Aug 30

Gas Drilling solids control system aways at least 2 tanks with shale shaker, desander , desilter, centrifuge and mud tank. It will need a separate trip tank or  trip tank compartment  before sand trap for caculating or fill rig holes.

Trip Tank Dectription

Trip tank will hold mud for about 5 cubic meters or depending on different rigs and will install mud gun for transfer mud and maybe mud agitator. One or two trip pump will be needed to transfer mud to drilling hole. If you need GN build you a trip tank, the bellowing info will be needed:

1) Trip tank capacity

2) Tank size requirement

3) Your original solids control system layout and tank size with main equipment to cooperate

GN Gas Drilling Mud Cleaning Equipment other than Trip Tank

GN Solids Control is a supplier for a complete line gas drilling mud cleaning equipment incluidng shale shaker, desander desilter or mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, mud gun, mud tank and related items. Shale shaker and centrifuge are the 2 most imporatant equipment, GN is able to offer separate equipment or a complete line solids control system.

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Jun 23

Trip tank is a 7-8 cubic meter mud hold tank with trip pump beside shaker tank. Normally it’s including one mud tank, mud agitator, centrifugal pump and mud gun.

What is the trip tank do?

1. Provide sufficient hydrostatic pressure to prevent influx from reservoir. When TOH, mud hydrostatic will be lost because mud volume must substitute drill pipe volume pulled out of hole. If hydrostatic pressure decreases too much, influx from reservoir can come into the hole and make a trouble in well control. For this reason, mud in trip tank must be filled into hole to maintain hydrostatic pressure.
2. Kick Indicator: Volume of mud from the trip tank is pumped in the hole can be an indicator that relates to a situation occurring in wellbore as kick. If the volume of mud measured by trip tank is less than the expected volume of drill pipe volume tripped out of hole, the suspect problem is kick because volume of kick substitutes volume of mud.

Gas Drilling in Papua New Guinea

There are a lot of gas drilling in Papua New Guinea which will enable them to purchase drilling rigs and solids control system or equipment like shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud tank, centrifugal pump,etc. Origionly they like to purchase US rigs and solids control equipment, but they are trends to buy China equipment since China equipment is getting top quality with lower price.

GN Solids Control is a solids control equipment manufacture and top quality with top service all over the world. Please contact us freely for inqury


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