Jul 10
Please find attached the updated Quotation  & ” Draft Layout Design” for the TBM Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge Unit.
1) In the TBM Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge Unit Sorry for our mis discription,  ” The right Chambler” which we mean is  “the correct chamber ” not the “left and right”. It exactly as you mean ”  This is controlled over the level meter in the Unit and the signal to a valve which open or close the left or right chamber.Both chambers are connected over one pipe with the suction side of the flocculent pump. And the pressure side of the Pump over a pipe including flow meter to the centrifuge.”
GN TBM Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge Unit

GN TBM Slurry Dewatering Centrifuge Unit

2) As you can see our price is very low for the TBM slurry dewatering centrifuge unit, unlike other companies, GN likes to give the reasonable price at the beginning to save time for  bargarning. Anyway, as this is our first cooperation.
    We offer you  5% discounts for the Desanding plant, and 3% for the Centrifuge unit. Please check enclosed quoation. This is the final price.
3) As for the TBM Dewatering Unit Centrifuge Container price, it is not just a container, in including a lot of things as below as you can see in our discription.
  •      Including a 40 FT containerized room with all required Openings & Gates, Windows, and inside decoration. it is a very customized container.
  •     Including all pipelines for inside the container equipment operation.
  •      Including all required valves and connections for the pipelines and flow in side the container
  •      Including Feeding slurry hose and fast connectors for centrifuge feeding pumps,and flucculent pump
  •      Including 2 sensor flow meter for centrifuge feeding line and flucculent feeding line.
  •      Including electric control system with distribution box, cables, plug for supplying power to all the equipments,lighting,devices inside the container.
4)  For the drawing enclosed, it is only draft layout, it takes too longer time to make it in details, but your project is urgent. We will confirm the detail contruction engineering drawing with you during our production when we are preparing the material. This will save time for the completed project. And also will avoid the mistakes.

    In the drawing, please notice, we are using screw coneyor but this will be replaced by belt conveyor. And there are two option outlets for fluids discharge to TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), one is fro the water tank. The other is from the Shale Shaker Desanding Plant last compartment.
   GN Solids Control have considered the availability to discharge the fluids from the solids discharge outlet from the decanter centrifuge, it is controled by valves. You’ll need to control it manually not autamatically, autamatica is much more complicated and may need a lot of time to design and testing.
5)  Enclosed Photoes for you to see how you can lift the up section completed skid with shaker and desander. And also this can  be reserved to cover with ” Cloth” to make it water proof and reduce the noise of the shaker to make sure the noise is less then 65db  if needed.
GN is able to give the most competitive price with good quality for the TBM Slurry Dewatering Unit.

written by shale shaker

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