Oct 20

Every year, at every beginning of new staff training, the drilling companies and oil service companies are talking repeatedly about the safety. And Deepwater Horizon is always a must-to-watch movie for everyone who is earning a life by oil and gas industry, no matter in the drilling, refinery or waste treatment industries.

Containers for safe transportation of waste

GN PLC Containers for safe transportation of waste

More and more facilities and equipment are designed to play a role to make the environment safer than before. Poor Boy Degasser plus Flare Ignition unit are two of them. GN Solids Control just delivered several sets of Poor Boy Degasser to the largest drilling company in China. And GN’s equipment to be chosen, one of the reasons is that because that GN Solids Control is certified by all necessary certificates like API, ISO, DNV CE and etc.
Furthermore, at this time GN Solids Control has newly designed another facility, for a safe transportation of the harmful or maybe harmful drilling waste. As is known, in some drilling waste, there are harmful gases in it. During transportation, such gas or sometimes liquid may leak out. It is dangerous for human being and affect environment. GN designed waste containers have following features:

1. Excellent sealing with silicon to make sure no leakage of waste.
2. On line monitoring system: on discharge port, there’s device for monitoring the leakage of oil and water. In order to protect operator, the container door could be opened without touching via a touchless switch.
3. Alarm for overload. A gravity sensor module is equipped to this tank, it will give alarm when the container is overloaded.
4. Easy connection with trucks. This container corners are designed as per 20 ft containers, and it is equipped with sufficient lifting points, locking devices during transportation and forklift holes.
For more information, pls contact GN website freely.


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May 19

Gas buster breif  introduction

Gas buster , we also name it as poor boy degasser or mud gas separator . Drilling fluid gas buster is the first stage professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. It is mainly used to remove the big bubbles with the diameter of about ≥Φ3mm.Most of these bubbles are the expanded gas filled in the drilling fluid in annular of wellbore. It would cause well kick if mot to remove it timely.

Operation principle for gas buster

Drilling fluid with gas invades goes into the gas buster at the import tangentially and drops to a series baffles along the inner wall. After collision to increasing the contact area, It flows downward and become to a turbulent state which makes gas separate from mud and the free gas passes through the top of tank and discharged from the gas export. The length of gas export pipe can be determined at site and be induced to the safe place. The drilling fluid without gas will flow into the circular tank.

Gas buster always working togther with flare ignition device for burning   the gas separated from the gas buster . GN also manufacturer a complete line of solids control system like shale shaker , mud cleaner , vacuum degasser , decanter centrifuge , feeding pumps , mud tanks , mud agitator , etc .


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Mar 02

Liquid gas separator is a essential equipment for oil drilling and coal bed methan . Also we call it mud gas separator or poor boy degasser . GN Solids Control is one of the few solids control equipments manufacture and have some fixed models for liquid gas separator .

GN models for liquid gas separator

Firstly is a liquid gas separator model ZYQ800 with 800mm main body diameter and capacity from 180 to 260 cubic meters per hour . This model is availeble for 2000meters to 4000 meters drilling rig . Secondly is a model ZYQ1000 with 1000mm main body diameter and capacity from 240 to 320 cubic meters per hour . This model is availeble for 5000 meters drilling rigs . Thirdly is a model ZYQ1200 with 1200 main body diameter and capacity from 260 to 380 cubic meters per hour . This model is availeble for 7000 meters drilling rig .

Flare Ignitio Device after liquid gas separator

Flare ignition device is a equipments using after liquid gas separator to light the gas . GN YPD-20/30 flare ignition device is workable for all models of GN liquid gas separator .


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Dec 07

Vacuum degasser introduction

Vacuum degasser is another kind of drilling mud equipment for degassing. It can be used to separate little gas invaded into the fluid.  ZCQ Vacuum degasser is one equipment  made by GN. This equipment usually set behind shale shaker but before mud cleaner. It also can be used as a big mud agitator during process.

Vacuum degasser is constructed by main vessel, gas water separator, vacuum pump, motor, and eletric control cabinet.

Fluid degasser working principle

Main principle is take advantage of negative pressure make invaded gas out of drilling fluid. Details is as following:

When the fluids flow to  shaker, it maybe mixed with invaded gas.  However, shale shaker can only separate particles larger than 76 microns. It can’t separate gas out. Then in order to keep the property of drilling fluid we need to do degassing.

Drilling Fluid Vacuum Degasser

Drilling Fluid Vacuum Degasser

Firstly we must swith on the main motor to drive the treating vessel. When the main body get good running we need to open the vacuum pump to suction invaded gas out. Then there will be negative voltage.  As we know the drilling fluid has viscosity when the gas invaded it there will be bubbles hard to get rid of. Considering above we design main vessel has a bearing connect with a shaft attached impellers.

When vacuum degasser vessel is negative voltage the fluid will be sucked in it and the impeller will agitate and break all air bubbles. At the same time, the vacuum pump is still working. The gas comes out of bubble break will be sucked by vacuum pump. Then flow to the gas water separator.

The fluid is always with water since its igh temperature and ambient low temperature. Actually we must burn the poisonous gas to make sure the green environment. So the gas with water after go through the gas water separator will make gas more dry. Then we can flare it

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