Mar 08

The CIPPE for year 2018 will be held in International Exhibition Center in Beijing, during March 27th to 29th. Same as usual, the main players in Oil and Gas industry will attend the exhibition and show their core products and services. During the economic turbulence of the past 3 years, some companies have disappeared, while the tough ones survived. Spring of China is coming, so is the international economy of oil and gas industry.

GN will attend CIPPE 2018

It has been a routine that GN Solids Control will attend the CIPPE, bringing some new products of year. This year, GN is bringing core products including:

1. GN advantaged and core products like GNZS shale shaker, GNZJ mud cleaner, GN Decanter Centrifuges for VFD controlled and hydraulic controlled, GN composite material frame shaker screens.

2. GN new products of the year: GNSP serious vacuum pumps for solids transferring, with solids content up to 80%.

3. GN Mud Systems, a traditional GNMS-500D might be shown in exhibition, or maybe GN will bring out a completely new system, of course for separation. It might be a surprise.

If you have plans to attend this exhibition, and keen to see GN Solids Control, welcome to contact GN for appointing a meeting.

GN Booth Information: E2-168, in E2
Exhibition information: March 27th to 29th, at Beijing International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.

Don’t worry if you have to miss CIPPE, GN will also attend OTC 2018 in Houston, USA. GN top management will be there in OTC. GN Solids America has been established for 4 years, which is the first solids control brand located in USA from China. In Houston, GN has office and warehouse for core products and popular models of shaker screens.
In June, 2018, MIOGE will be held in Moscow, Russia, and GN Solids Russia team will be there together with GN partner.


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Jul 20

Ever since long time ago, perhaps since the Chinese silk dealers explored the silk roads, or since the Columbus firstly discovered the new continent, the world had become smaller and smaller. The trade and sharing of information between different nations are not only the causes but also the results of mutual understanding. As the modern transportations like vehicles, express railways and airplanes becoming possible, the international trade is more frequent and much easier than before.

The international exhibitions are one of the facilities which help the international trade. According to the different exhibition types, there are general exhibitions and professional exhibitions based on certain industries. As the boost of oil and gas exploration, the exhibitions for oil and gas are one important group among the exhibitions.
Most famous 3 Oil and Gas exhibitions:
1. OTC in Houston, USA. This exhibition is held in May in every year, and it is located in the center of oil and gas technologies. Also, Houston occupies most of active drilling rigs in the US. In this exhibition you could see the most advanced technologies and newly designed machineries.
2. ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi. Middle East countries have the largest oil reserve share in the world. As the capital of the most open countries in Middle East, Abu Dhabi has more than 95% of the oil reservation in UAE. This exhibition is held in every November of year, when the weather in Middle East is quite nice. All companies, the drilling contractors, equipment manufacturers, and service companies attend this exhibition.
3. CIPPE in Beijing, in each March. It is also one of the largest exhibitions in oil and gas industry. Because most of the machineries involved with oil and gas industry are made in China or at least OEM in China.
Besides these 3 exhibitions, there are Australia Oil show in Feb., MOIGE in Moscow in June, Iran Oil Show in May, Indonesia Oil Show in Aug, and etc.


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Jan 03

As it is known to all, day by day, month after month, year in and year out, no one could stop the time, not even ask time to wait. What we could do to, is to make our life, our career to deserve the limited time we have.

In the past year, the year 2014, many things in the world have changed. Some even disappeared. But GN Solids Control, as a responsible company manufacturing solids control and waste management equipments, never changed its aim and action for providing with customers the better products and services.

Some of GN’s achievement in Year 2014:

  1. GN Solids America, first USA based Chinese Solids Control company was established in world oil city Houston, Taxes.

  2. GN successfully attended CIPPE 2014 held both in Beijing in March and in Shanghai in August, and showed its newly designed equipments.

  3. GN attended OTC in May in Houston, and all in stock equipments which just arrived to GN Solids America’s warehouse were sold out.

  4. GN established Russia office in September.

  5. GN attended ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi, and won big success with high speed centrifuge




Each year, or at any necessary chance, GN never stops to improve its products. This year is no exception. This year, with the jobsite feedbacks from customers, and by means of GN engineer team’s hard work, GN has updated many designs for equipments, such improvements proved to be efficient.

With the international highest standard products, 70% of GN’s equipments are exported to overseas market. As a newly emerging solids control brand, GN is more and more known by customers, even world famous companies.

In practice, GN’s field is not only for Oil and Gas drilling waste management, but also in mud recycling systems for HDD, CBM and piling. GN has a series of standard solutions for common requested capacities, which will help customers to save time and get a good treating result.

We fully believe, GN will do better in year 2015.


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