Jul 05

Only in the first half of year, GN Solids Control has delivered to India more than 5 sets of mud recycling systems for the trenchless projects, 2 month ago, GN delivered 3 sets of customized 600GPM Mud recycling systems, and this time, which GN Solids Control has provided was a complete set of 1000GPM Mud Recycling System, including:

gn mud system

1. GNZS703F-DZ shale shaker. This is the best seller shaker model among GN shale shakers especially for the non oil gas industry. In this shaker design, GN has 5 patents like the unique sealing design, the gear unit for changing the screens and etc. The G force of this shaker model is upto 7.5G, adjustable. And shaker deck angle could be adjusted from minus 2 degree to plus 5 degree for a good performance. The shaker deck is made of stainless steel, for a stronger structure. It has 3 pieces of composite material frame screens, which gives 2.63 square meter screen area.
For the same model, GN has also high-G drying shaker available, with G force up to 8.5G.
2. GNZJ703F series desander and desilters. In this system, because of enough space and enough budget, the end user chose the desander and desilter design alongside the shale shakers. The desander has 2 of 10 inch cones and an underflow shaker, while the desilter has 12 of 4 inch cones with underflow shaker. Both of the underflow shakers are same as GNZS703, with interchangeable shaker screens, of course, different API numbers.
3. Mixing unit is equipped for this mud system, too. Both the mud mixing hopper and mud mixing pump are fabricated by GN Solids Control.
4. GNSB series centrifugal pumps are also one of the core products GN produces and provides. All GN centrifugal pumps, including individual parts are fully interchangeable with Mission Magnum centrifugal pump. They are widely used for the desander or desilter cone feeding, for the mixing purpose, or serve as charging pumps and transfer pumps in trip tanks.
Welcome to visit GN website for more information.


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Feb 05

Although during the past 2 years, the waste management and environment protection proposals GN produced are occupying larger and larger share of all GN products, the traditional application GN Solids Control has been professional in has not lost it’s advantages. Recently, just when the oil and gas industry is picking up, GN’s international market is coming up again and a UAE client just purchased a 350GMP mud recycling system from GN Solids Control.
GNMS series mud recycling systems are one of the best seller products among all GN products, during those years, especially the 500 GPM mud recycling systems. In some jobsite, the 350 GPM mud system could serve as 500GPM mud recycling system, too.
This mud recycling system is combined by 2 phase separation equipment, plus a mixing unit. Depending on the limited space request on client’s jobsite, and also taking into consideration the transportation, the desander cones are not used in this system. For the first 2 level of separation, GN designed a double deck shaker, the lower shaker deck is served as shale shaker, with coarse meshes, .while the upper deck shaker is under the desilter cones, playing as the drying shaker for desilters.

GN Shale Shakers



On the other side of the tank, there is a mixing hopper, which is a common component of a mud recycling system for HDD projects. It is used to add and mix some necessary chemicals into the drilling mud.
Each year, GN Solids Control produces tens of mud recycling unit to the non-oil and gas industries, mostly for HDD, CBM, Water well drilling, TBM and Piling. All such mud systems could be grouped into 2:
1. Self-contained mud recycling systems with larger mud capacity and a mixing unit. Those systems, in application, are mostly used for HDD, CBM and etc. Normally, clients use a slurry pump to transfer mud from mud pit to this system and use mud pumps to suck out mud from the system.
2. Compact mud unit, without a mixing unit, mostly used for piling and TBM.


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Oct 14

With more mature technology and more stable performance, now GN drilling waste management becomes more popular both in the foreign market and domestic market. In April,there are three sets of drilling waste management system have been finished for Sinopec in Shandong to dry the drilling waste discharged from the drilling rig site, and now they are ready for delivery to fulfill their this responsibility in the working site. Earlier this month, another three sets of high G shale shaker and vertical cutting dryer were transported to Sichuan. Also, we are now negotiating with a Georgia customer on a vertical cutting dryer, who is very satisfied with GN vertical cutting dryer,but just considering the transport charges and time. Now we have give him the biggest supporting. Right now, GN vertical cutting dryer and drilling waste management system have been serving in Russian, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

GNCD930C in waste management system

GN vertical cutting dryer

Why GN vertical cutting dryer worthy your choice?
GN is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, and now have already certified by Europe DNV CE, Russia TR TC; electrical control panels are certified by IEC EX and ATEX. All these certificates show GN product is worthy for faith because of its high quality and stable performance.
GN has always been keeping updating its product for higher quality and better performance. Early this year, GN updated it star product decanter centrifuge by adding solids discharge cover to prevent solids sacking in the box cover.
GN provides professional before-sales service including drawing for confirmation and professional answers for all question from customers to ensure that GN product and system can meet customer’s requirements and solve customer’s problem; and considerate after-sales service by resolving any problem occurs when using timely and responsibly.


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Jan 11

Shale shaker as the first phase solids control equipment to remove large cuttings and material is a very import equipment in solids control system. GN Solids Control is a professional manufacture of solids control equipment. Shale shaker is one of its main products. The following shows one of GN’s most popular shale shaker model GNZS594 features and benefits.

GNZS594 shale shaker features:

●Design :Adopt ANSYS Limited Element Analysis to optimize structure
● Metal & Rubber composite material for dumping spring with longer life
● Vibrating Motor: Italy OLI Brand, IEC Ex and ATEX Option Available
● Deck Material: Q345 High Strength alloy material
● Heat Treatment on complete shaker deck
● Surface painting & coating with heavy anticorrosive Japan Kansai paint
● Electrical components: SIEMENS, Schneider Brand
● Steel frame Pyramid shaker screen to maximize effective screen area
● Wedged Type Shaker Screen for fast screens changing
● Mechanical Deck Adjustable while operation for reliable performance

GN Solids Control shale shakers adopt dual motors automatically simultaneous principle design, shaker deck make linear motion movement, some of the spare parts are changeable with internation brand. For example, the shaker screen for GNZS594 shale shaker is exchangeable with Mi Swaco Mongoose shaker.

GN Solids Control dedicated in providing customers with high quality products. Our development departments keeps researching to find the best solution in drilling solids control area. GN Solids Control is now a world well known solids control brand with equipments and whole sets systems all over the world.


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Jun 01

Shale shakers remove solids by processing solid-laden drilling fluid over the surface of a vibrating screen. Particles smaller than the screen openings pass through the screen along with the liquid phase of the drilling fluid. Larger particles and trapped finer particles are separated into the shaker overflow for discard.

For any particular shale shaker, the size and shape of the screen openings have a significant effect on solids removal. For this reason, the performance of any shaker is largely controlled by the shaker screen used.

Shaker Screen Identification

The nomenclature used to describe shaker screens is important in obtaining an accurate representation of the screen performance. Over the past few years, many new screen designs and types have created much confusion in the drilling industry. Traditionally the mesh count, opening size and percent open area have been used to characterise a shaker screen. However, this description, along with a multitude of different screen clothes led to confusion over that actual screening ability of an individual product.

Shaker Screen Mesh Size Designation

Plain square and rectangular weaves are often referred to by the number of wires (or openings) in each direction per linear inch. This is known as the mesh count. The screen mesh count is determined by starting at the centre of one wire and counting the number of openings along the screen grid to the next wire centre, one linear inch away. For example, an 8-mesh screen has 8 openings in two directions at right angles to each other. When counting mesh, a magnifying glass scale designed specifically for this purpose is helpful. Use of a single number for describing screens implies a square mesh. For example “20 mesh” usually describes a screen having 20 openings per inch in either direction along the screen grid. Oblong mesh screens are generally labelled with two numbers. A “60 x 20 mesh”, for example is usually understood to have 60 openings in one direction and 20 openings per inch in the perpendicular direction. Referring to a “60 x 20 mesh” screen as an “oblong 80 mesh” is confusing and inaccurate. Please contact GN Solids for more information


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Apr 19

Balanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The latest design shale shaker  have the motors placed above the basket and produce a ‘lazy’ elliptical motion. Recommended Applications :General solids removal. Equally good in water based and oil based drilling fluids

Unbalanced Elliptical Motion Shaker

The difference between circular motion and unbalanced elliptical notion is a matter of vibrator placement. To achieve unbalanced elliptical motion, the vibrator motors are typically located above the shaker basket. Because the vibrator counterweights no longer rotate about the shaker’s centre of gravity, torque is applied on the shaker basket. This causes a rocking motion which generates different vibration patterns to occur along the length of the basket, hence the item “unbalanced”.

Linear Motion Shaker

Linear motion shaker is the most popular shaker in the world till now and  is achieved by using two counter rotating vibrators which, because of their positioning and vibration dynamics, will naturally operated in phase. They are located so that a line drawn from the shaker’s centre of gravity bisects at 90˚ a line drawn between the two axis of rotation.

Because the counterweights rotate in opposite directions, the net force on the shaker basket is zero except along a line passing through the shaker’s centre of gravity. The resultant shaker motion is therefore “linear”. The angle of this line of motion is usually at 45-50˚ relative to the shaker deck to achieve maximum solids conveyance. Because acceleration is applied through the shaker CG, the basket is dynamically balanced; the same pattern of motion will exist at all points along the shaker.

GN Solids Control is one professional manufacturer for shale shaker with professional knowledge on shaker vibrating motion. Please contact us freely


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