Aug 18

Rotary Drilling decanter centrifuge manufacturer is not so many at this moment. Many rotary drilling contractors are looking forward to new suppliers.

Special request for rotary drilling decanter centrifuge:

1) Much lower mud flow capacity compared with oil and gas drilling. Like 50GPM capacity is good for rotary drilling but 1000GPM-2000GPM for oil and gas drilling mud flow capacity

2) Rotary drilling equipment including decanter centrifuge should be very compact for easy handling

3) Normally  people choose hyralic drive equipment

Technical spec for GNLW220-660 decanter centrifuge

Differential Gear Type: Mechanical Differential
Treating Capacity: 150L/min
Drum Diameter: 220mm
Rotary Speed: 4000rpm
Extruder Rate L/D:3
Separation Factor: 1930G
Main Motor: 11KW
Dimention: 865x1080x755mm

GN Solids Control started to enter rotary drilling industry with GN mud cleaning equipment and GNLW220-660 decanter centrifuge. Please contact us freely


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