Feb 15

Micro tunnelling mud system becames more and more popular for sheild drilling . Micro tunnelling has been started and developed for 180 years since started in Britain and devoleped in Janpan . Micro tunnelling mud system is designed and manufactured to save cost and max the working effect for micro tunnelling .

Micro tunnelling mud system same points with O&G Mud System

Firstly, Micro tunnelling mud system is working to cleaning the drilling mud which helps driling , that’s same with O&G mud system . Secondly , mud system equipments for micro tunnelling structure basicly same with O&G mud system , with shale shaker , desander & desilter, processing mud tank ,mud agitator ,jet mud mixer for mixing system…. Thirdly , the mud cleaning procedure and principle is same ,that’s the reason why they choose same equipments structure .

Difference beween micro tunnelling mud system and O&G mud system

Firstly , mud system for micro tunnelling request of treating solids size always larger than O&G mud system . Secondly , Shale shaker and mud cleaner or desander& desilter popular for Micro tunnelling mud system ,for O&G mud system a vacuum degasser and decanter centrifuge always used for decrease the gas in mud and for better solution of solids size in mud . Thirdly , tanks capacity for micro tunnelling mud system normally smaller then O&G mud sytem .

GN has broken into micro tunnelling mud system market and have designed and manfactured micro tunnelling mud system to clients which have had a good working effect yeat . Many of the sales reacord is wroten on our web for refference .


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Jan 10

Here we ‘d like to show you one set of solids control system for zj30 oil drilling rig .

The struchure of ZJ30 solids control system

The solids control  system consists of 3 mud tanks and equipments (1# shaker tank, 2# intermediate tank, 3#suction tank). The main beam of tank skid is welded by 250 H beam steel, and combined as integral skid-mounted together with the tank body. The thickness for tank wall is 6mm in all the solids control system and for base plate is 10mm. 30mm thickness grating is covered on top of tank and 168x168x×6mm round tubes (one side is to be used as clean water pipeline, the other side is to be used as pump discharge line) are furnished around tank top. The design of whole tank in the total solids control system can meet the requirements of hoisting assembly and dismantlement.  Clean water pipe lines (WP 0.5mpa), 3” mud gun pipelines (working pressure 6MPa). One 1” clean water valve is installed on the pipelines of each tank surface, backup used for diluting the mud and cleaning the equipments. Hose connection between intermediate-pressure mud gun pipelines and clean water pipelines in this solids control system.

The Flowline of solids control system

1) For the Solids control system ,The mud returned from wellhead can be treated gradually through mud return pipeline, distributor, shell shaker, degasser (when the mud contains air) and desander. In order to meet the special requirements of “pouring the mud”for solids control system, the mud returned from wellhead can flow into 1# – 2#, 3# tanks directly via mud ditch in the tank when necessary.

2) 2 sets of aggravated pump can suck mud from 3# tank. The aggravated mud can be discharged to 2#, 3# tank in the totally solids control system.

3) The shear pump can suck mud from 2# , 3#tank.

4) one 4” steel pipe is to be put onto the 2#, 3# tanks, the connection will be connected by customer.

Solids Control System is the mailly products in GN Solids Control , offcause with proffessional design and manufacture . We have exported to more than 30 contries for solids control system and equipmetns . Please feel free to contact us and we won’t let you down.


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