Jun 11

As the leading manufacturer of solids control and waste management equipment and also a professional separation solution provider, GN Solids Control has a products line covers the separation procedures and also the transferring procedures. GN Solids Control provides various pump for different applications including following:
1. Centrifugal pump, centrifugal pump is the most commonly used pumps in the oil and gas solids control industry, which is used for feeding the desander and desilter cones, for compensate the mud loss from the trip tank as trip pump, feed pump for the mud mixing unit for the mixing application and also plays as a role of charging pump. GN Solids Control produces the full range of centrifugal pumps from75kw to 7.5kw, equipped with mechanical seal, with high quality material for longer service life. All parts of GN series centrifugal pumps are interchangeable with Mission Magnum.



2. GN shear pump. Shear pump is not so commonly used as centrifugal pump. They are only used for shearing some special chemicals which are needed for large horsepower oil and gas drilling rigs.
3. Submersible Slurry pump. Submersible slurry pump’s applications in GN solids’ mud system and mud units are mainly those two: one is for centrifuge feeding in solids control systems like for the barite recovery and extra fine particle separation, or for the HDD mud recycling units, it is the second to none choice for transfer slurry from the mud pit to the mud system.
4. Vacuum pump. GN series vacuum pumps are the newest member among GN pumps. But it gained highest attention ever since its birth. Comparing with other pumps, the most obvious difference is that it has no motor. It is fully air driven and has less limitation for the solids size. In practice, it could handle material with particle size only a bit smaller than it’s pipeline diameter.


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Jul 05

GN solids control can be a specialized manufacturer for drilling rig solids control system and mud mixing system , we provide the solids control accessories and spare parts. We can source spare parts not only for our unique equipments, but also for US company solids control equipments in oil along with gas drilling industry, HDD and construction industry.
The actual replacement spare parts GN can certainly supply including:
Mission 300 series or Magnum pump spare pump
Replacement shaker screens for Derrick, Brandt, Swaco shale shaker and mud cleaners
Replacement hydrocyclones with regard to mud cleaner

GN new factory for centrifuge
Other parts needed by the customers.
Especially for Assignment pump spare parts, since we all has introduced production line to provide centrifugal pump by our very own factory, the price could be really competitive compared with the INDUSTRY spare parts.
For shale shaker, we can provide all types of shaker screens, including steel structure screens, composite material projection screens, hook strip shaker monitors, with stainless steel wire fine mesh. We provide option for the clients with 2 layers cable mesh, 3 layers in addition to 4 layers wire fine mesh.
GN shaker screens continues to be tested and approved by a great deal of professional and big clients in this particular industry with their good responses for the working life and gratification, our screens are permitted as high cost-performance rate replacement shaker screens.
Aside from the spare parts, we mainly provide the complete line of mud tank system with solids control equipments, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, shear pump, desilter, decanter centrifuge , vacuum degasser, poor son degasser, Mud Gas Separator, mud gun, mud hopper, jet shearing device, and so on
We also paied the attention on the drilling squander management industry, which is the new development for oil drilling industry, to be a responsible company to the environment has become the necessary purchase.
If you need drilling rig replacement components or solids control spare parts, drilling cuttings treatment gadgets, pls contact with GN.


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Jun 27

Liquid Mud Plant
Typically the liquid mud plant is perfect for storage of drilling liquids. The mud plant comprise of mud tanks, mud agitators, shear pump and mud guns intended for storage and agitation on the drilling fluids. And usually, the mud plant could have one shale shaker and something decanter centrifuge pre-treatment with the drilling mud before maintaining it to the clean drilling fluids storage tanks. The whole mud tanks quantity can depends on the volume of the water mud pant.

Drilling Waste material Management Module
GN design and style a complete line of individual elements for drilling waste management, this include vertical cuttings dryer module, decanter centrifuge module, High Drying shaker module, drilling cuttings move module, cutting collection pack, drilling mud transfer component. This components can be linked with each other to be a complete drilling waste management system. It is extremely flexible and easy for transport.
GN Shale America
New developed drilling mud treatment equipment:
Dewatering system is chemically enhanced technological innovation to treat drilling fluids using Ultra fine solids to regain it to be a closed loop mud system with Zero discharge.
Drilling cuttings solidification unit, this really is one of the treatment unit with regard to Oil based and water dependent mud in an economic approach, it is also called drilling cuttings stabilization unit.
Thermal desorption unit is way to make use of heat up to over 400 M degrees to treat the oil-based drilling cuttings with oblique thermal desorption unit, right after treatment the vapor will likely be condensed to be clean essential oil and water, the solids will have only 0. 3% oil on the solids intended for discharge or construction stuff.

There are a lot of reasons for you to Pick GN Solids Control. Since the first and big solids control company from China, GN Solids America is able to provide you the quality drilling mud treatment products for you drilling solids control and drilling waste management equipment.


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Jun 24

For the SHALE SHAKER, the SHAKER SCREEN participate in 1 of the core parts, at the same time, it is also as a wearing portion and needs to be replaced frequently and the requirement quantity will be large if the work occurrence of shale shaker is actually high.

As a top creation of solids control equipment on the world, GN may manufacture complete line of solids control equipment. The SHALE SHAKER & SHAKER WINDOW SCREENS are also included.

GN possesses its own plant for manufacturing the actual SHAKER SCREENS on the Oriental largest wire mesh facility city.
Actually, GN could hardly only provide the screens applied to the shaker manufactured by GN-self, but also provide the replacement shaker screens for shakers from their brands like Derrick, Mi-Swaco, Nov-Brandt, Kem-Tron.

In 2015, there were 20, 000. 00 pcs replacement SHAKER PROJECTION SCREENS for Derrick, Mi-Swaco, Nov-Brandt brands sold to global shoppers according to the calculation. It has been above 9 years from the year of 2007 year that GN Solids Control was founded until now, enough time and practice have proven the quality.
GN shaker screen
Compared with the original SHAKER SCREENS from Derrick, Swaco, Nov-Brandt and Kem-Tron, typically the SHAKER SCRRENS, the Shaker Screens manufactured by GN Solids Control have not only similar shape, good quality and very good performance at work, but have any competitive price.

From 2015 year until now, the global overall economy has been suffering and the elementary oil price is at a minimal rate. The cost control gets more and more important for the companies in drilling fields, consequently using the replacement SHAKER WINDOW SCREENS manufactured by GN Solids Control become a wise selection.

Inside 2013, GN Solids America LLC was founded in Harrisburg City of USA, which is the primary and biggest USA-based solids control equipment manufacture supply by china manufacturer. And almost all the equipment usually are constantly in stock for you to facilitate the customers.

Finally, if you need to learn more about GN’s Shear Pump, Mud Mixing system, Decanter Centrifuge, mud cleaner, cuttings dryer etc , welcome to visit GN’s internet site and contact us.
Email:usa@gnsolidscontrol. Com


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Jun 13

Since the unstable relationship between UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and Russia, some time really it is hard for Russia buyer to get the USA brand solids control equipment. China will be close to Russia and we have base facility inside Russia for sales soon after sales service. GN Solids Control have support Italy market in the past 10 years and now we build strong relationship having Russia reputable oil service provider, eg. TEK, BKE and so forth Recently, we finish just one order for Russia clientele, it is one set burial container type drilling waste management system. It is repeat buy after 2 same instructions in last year. The client recognize the reasonable design for the particular Russia environmental operation.

drilling waste management

Often the system including below products:
1) One 40ft container using padeye, prepared as per DNV lifting standard. We likewise customize windows, doors, right up opening for feeding drilling cuttings and down opening up for solids discharge inside container for easier operations and better protection.
2) One set vertical cuttings dryer, the vertical cuttings dryer is GN latest type cuttings dryer can handle typically the drilling cuttings at ability 30 tons/hour. After treatment method, the Oil on cuttings can keep below 3% to be able to 5%. The liquid check out next stage treatment simply by high speed decanter centrifuge. GN Vertical cuttings dryer is definitely equivalent and replacement for Swaco vertical dryer or CSI vertical dryer.
3) One placed high speed decanter centrifuge. Typically the Decanter centrifuge separation items can be about 5-10microns. Centrifuge can separate much good solids with high speed regarding bowl and reasonable differential speed between bowl acceleration and conveyor input pace. We match variable velocity for easier operation. Together with PLC touch screen VFD control panel, the agent can adjust the bowl rate, differential speed and pump feeding speed at selected range.
4) Except for earlier mentioned main equipment, we likewise match screw pump regarding feeding centrifuges, screw conveyor for feeding vertical cuttings dryer, cutting skips to get collection of drilling cuttings dismissed from vertical cuttings dryer and centrifuge etc .

The particular drilling waste management system is effective way to treat in addition to recycle the drilling cuttings discharged from the shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge. This can be the proven way in past a long period and already applied in lots of land rigs or out sourced rigs operation.


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May 25

2016 is a big in addition to import year for GN Solids Control. Although the economy is very bad and the very low crude oil price have zero good sign for restoration, but GN Solids Control keep growing and have deep organization cooperation with more and more across the world big companies.
April and May certainly a busy month for GN people. Days ago, GN people finish their task forexhibition in Moscow Italy. 2016 Russia oil display MIOGE is a professional Exhibition carry in Moscow from February 18-21. It is the biggest exhibit in oil and gas field throughout Russia. Many neighbor nation visitors come for the demonstrate.

GN Solids Russia, seeing that GN Solids Control department company in Russia, arrived for the show with pursuing equipment. It helps the consumers and visitor check GN equipment such shear pump, shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud mixing system and quality about the exhibition.
1) GN takes a solids removable mud cleaner for any Moscow oil show. Often the mud cleaner is a 3-1 combination of shale shaker, desander and desilter. GN patenddesign make the desander separator higher efficiency and very use welcoming.
Firstly, the mud cleaner is very easy for screen adjusting with GN offered expert tools.
Secondly, a tool package on the machine makes the employment more easy for the separator travel operators.
In another hand, the mud collection hopper under the desander desilter cones can be used as an underneath flow shale shaker. Providers no need to remove the hydrocyclone putting your unit together and no need to amount some other mud feeding box for your shaker.
2) GN Solids The ussr takes a 14’’ high speed decanter centrifuge for the oil demonstrate. It is a VFD centrifuge with good speed for drilling squander management as well as for mud solids control and waste h2o treatment. GN Solids Control has some sets running in Baker Hughes jobsite and opinions well.
3) A vertical cuttings dryer is also come for your show. It is the 3rd technology vertical cuttings dryer specially design and made for OBM, SBM and WBM.


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