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Tandem shale shaker

Tandem shale shaker brief sumarize

A tandem shale shaker or called dual shale shaker traditionally having at least a base, at least an upper shaker screen, at least one lower shaker screen, a basket, an apparatus for vibrating the basket, at least one distribution conduit, a flowback pan, a flow director, and a distribution apparatus.

GN Tandem shale shaker development

However, GN developed and designed tandem shale shaker as two baskets on one skid. It domains advantages as following: More strong G force and vibration strength, much larger screen area for vibrating or separating drilling cuttings out. More higher treating capacity for considerable demand on drilling fluids.

Compared with tradition tandem shale shaker

On the common tandem shale shaker the upper and lower shaker screens are releasably mounted on the basket. The lower shaker screen is mounted at a level below the level of the at least one upper shaker screen and underlies the at least one upper shaker screen. The flowback pan is disposed between the upper shaker screen and the lower shaker screen and overlies at least a portion of the lower shaker screen. The flowback pan directs the screened material passing through the at least one upper shaker screen to the at least one distribution conduit. To operate the tandem shale shaker in parallel rather than in series, the distribution apparatus is set to selectively directs unscreened material to the lower shaker screen. Further, the flow director directs the screened material from the upper shaker screen away from the lower shaker screen.

GN Linear tandem shale shaker

GN Tandem shale shaker

GN linear tandem shale shaker features

Now GN Linear Tandem shale shaker aimed on providing high capacity for customers also more convenience.

Firstly, the tandem shale shaker can be switched on together, the total treating capacity will be twice than common linear motion shale shaker.

Secondly, the tandem shale shaker can be switched on only one to save investment on power when the capacity requirement is not large.

Thirdly, the tandem shale shaker designed on one skid, then it will be more convenient for removal and transit.

Finally, GN tandem shale shaker can be controlled easily on switching either one. Anyone can be as spare shaker if there is any problem on operating one.

Please find following GN Tandem shale shaker features superiority:

Main Technical Specification

Configuration : Tandem (2 baskets)

No. of  Shaker Screen : 2 per unit (4 total for dual)

Screen types : Perforated panel pre-tensioned, fully bonded, hook strips, single and multi-layers (customization available)

Screen Area : One Deck : 18.9 Sq. ft. or 1.79m2

The other deck : 18.9 Sq. ft. or 1.79m2

Total 37.6 Sq. ft. or 3.56 m2

Screen Mesh:40~

Vibrator RPM : 1760 (or customization for you)

G-Factor Generated : 5.5 Without mud weight

Electrical Equipment : All components are explosion proof for oil & gas degree of protection IP54/55/56. Also can be adjusted to clients’ demand

Construction : Skid and deck; carbon steel.

Motor : 3 HP, 380/440 Volts, 50/60Hz, 1400RPM(or provided according to your requirements) Total four motors on one tandem shale shaker

Surface Corrosion Protection by coat : Intermediate coat of epoxy polyamide primer, two top coats of high density epoxy enamel.

More information on tandem shale shaker

Just couple of days ago, there is tandem shale shaker and Mini mud cleaner designed sold to Coal bed gas well drilling. Typical customized drilling mud processing equipment for specific demand on easy transportation and compact dimension. The customer satisfied with tandem shale shaker has many advantages to adapt the convenience on the transportation and removal

Getting more detailed info on GN Tandem shale shaker, just contact us freely for your interest or customization proposal


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