shale shaker, QJ250 x 10 x 2/100 mud cleaner , LW450 x 842 and centrifuges, JBQ5. 5 kW mixer, JBQ7. 5 kW mixer, SB6 x5 centrifuge pump, NJQ50-3 mud gun, SLH150-45 jet mixing unit, etc .
ZJ20 drilling mud system design features of several crucial processes, to grading regarding drilling mud, in accordance with the needs of drilling technology with the overflow groove mud movement. Tank also could be employed for mud aggravating, mixed, mixing and filtering. Clear h2o pipeline in the clear faucet connection can provide water to the mud circulating system; compound powder can provide the equivalent chemical ingredients; Mud setting system can be mixed intended for mud solid control system, supplementary; Mud gun canal and mixing system is usually fully mixing the slurry mud tank mud and mix. two, mud circulation:

Well outside the mud from the system (1) the slurry distributor for the mud purification tank, with the adjustment of the manifold sphincter muscle can be respectively or in the two vibrating screen as well, after dealing with the filter of mud into the orange sand, mud from settling tank through a discharge chute in the desanding tank; Desanding tank in the mud by one particular # sand pump suction conveying to 2/100 QJ250 x x 10 connected with mud cleaning machine, other than sand hydrocyclone after digesting desand hydrocyclone mud over the overflow manifold into the mud tank; In addition to the mud hopper by 2 # mud pump suction conveying in order to 2/100 QJ250 x times 10 of mud mud cleaning machine in the cyclone, the mud cyclone following processing of mud from the overflow manifold into (2) the transition of 1 # tank (centrifugal separation tank); Need to deal with the centrifuge, according to the program to open typically the centrifuge, restart submerged pump will be (2) the adaptation of the tank 1 # hold mud supply decanter centrifuge for further purification treatment, right after processing of the mud by means of pulp out centrifuge tubing flow (2) the adaptation of 2 #mud tank (suction tank). Part of the flows via mud overflow groove to be able to (2) the transition of two # tank (suction tank). As shown in information 2 .
Mud pump by means of manifold and (2) often the transition of 2 # tank (suction tank) 12 “1. 0 MPa flange program is linked together, throughout the mud tank high butterflies valve switch to adjust, may respectively sampling (2) the actual transition of 1 #, a couple of # tank, and (3) the slurry mixing tank (sees attached figure three or more, mud pump suction slurry system flow diagram), delivered to the mouth of the well, so that it will complete a systemic circulation regarding drilling fluid purification.


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Jul 08

Shale shaker is the primary solids control equipment in drilling water recycling system used to may help drill cuttings from water. For most of the drilling website, at least two units shale shaker will be equipped: one particular for working while the various other one is for back up, or maybe both are for working reason. Some sites even have to have three or four unit shale shakers which could handle a larger circulation rate. A tandem shale shaker is designed for easy putting together and disassembling onsite. It will always be convenient for transportation whenever moving the rig.
How exactly does Tandem Shale Shaker Do the job?
The tandem shale shaker is a design of put a couple of unit single shale shakers on a skid. These a couple of unit shaker are absolutely same for easy surgery and maintenance. As the drilling water treated by the shaker system finally will go through the line mesh shaker screen and give way to the under located mud tank, the skid was made with 2 square spaces from where the drilling water could fall into the mud tank. Both shaker sections are equipped with buffer box, some sort of provided mud distributor, regardless of pipe type or package type; the drilling water could be guided to the two shakers for separation practice. It means a tandem shale shaker could handle the particular flow rate 2 times than the usual single shaker. If you want make use of this tandem shale shaker regarding smaller drill rig, you may only run either one within it and the other one is utilized in case any break down for the first unit.

160629 tandem shale shaker
What are the great things about Tandem Shale Shaker?
one Tandems shale shaker could possibly be used flexibly as per the drilling fluids flow rate.
2 . not Convenient transportation as the skid is designed with container kind fixing point so that the complete skid could be easily placed on a flat bed trailer to some where you want.
3. Easy installation along with dismount. The operator really only need use a crane to pick up the whole skid to put about the tank and take off.
That tandem shale shaker is perfect for a very big drilling organization in Middle East. “GN’s equipment is always working great. This makes our mud manufacture very happy. That is why we place repeated order to them. ” Says a director only at that drilling company. Actually, this provider is GN’s old customers and very good friends.
Besides the Duo shale shaker unit, this kind of client also ordered an abundance of centrifugal pumps, mud agitators and mud guns via GN. These equipments they fit orderly in GN solids control’s assemblage workshop, which is really eye catching. Clients need to be well confident by good machine effectiveness. Obviously, for this clients, GN did it.


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Dec 22

GN Solids Control gives many supports to oil drilling, HDD drilling contractors, both domestic and overseas. With reliable working performance, less maintenance, GN product is occupying more and more percentage of solids control product in jobsite. Even compared with US brand, GN equipment can show very super functions and now failure phenomenon.

Recently, we transport one set of mud tank system to domestic market for drilling works. The mud tank system including:

One sets of mud tank, same size as 40ft long vehicle;

Four sets of mud agitator, to mixing and suspending the drilling fluids during operation;

Four mud guns for cleaning the mud tank.

One centrifugal pump for pump in / pump out the drilling mud with T tube

This is simple mud tank system without shale shaker, without mud cleaner, without decanter centrifuge. The client buys these kinds of mud mainly used for mud storage / mud mixing functions, complement of existing mud cleaning systems.

mud tank system

mud recycling system

For domestic market, mud tank system is a good choice for client. The clients just plug on power and can use it when they receive it. For overseas market client, some of them prefer to fabricate the mud tank locally to save high freight cost and only buy the key equipment, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge, mud agitator, mud gun, centrifugal pump etc. For these clients, we will offer product dimension drawing and help on the mud tank size fabrication.

In the solids control equipment, what equipment can represent GN high quality? Traditional solids control equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, agitator, centrifugal pump is no big difference, but key equipment like decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer is big difference compared with other China solids control suppliers. The design, production material and operation of GN centrifuge is almost same as US brand, because we target on high end product. Other China supplier centrifuge production material and design is surely different.


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Dec 07

Although the whole China will probably be on holiday for the coming one week, GN Solids Control is busy for an urgent get of a mud plant such as 4 tanks and mixing equipments. Those cargoes are usually scheduled to deliver to the reloading port during the National Moment of China.
Besides mud plant and its mud agitators, mud guns and jetting mud hoppers, GN Solids Control also exported to help South America many other tools for solids control along with drilling waste management in coal and oil drilling industry.

mud mixing tank
Why the actual South American companies decide on GN Solids Control since supplier?
Because of the geographic cause and the economic reasons, as well as because most of world Top solids control manufacturers are through USA, the South Usa companies always share very same standards with US companies as necessary.
What models of equipment are usually popular in South America?
1 . GNLW series decanter centrifuges are always the most popular solutions among the end users, especially often the GNLW363 high speed decanter centrifuge. For the same size decanter centrifuge, GN has 4 recommended models, high configuration and also standard configuration, for each settings, there is both VFD operated and fixed speed available. This particular model is suitable for both solids control and waste management.
GNLW452 is also a popular product, which is big bowl centrifuge perfect for barite recovery.

centrifugal pumps

2. GNZS series shale shaker and high G blow drying shaker. GN’s shakers managed with high quality material and good structure of shaker terrace, in order to stand the high R vibrating force from the well-known motors and a longer product life.

3. GNCD930 Series up and down cuttings dryer, which was new items 3 years ago, but now seems like to be an essential equipment in the complete waste management system, used before the decanter centrifuge. GNCD930 has higher turning speed and a better performance following the third time of advancement in design, and it is ideal for both oil based mud in addition to water based mud. It really is well proved by numerous jobsites inside and outside The far east.
South American companies are certainly not the only oversea market regarding GN Solids Control, the truth is in the past several years, GN tools are widely used in more than 70 countries and regions and be more and more welcomed by prospects.


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Nov 17

Since its firstly born in GN Solids Control’s workshop with the name of GNLW363 as the first generation of GN centrifuges, this 14 inch diameter bowl centrifuge has attracted a lots of eyeballs and attentions from many end users in oil and gas drilling industry.

Now after years of research and design, and also combined with many valuable feedback ideas from the rig working jobsites, GNLW363CG decanter centrifuges are now of the 3rd generation. And meanwhile, its applications are spread not only in the oil and gas drilling industry, but also cover the drilling waste management, other drillings like CBM, HDD drilling, TBM and some mining works. That is because, in many countries, the standard to for discharging the waste is more and more strict and the end users also have to consider to reduce the high cost for drilling liquid.

A few month ago, an Asian company visited GN Solids Control and considered to use GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuges for his down hole drilling for the coal mine, and his main purpose is to protect the expensive drilling machine.

2015.11.05 Big Bowl Big Volume decanter centrifuge shipping to Australia

Why he chose GNLW363CG-VFD decanter centrifuge?

  1. 14 inch diameter bowl and length diameter ratio is 3, ideal for separation result and a good capacity.
  2. good material like impeller protection tiles, made of tungsten, helps the centrifuge to stand the wear from the solids.
  3. VFD controlled, for choosing any requested speed from 0 rpm to 3200 rpm, covering larger application range.
  4. the positive pressurized control panel has the self cooling system, suitable for high temperature conditions.


Besides GNLW363CG-VFD, this company chose a GNZS594E-HB shale shaker also like the former hand separation before the decanter centrifuge. It helps to enhance the treating efficiency of the whole procedure. The shale shaker is used to separate out the particles larger than 100 microns in the solids control systems and slurry units.


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