May 11

GN Solids Control deliveried a customized mud cleaning system to New Zealand for oil & gas drilling. Normally GN offer standard equipment to clients but some clients may have special requirement on a complete mud cleaning system. This clients come and visit our equipment before placing an order and finally happy with GN equipment but they’d like to design by themself.

Customzed Design on Tanks for New Zealand

1) Compact design with 40ft container size tank for fast moving
2) Equipments(3 shale shakers) stay on a skid for fast moving
4) Mixing lines goes through inside of tank
5) High position valve control pipelines
6) Dual fuction on desander & detsilter feeding pumps
7) Layout of pumps and pipeline arrangement

Standard Equipment for Mud Cleaning System

Customized mud cleaning system is one of the strong point for GN Solids Control. We’d like to offer a solution instead of equipment. But GN insisit on standard equipment only. Every standard equipment model has been did a lot of inspections and test to prove it’s good on constructions. If we change a details design may make the equipment out of gurrentee on quality and this result will be the one that none of us like to happen

New Zealand clients always require top quality and top service for everything. GN is one of the most proffessional mud cleaning equipment supplier that did business with Australia and New Zealand and knows their regulations very much. Please contact us freely.


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May 12

I have wrote the energy resources that prometed New Zealand mud recycling unit in last blog , now I’d like to share some information for New Zealand mud recycling unit manufacturer .

DFE mud recycling unit is the one that popular in New Zealand

Here I’d like to share you a DFE2800 mud recycling unit .DFE 2800 Mud Recycling System with tank capacity of 2800 US Gallons can be working as a startad treating capacity of 250 US GPM.

Main Equipments for the DFE2800 mud recycling system is as bellowing:

A tank with total capacity of 2800 US Gallon , a desiter with 4 qty of 5″ cyclone and a shale shaker  with 3 screens on primary deck and 2 screens on top deck . Agitator to mixing mud in tank . A mixing hopper on top tank for mixing cleaning mud . All these equipments help to make a total DFE 2800 mud recycling system .

GN Drilling Mud Recycling unit in New Zealand

GN Solids Control has turned to be a very popular manufacturer for drilling mud recycling unit  in the world as we have exported to over 40 countries like Korea, Australia , India , Thailand, Singapore,Dubai, UK,France,Poland,Lybia ,etc .  GN also focused on oil & gas drilling , HDD , CBM , Geothermal . This is much difference with DFE in New Zealand .


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