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NOV Brandt Overview

Since 1841, National Oilwell Varco (NOV) has been dedicated to ensure customers receive the highest quality oilfield products and services. NOV Brandt provides qualified drilling fluids processing solution. Leveraging over 700 worldwide manufacturing, sales and service centers, National Oilwell Varco supplies customer-focused solutions that best meet the quality, productivity, and environmental requirements of the energy industry.

NOV has succeeded in many domains of Oil and gas related industry also other industry. Such as down hole, drilling, industrial, engineering and management, lifting & handling, well services, etc. Of course, NOV Brandt solids control is one rather important division of NOV

NOV Brandt Separator

NOV Brandt Separator

NOV Brandt Solids Control

NOV Brandt  Solids Control is one of the most important phases of the drilling process. The primary reason for using mechanical solids control equipment is to remove detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. Mechanical separation of drilled solids is achieved via screen separation and/or accelerated g-force.

Effective NOV Brandt solids control permits viscosity and density to be kept within desired levels, which increases the life of pump parts and drill bits and promotes faster penetration rates-all of which decrease the time and expense of drilling. If mud solids are not properly controlled, the density of the mud can increase above the desired weight, which can negatively affect many areas of the drilling process.  Solids control equipment includes, but is not limited to: shale shakers, mud cleaners, degassers, hydrocyclones, centrifuges, mud agitators, mud mixing pumps.

NOV Brandt effect

NOV always give clients wonderful solution according to different requirements and actual work condition. They promise oil & gas industry client more and more perfect proposal. They went through hundred years. Then they developed NOV Brandt solids control division as specific solution for well drilling fluids processing.

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