Nov 26

In order to meet with today faster drilling requirement, we keep improving the drilling fluids design including bigger capacity of decanter centrifuge, high capacity shaker with unique shaker screen design and streamlined process. Under this situation, GN displays a series of solids control equipment including shale shaker and decanter centrifuge.


GN Vibration Screen Shaker

Solids Control System 7

GN drying Shaker was designed with a two-motor system that can operate the linear motion mode, allowing the operator to tune the G-force down and up depending on the drilling fluids conditions. It provides operator flexible way to make the adjustments based on the condition and volume of drilling fluids across the shaker surface. The shaker can be handled with high G-force for high flow rate but can be turned down to a less vibrating mode for cutting solids flow and volume.GN shakers were recently deployed to many drilling site.


GN Solids Control Decanter Centrifuge


GN offers different size decanter centrifuges including 14inch 18 inch and 22 inch. We have more than 30 sets 14 inch bowl decanter centrifuge working in the Nigeria, more than 20 sets of 14 inch bowl centrifuge in the Argentina.GN decanter centrifuge provides the most reliable working performance for oil and gas drilling industry. Regarding to different requirement, we also have different model to deal with.

1. Barite Recovery.


We utilize either GNLW 452(18 inch) under the 1800RPM or GNLW 363(14inch) under the 2200 RPM to recovery the barite.


2. Generally Solids Control or High Gravity Solids


We use GNLW 452(18 inch)or GNLW 363(14inch) under the 2700 RPM to recovery high gravity solids. Typically, we also use GNLW 363(14inch) under the 2700 RPM matching with GN vertical cutting dryer for waste management


3. Low Gravity Solids


We normally utilize the GNLW 363(14inch) under the 3200 RPM which effectively remove solids


If you have any solids control issues, please feel free to contact with me.


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May 22

Oilfield drilling fluid USA decanter centrifuge of GN america company is according to the characteristics of oil drilling, oil field drilling fluid centrifuge is a crown to solid control design of special equipment for solid/liquid separation, solid phase and liquid phase in the mud of the separation process is completed in the drum. Oil field drilling fluid centrifuge separation principle is to use high-speed rotating drum driven into the mud in the high speed rotating drum, mud was dumped into the wall to form a liquid circle, circle of liquid of solid phased particles due to greater than its own gravity hundreds or even thousands of times the effect of centrifugal force, the drilling and completion fluid centrifuge will overcome the resistance of the slurry viscosity to the roller on the inner wall of rapid subsidence formed solid layer, forming liquid liquid layer. Oil field drilling fluid solid particles in liquid centrifuge circle by centrifugal force and the ratio of its own gravity called centrifuge separation factors, large centrifuge separation factors can be isolated from the mud in the finer particles, oil drilling fluid centrifuge according to the size of the separation factors can be divided into three types:


A. low speed centrifuge: also called “barite poor centrifuge. Its separation factors of 500 ~ 700, for low density of solid phase, the separation point is 6 ~ 10 microns, the solid phase, high density separation point for 4 ~ 7 microns, the centrifuge is mainly used for recycling barite. B. medium-speed centrifuge: centrifuge separation factor is about 800, the separation of 5 ~ 7 microns of solid phase, used to remove harmful solid phase of mud, mud weight control and viscosity, this is the drilling crew use most of the centrifuge.

B. medium-speed centrifuge: centrifuge separation factor is about 800, the separation of 5 ~ 7 microns of solid phase, used to remove harmful solid phase of mud, mud weight control and viscosity, this is the drilling crew use most of the machine.

C. high-speed centrifuge: high-speed centrifuge separation factor is about 1200 ~ 2100, the separation point 2 ~ 5 microns, used to remove the harmful solid phase, control the mud viscosity, generally used with low speed centrifuge series of double machine system. In this system, low speed centrifuge on the first level, it isolates the barite row mud tank for recycling barite, it from the liquid into a buffer tank, pump with the buffer tank liquid into high speed from scheming, high-speed centrifuge separating solid discharge tank, liquid back into the circulatory system, adopt “two machine” system can not only effectively remove harmful solid phase, and can prevent a lot of waste of barite, has been widely used abroad, the countries have also started to equipped with the system. It is also important that you source it from a top store like  click this link to find about decanter centrifuge machine


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